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                                      Document of Enrollment or Employment

                                      Name: Winter Isano
                                      Age: 7
                                      Species: Wiccan / Unknown
                                      Gender: Female
                                      Height: 3"5
                                      Weight: 54lbs
                                      Hair Color: White
                                      Eye Color: Blue
                                      Student or Faculty: Student
                                      Residentcy: Campus
                                      Companion: Vina - Wolf

                                      Additional Information

                                      Personality: Shy and weak. She is very nice and cares for all. She is scared of society unless her sister approves. Winter loves all and doesn't like to fight unless absolutely necessary.
                                      Unique Markings: Inside her eye, there is a scar. *Not so much a scar, more like a hidden marking.*
                                      Talents/Hobbies: She is a excellent cook. She has many hidden abilities.
                                      Likes: Cake. Friends. Snow.
                                      Dislikes: Enemies. Broccoli. Hail.
                                      Biography: Winter never knew her mother, and has few memories of her father. She can't remember having anyone there as a toddler except for her over-bearing sister. After years, things settled down until the attacks and threats against the sisters were made. Winter never fought, and is believe to have nothing special. She admires her sister, but fears for their death everyday.
                                      Picture of Room: My Room
                                      Picture of Companion: Vina