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Dark Blood: Misokura Moment
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Misokura sat helplessly against the wall with the barrel of her gun pressed to her head and her finger on the trigger, "Pull the trigger." she ordered herself. Her finger did not move. "Pull the trigger." she said more abruptly. Her finger still did not move. She sighed deeply and placed the gun beside her-- wiping the blood away from her face. She hesitantly glanced over at the body of the young man she had drank from and watched his body squirm like a dying animal. Misokura picked the man up by his hair and looked deeply into his eyes as a shimmer of red hue glazed against her iris. "Tell me where EAO moved to." she questioned irritably. "I ain't tellin' you s**t, b***h!" he yelled under his breath. Her lips pulled into a smile as her fangs had shown. She tilted his head and bit roughly into his already shredded neck. He screamed in agony and she pulled away as he began to slowly heal. "Tell me where they moved to." she demanded firmly. He muttered into her ear and she pushed him aside--disregarding his helpless cries. She walked away slowly into the snow and felt her knees buckle from underneath her. She fell into the snow and curled up into a ball-- sobbing silently. "Saru-kun..." she mumbled. A tear fell from her eye and froze against her cheek. "I need... blood... I need food..." she whimpered. "Saru-kun... help me..."


Saruske sat up eagerly and looked out the icy window before him. "Misoku?" he muttered. Tamaku looked at him irritably and chomped on her takayoki. "Hey Fathead, stop talking to yourself." she grumbled, "It's creepy." He grumbled at her and sat back in his seat-- signing off paperwork.


Misokura stumbled in the snow and sniffed to air only to upholster her gun and glare towards to fog behind her. "Who's there?" she questioned. Nothing. Everything was silence. She put down her gun and fell to her knees-- whimpering sadly. "I'm gonna die..." she collapsed to the floor as the cold snow covered her body in a thick blanket.

Dark Blood: Feaful Fate
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10 years have passed since Misokura sacrificed herself to save her friends from the corruption of darkness. As the search goes on to find their lost friend, a new enemy has arisen by the name of Ren who claims to be the essence of fear. Saruske, Tifa, Tamaku, Cloud and Esei must go up against her and find the last key to destroying darkness for good by using the half demon-- half angel blood of the last Kuzaya in the universe, Misokura.

During the search for Misokura, Misokura is wondering aimlessly through time and space to find control over her vampiric powers. (In one of the episodes, Saruske is shot heavily by Usagi's task force and Misokura's massive abilities destroys her sealing device to keep her powers in check and becomes harder for her to control her lust for blood and strength.) Through her journey, she grows the ability to fortell the future and learns of Ren's terror. Misokura then tries desperately to control her powers and return to her friends.

Pasuteru Zero
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Pasuteru Zero
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