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it makes sense
It's been a while since i typed in here....I think i should start off with a little thing known as being self-less. For some reason, i cant help but wonder what it truly means to be like that, dont get me wrong i am self-less i will give my gold in a heart beat to anyone or give money to the homeless or donate 2 pints of blood that one time and got really dizzy. Point is that there is so much you can do. And at the end when you feel like you accomplished, it sometimes sucks. When you try to help someone with life or tell someone that its gonna be ok. On here, your limited but words are powerful. And for that i go back to the being self-less thing. Im really nice and only wants whats best for my friends...but why does it suck so badly that you try so hard and they either leave you....or worse. It scares me, yet it also gives me strength. And as i'm writing this, i feel like i will be losing a few friends but, i feel like i shouldnt care cause maybe they were right. Yeah what they said was kinda upsetting but...it makes sense.