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I feel better. I'm glad that the greater part of this semi hellish experience. The doctor gave me birth control to help me control my cysts. I feel a little heavy headed, but I believe that's a temporary side effect of the three mandatory months that it takes for the body to accept that its own hormones are not useful and begin to rely on the hormones administered by the birth control. I think that, although I might have other side effects, I'm unlikely to have another cyst during this treatment...or at least not so many one after the other. The cysts don't just cause abdominal pain, they also caused internal bleeding when they burst and irritated by internal organs so that I couldn't sleep for peanuts. I literally started feeling like the blood was rushing out of my head only an hour into sleeping and I'd wake up covered in heavy sweat and shivering. My worst night had that happen every hour. All my minor bad days had me waking up like that once. I honestly didn't know whether I should call help. I figured that I can get through the night if I wasn't blacking out although, I was worried about waking up and feeling like not enough blood was getting to my brain. I felt like I'd never feel normal again, that feeling weak, unstable, and feeble was going to be my new average until any one of the things I was feeling was going to take me out. Finally, I feel ok, I had a few minor feelings like I had off the birth control, but those quickly went away. I'm so happy that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg just to feel like every other average Joe feels walking about the street. I'm happy if this gives me my life back. I ran every planned day even on my worst days, I know I'm not impressing anyone, but I feel stronger for it. I've got a small feeling that the symptoms I've been having feel worse than they really are. I don't know, I guess on a scale of 1 (normal) to 10 (that night I spent in the tub with caffeine shock), it's 7. I felt a little scared, but I managed the shakes before during the semester, when I couldn't drop everything and just go to the doctor for a hospital visit. I was scared the first time that I had it happen. Usually a minor (or major if needed) painkiller is good enough to make the shaking subside and let me sleep. I'm always dead tired when I wake up during these events. I'm hopeful, we'll see what happens.

Le Visage Inconnu
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Le Visage Inconnu
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