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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
late afternoon in the bed of nightmares and slumber
I hope your day went well! I had a crappy morning, thanks for asking, even though I didn't have much to do today. Its late in the afternoon now and I am just super tired. Had to suffered through a headache all day and.. life is getting to me again. Oh, if hadn't you notice, I deleted my last entry. For good reason. I got a new picture of myself and its better imo. The lighting was awful in the last one, having used only natural light, but this one uses room light as well so I don't look as weird.

I haven't written down any of my dreams in a while. I've been forgetting them faster because of that. I do kinda remember my dream from last night, though. I was on the computer, but all I saw was the screen and not really myself or surroundings.

It was odd because I knew what site I was on, but the formats were different and I acted as if that were normal. Everything was mostly grey. And I don't usually dream of celebrities, but I did in this dream (not naming) and I was watching a video of theirs. They were hanging out with a girl who looked like one of my relatives, I think. I only got to see part of her face. It creeped me out. And at some point, I was looking up some writing advice stuff and all the words were in cursive. I managed to read it, but I don't remember what they said once I woke up. Yeah, nothing scary happened.. just one of those, doing-regular-stuff kinda dream.

Sooooo.. I wrote this the other day. Its just a small rant about nothing, mostly.

I've kinda lost interest in Bobs Burgers. Not really surprised, just disappointed in myself. But since its the season final is tomorrow, with two episodes set to air, I wanted to hype myself a bit by checking out tumblr for a bit. See whose talking about it and if gifs already existed. And what I got was mild Zeke/Tina bashing from a lot of the people I used to follow on there. If you didn't know, I deleted my tumblr some time ago because I felt it was a distraction. I still check out the tags when I'm online, but I digress. The past few episodes have been really hit-or-miss for me, with more misses than I like to admit. Bob's Burgers is still a wonderfully funny show, though. And I hope it continues to grew as seasons go on.

Its not everyone's favorite topic, but I have to talk about it. I don't mind love triangles (when its done tastefully that is), but some fans have been expressing their discomfort over the Zeke/Tina/Jimmy Jr scene coming up in the last episode. Which is not cool. I thought the scene was pretty funny. And there was a bit of an overreaction, I think, with others spouting stuff like character derailment, a love triangle forming and how Zeke and Jimmy Jr are going to stop being friends. If you consider the nature of the show.. the scene is most likely going to be played for laughs. Poking fun at shippers. It was a plus for me, as I thought the Zeke/Tina moment was cute. If anything, I predict that Tina's trap will backfire on her, having her or all three of them being hit. Zeke will probably say he was joking and three of them would continue to hang out.

It was useless talking about it now, I guess. That's it, all I got.. I'm going to bed.

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