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Melody's Mind
This is just for the good stuff that comes into my head
Melody's abduction
Today, I awoke to the sounds of machinery whirring above my head, I was outside, on what seemed to be a workbench. I was uncertain of how I had gotten there, or even of what day it was. I had been in and out of awareness for several days now. I just simply lost count. I don't know these people. But a faint memory still lingers in my mind, of years long since past, decades and perhaps centuries. One thing is certain, though. I feel that they are not here to help me. The thing that gave me this clue, was the assortment of tools which rested next to me, while I was strapped down onto the bench with... my right arm missing. I don't know when they might have removed it, but it was gone.

I faded back into darkness, only to regain my awareness later in the evening. I was being transported by some machine, I was in so much discomfort that I could not even manage to move myself to look around. I am keeping this mental journal in the hopes that whoever may find me, can know what happened to me. And perhaps, can let my family know what ha--

[End of Transmission. Error in recording process. Data saved to memory.]

[System restart. Recording functional.]

I've awakened once again, only to find myself in the clutches of my bindings once more. I am in some kind of building, rather run down. Not very sanitary. The "doctors" here don't seem to be very lacking in intelligence. They understand the intricate workings of most cybernetics, but they still seem greatly lost when it comes to my personal cybernetics. Which is understandable. But they have taken my left leg from my body, I can see it clearly on the table next to me. I hope they don't damage it. That would be unfortunate.

There is someone held inside of a tank. I can't see who it is, they just refer to him as "Project King." I assume it's a HE based on what the doctors are chatting about. They refer to Project King as a male, so I find it safe to assume as much. The room I am being held in is rather dark, only a few lights exist in it, and it is a rather large room. Roughly 75 feet wide and perhaps 130 feet long. A 20 foot high ceiling holds the lights in place. I get the distinct feeling that I am familiar with these beings, these men and women of the scientific arts. But I can't place the names. They said a name once... Spexa Hellwr--

[End of Transmission. Error in recording process. Data saved to memory.]

[System restart. Recording functional.]

I.. don't know what is happening.. everything around me is dark. I can't see anything.. I know there are others around me, I can hear them. But I can't see them.. I can't see.. I can't see.. I think they removed my optics.. I don't know. My programming prevents me from feeling fear, or terror.. but I am scared.. I don't know what they are doing.. I can feel them touching me.. my arm, leg, my neck and face.. I am afraid.. so scared.......

They were talking about Project King again, they were muttering about it being almost complete.. that they just needed a few more pieces to finish the Project. Pieces of what?? Of me? Fear.. Kurayami.. Aurora... Someone.. please, find me.. Please... I'm so scared... I can hear them.. They are coming for me again. Please! Find me! I'm in the Abandoned.. Ki...N..g.......of... He....Wr...th...

[End of Transmission. Error in recording process. Data saved to memory. Data sent to Serenity AI. Uploading ... Upload complete.]

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