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knowing is better
Dear gaia friends, and anyone else who finds this, this isnt a yugioh gaia entry. Recently, a friend of mine left gaia for a while and came back. and knowing the fact that we have all had that, we know that there safe and ok. sometimes we dont, but what i wanted to get out was that, my friend is now off gaia and going to college, and i understand that because she wants to finish this and get done with it, and i know that she needs to do that. But the big thing was, i waited 3 years to hear from her. and the fact that i heard her, brought me to the fact that, there doing great. then the worst kicks in, knowing that they might not come back, or might forget you. My point is that, knowing is half the battle, the hard part is letting it go, and as the tears hit my key board i need to know to who ever reads this, "Is knowing better?"