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My Life~
Everything I write here is 100% true. These are stories of what has happened to me in my life and my experiences.
Letter A Day Project
Okay so I'm really hoping this project really does exist somewhere as the name for what I do just came to me. Hopefully there are other people out in the world who also do this wonderful thing called the Letter A Day Project.

Basically, you must pick someone you really care about who you will not see for a while. It could be a friend who is on vacation or a family member who you have not seen in a while. The catch is the person to whom you are writing to must be someone who you WILL be able to see in a few months whether you are visiting them or they are visiting you.

This project is actually pretty easy. You just need a book, or a box to keep all your letters in. You are to write a letter every day to the person you have chosen. By the next time you see them, you should have a book or box full of letters to give to them! The letters don't have to be long either! Just as long as you want them to be. For example, I bought a miniature notebook and write a page and a half every day ^^.

I feel like this project is a really nice thing to do for someone that you really care about. I just started doing this about two weeks ago for my recent (One week) girlfriend Elda. In the notes I have written of things I've done and stuff we can do when I see her again. I even include a drawing on each letter.

Thankfully as it is the end of July, I only have to wait until September to see her! She is a grade below me and since we transfer schools per grade, I have not seen her since the 8th grade, when we were only friends. It has been 3 years and after recently asking her to be my girlfriend I felt it necessary to do this project for her. It isn't hard at all and quite fun.

She will get this book in September but then will give it back to me where I will proceed to keep writing until January 1st. I happen to have the exact amount of paper to do all that. Amazing, right?!

But yeah! You guys should go ahead and do this X3 It is very easy and overall a fun thing to do! ^^

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