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Frequenter information.

What does it mean to be a frequenter?

In order to be considered a frequenter you must stay and talk with us. There is no set time you must stay around but if you come in and talk with us for a few days out of a week we will defiantly notice. The longer you stick around the more of a chance you have to be put on the nice list (used for frequenters.)

Why would I want to become a frequenter?

• Frequenters will have their own special raffles when a few people make the list.
• I will offer items to frequenters at a lower price than they’re sold for; some might even be quest items.
• If you make the frequenters list I will give you ¾ of the gold I make on your tanks instead of half.
• All posts you make count as bumps, I will pay you two gold for each post you make. But you have to keep the post count.