She stood there as society picked her apart. Piece by piece she was becoming more broken. Her insecurities showed everyday more and more as kids, teenagers, and parents picked at them. Even herself hated how she was. She hated how she couldn't be like the girls that got every boy, were smart, pretty, and perfect. She was just normal. Nothing stood out. Nothing was unique. But one day, that changed. She wrote letters to the ones she loved, the ones that damaged her, and the ones who watched. Each described what they did. What they didn't do. Or what they were to blind to see. That one night changed everything. She stood in the mirror of her bathroom. She looked at her self. All she saw was the imperfections that society hated. She opened the cabinet and took the nearest bottle. All the pain would stop, all the worrying about not being enough wouldn't matter, nothing would matter. She flipped off the cap and right then and there it all stopped. All the tears that she shed were now the past. All the worries about life didn't matter. She felt as if she was floating on clouds. The last thing she heard was the shrieks of her sister calling out of her name before it all went to blur. A week past, and if she would of waited she would have been what society loved. She was perfect. But in her own way. She had ones that loved her. That cared for her. Everyone has enemies but sometimes someones worst enemy is themselves.