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This is the main art ref for clothes

Art Ref from friend: Ref 1
Another Ref: Ref 2

This is the over all image that you will be referring back to unless I have noted a change. The only real changes I have made/ do want or do not want:

The boots: CLICK FOR ZE BOOTS They need to go up to about right below the knee like in the picture.

The Wraps are the same as the ref picture and also should be wrapped around his wrists need to go up to the elbow and work around his hand like a glove like This ref here

The over shirt needs to look like this while the under shirt(the darker blue) is to remain the same like in the main ref only without the stripes:
Example A

Now for the fun part. The hoodie/cape piece should not be over his head but resting on his back like how a usual hood would. The design is essentially like this
Very much so like this but WITHOUT the sleeves and a lower collar
However it shouldn't be wavy and should be down like this.
Example of when the hood part is up

The belt should remain the same in the ref except the dangly parts. You can remove those.

Everything else is the same ^^ That sums up the clothes style portion, now for the simple stuff like the body which is simply this:

Hair should be like this, but long all around with nothing shaven:
Ahh.. My Dante.

Freckles on his face, generally serious expression and a stance with is arms side to side, much like the ref image.

Now for for the weapon ;D. SIMPLE!

A wooden looking lamp post, but without the large bottom, and a crystal inside Essentially like mixing these two examples:

Example A
Example B

With this

Example C
Example D

Feel free to use a bit of artistic freedom so long as it isn't out of control. It needs to still look like a staff.

For the colors
So the general theme here is Dark blue and Purple, with hints of black and white. So I will go down the list here sort of.

Body wise: He is a 23 year old man with Light Blonde hair, Gray eyes, a healthy amount of freckles, tan skin, and scars here and there (heads, hands, feet, etc). He has a sort of lawful neutral/ Diplomatic perspective about the world around him, as well as a sort of...'Warriors heart'. He also has a sort of warrior monk build to him. He's not super skinny, but he isn't Mr. Macho Man either.

For the boots: They're black with the stripe part being a Navy Blue(The bit that comes around the laces and goes to the back. I can label it if needed)

The cape: Navy Blue on the outside and the inside is a dark violet, the back is decorated in sort of clock designs which are in gold (Just a bit of trivia).

The Wraps around the hands: Same as the ref picture, but if it helps in detail: Navy blue, black and white.

The overshirt/Tunic(Can label if needed): A lighter shade of navy blue.
The Undershirt: Dark Violet.

Belt: The same as in the ref.

Cold Blooded Inferno
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Cold Blooded Inferno
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