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My Life~
Everything I write here is 100% true. These are stories of what has happened to me in my life and my experiences.
My Favourite Things
Once upon a time I hated everything. Yep. It was a rough time in my life. I despised everyone and every little thing on this planet. I used to be annoyed by something so simple as a cough. I snapped at people and lost interest in everything I used to love.

But that's a story for another day. Today I will tell you about my favourite things ranging from Television shows to activities I like to do. Shall we begin?

My favourite color is Blue. It is wonderful and calming like the ocean during the summer. It is forever changing from vibrant sky blue to a deep celestial blue. There are endless possibilities. There are more colors I like too like black and red but blue is what stands out above them all.

My favourite stuffed animal is a rather large blue stuffed dog. He had black floppy ears and a large black spot in the middle of his back. I call him Perry. One of my best friends -who shall not be named- bought me him when I fell in love with it at the thrift shop. He is missing quite a bit of stuffing but I love him either way and he stays on my bed, protected at all times.

Now, still on the topic of toys, My favourite stuffed object is my Tardis. My friend, knowing that I am a whovian, bought it for me. It is wonderful and stays on my bed as well and when you push the little doorknob it makes the wooshing noise. I adore this item with all my heart.

My favourite T-shirt is a Walking Dead shirt. It is black with the words "Don't get bit" on it. I wear it whenever I get the chance. In fact I will probably wear it tomorrow. I haven't put it on since last week after all!

My favourite piece of jewelry is a ring with a robot on it. My ex girlfriend gave it to me back in march before we had broken up. But we remain the best of friends and I wear the ring all the time. At the moment it is tucked away in a glass casing I bought for it.

Yes I know, I have listed quite a few things now and you are probably getting bored but this journal is for me. It is so I can look back on the happiest times of my life and smile. Brace yourself as this is only the beginning.

My favourite movies (Yes plural because it is a series) have to be the High School Musical Trilogy. Do not judge me. 16 year olds can still love these classic Disney movies. In fact I happen to be nearing the end of High School Musical 2 at this very moment. I have always loved these movies and never get tired of watching them. I do wish they would put Senior Year up on Netflix already though.

My absolute favourite documentary has to be Dear Zachary. It had me crying and filled with rage and many other emotions. If you have Netflix and have not watched it I do suggest you give it a try. While you're at it take a look at Mary and Max as well.

My favourite book varies from time to time. At the moment it is Lord of The Flies by William Golding. I read it in class a few months ago and fell in love with the characters completely. It is a shame some of my favourite characters in the novel did not make it to the end. Others I enjoyed were Macbeth and Night.

Anime is a very hard choice for me. How could I simply choose just one to be my favourite? Actually in all honest I do think the anime Chobits has my heart at the moment. It made me laugh and cry through every episode and I adored it to the very end.

My favourite singer is Miley Cyrus. I love her and always will support her. I do not care for anyone's opinion of her. Just because you do not like her doesn't mean I shouldn't. I wish people would keep their rude comments to themselves.

My favourite band on the other hand is hard to decide. I would say it is a tie between All Time Low and Asking Alexandria. I do love them both and listen to them daily. I even fall asleep to their songs. Aren't I silly?

My favourite song is Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. I love many of her songs including Let it Go, Really don't Care, Here we go Again and Neon Lights. They inspire me to be who I am and not give a crap about what anyone thinks of me.

My favourite sport is Badminton as it is fun and easy to play. I get very competitive at it and do hate when the birdie falls to the ground. I enjoy keeping it up as long as possible and I always love playing with a worthy opponent as it keeps the game interesting.

My favourite season is Fall because that is when school starts! No I am not a nerd. I do not keep my grades up all the time and my test scores aren't always so great but I love learning. I love getting up in the morning and getting ready to learn something new or meet new people throughout the school day. Don't get me wrong, I love summer but after a week or two I just get so bored.

My favourite subjects in school have to be both Science and Social Studies. At the moment I am in honours Social studies but sadly not science. Both of these subjects challenge me to memorize ridiculous things and I love it. I love that I know that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28th of 1914. I love knowing that Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on October 31st 1517 and I absolutely love knowing that glucose is C6H12O6. Weird right?

My favourite pastime is writing. I write poetry and stories or even little journals like this one. It keeps me entertained. In fact I have been typing this for about an hour now. On the other hand I do not like writing when it is on a deadline or has a topic I do not like. That is two of the main reasons I nearly failed English this year. Oops.

My favourite number is 7. I don't know why. It just is okay?

Okay now this might be weird. My favourite person in history was Adolf Hitler. He was a maniacal genius and I guess I kind of admire him for that. Plus he had tons of nerve to think he could take down the United Kingdom. I guess you could say he inspires me to get what I want no matter what it takes.

My favourite Serial Killer is Jeffery Dahmer. I don't know okay? I kind just like his killing style and his victim capturing methods. No judging okay?!

Don't worry now. I am now at they end of my list. I am proud of you if you have read this much. My number one favourite Television show has to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Doesn't matter which version, I love them all. I have a large poster by my bed, A blanket, My special book bag for next year, portable fan, all the movies, 3 t-shirts, a hoodie, Mikey's numb chucks, the game, plushies and much more. I just adore them all to death~

That is all~ I'm sure there was plenty more topics I missed but that's okay. This stuff right here is what I love the most in my life besides friends and family~

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