It's been over two months since the release of the Platinum system, and it's time to monitor the payout and fix any remaining bugs.

The first big problem to tackle was Booty Grab. It was tough to debug since booty grab doesn't happen all the time, and the logic is very complex which made it very hard for us to force certain tanks to glow at will. On top of that, it's a flash game which makes debugging information harder to obtain. Debugging this problem alone took 2 days... gonk

While the bug is fixed, I also got to monitor the current gold payout and noticed something that's not right. Platinum granting seemed to be decreasing rather than increasing in accordance to market inflation. Some debugging revealed that the granting system had some bad math in it which affected the conversion between gold to platinum granting.

We'll keep spending time monitoring the system, and meanwhile, the Halloween event is getting closer to testing. We made a new forum game this time around. Hope you'll like it!