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Hey journal,
Sometimes its cool being put last in everything. Helping someone, making people feel better. But when doing so, you end up hurting yourself in the process. Sometimes people end up thanking you in anyway shape or form, and sometimes they end up leaving you hang and not remembering or denying stuff you agreed on. Sometimes thats life for ya, but the one thing you gotta watch out for is the ones that say they will but they actually wont. It shouldnt matter at this point, all these years i have been a shoulder to cry on. I second bank, an item helper or collector for those who cant afford and i have put myself last so many times to count. But my question is, when do i get stuff in return? Its unfair but means as much to say, "The only thing that the people can give is the knowledge that you are always there." Yeah but who is there for me?

I only ask cause of things that happened that i dont wish to say. Do i regret saying them, yeah i do. Are they true things that i have said. Definitely, but everytime i say them people find a way around it to make me feel like the bad guy.

I think the lesson is this, Just because you ask for something in return, doesnt mean it happens right away, and just because you promise them something, doesnt mean that it should be the same for them. It needs to be evenly balanced. Because in some way, someone will end up getting hurt. I feel like im hurt in some way, but not as much as the person who is not to be named.

Tekusen the Wolf, "See ya later friends."