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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 33)
Chapter 33
Crossover Day
(Oh Man, The Ideas That This Is Going To Give Me)
Did you guys know that the Shadow Organization has been keeping tabs on the amount of ayakashi activity in the Bujinkan Mountains? Well, now we both do. Turns out, the forest surrounding the dojo, has a HUGE population of them. In fact, when Liz and Iri aren’t using each other, or Ryan’s stuff that was left behind for target practice, they use ayakashi that are dumb enough to attack them. Well, the one’s that haven’t learned better by now. An attack is pretty rare, once they learn that you can defend yourself against them. I’d still make a pretty good target at the moment though. I’ve only had about two weeks of training by now though, so cut me a little slack.
Anyways, guess who they sent to check on the population this morning? Gen and Lissette, and a tag-along Yoshimori, that’s who. And guess who found them wandering around on the mountain? Liz and Iri. Fortunately, they recognized them from my fanfiction (which Irene had them read) before Liz tried to turn them crispy. That would have been really hard to explain to the guys back at Karasumori. I’m already in the frying pan; let’s NOT bring the fire into this. Once the incident was explained, Liz didn’t seem to be in as much of a bad mood, and Iri started making goo-goo eyes at Yoshimori when she thought no one was looking. And I thought that Liz and Kris were obvious. Looks to me like Iri’s got a crush. Believe me, it’s freaking adorable…and kind of sad. The sad part because Yoshimori hasn’t even noticed. Seriously, how can a guy be THAT clueless?!
Then again, he does have a thing for not always thinking about things…oh well. I just hope that for Iri’s sake, he notices at some point or another.
“…So, they screwed you guys too huh?” Liz comments.
“Liz!” Iri scolds, frowning at her.
“Well, they did.”
“Not on purpose! They didn’t know…” Iri trailed off, going silent.
“…Well, I’ll let you guys get acquainted then. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got training to do.” With that, I left the room and headed for the Training Hall. Things are likely to get very, very interesting.

liz 163
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liz 163
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