I basically quit Gaia.

Venting here: I'm still a mess. Alive, but still going through the same toxic cycle. Finding a job is tough. Like, I'd rather die???? But death scares me. Anyway, I actually logged in to talk about a dream I had, just like old times.

A man finds a radio station, or an old recording of one. He decides to visit that location on a whim. He finds an old couple who were the hosts of the station. For some reason they go down into an old cottage, located on the side of a mountain, a place they used to live. They haven't been there in years. Upon entering, they find a corpse hanging from the ceiling. The man faints as the old couple run for the door. The dead guy was actually the mans childhood friend and he somehow got a hold of the recording he took, which made him travel that way as well.

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I gotta stop looking at dreammoods. But I am dead inside, so that describes me p well.