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Random Occurences From An Undercover Troll
Notes and stories/stuff I find interesting about school or life in general. :P
My Nerd Quiz - ANSWER KEY *SPOILERS* quiz found here.

Harry Potter Section

1 - What spell summons the Patronus Charm?
* Expecto Patronum while thinking of a happy thought

2 - What is the LAST ingredient needed to make Polyjuice Potion?
* Hair

3 - What does Amortentia smell like?
* What ever attracts the drinker the most

4 - What spell is used to repell a boggart?
* Ridikolas

5 - Wingardium Leviosa is said to which wand moving?
* Swish and Flick

6 - Complete this sentence 'There will be no__________ or silly _____________ in this class.
* There will be no WANDWAVING or silly INCANTATIONS in this class.

Star Wars Section (I am a closet Star Wars nerd..my mom liked Star Wars and my dad like Star Trek : P)

1 - Where did Luke and Obi-Wan met Han Solo?
* Mos Eisley

2 - Princess Leia is the Senator for which planet?
* Naboo

3 - What is Chewbacca's home world?
* Kashyyyk

4 - What was the actual working title of Return of the Jedi?
* Blue Harvest

5 - When is Star Wars Day?
* May 4

6 - What is the name of the Ewok that befriends Leia in Return of the Jedi?
* Wicket

7 - What is the name of the lizard that Obi-Wan rides on Utapau?
* Boga

8 - What kind of creature is 'chewing on the power cables' of the Millenium Falcon in the asteroid cave in The Empire Strikes Back?
* Mynock

Homestuck Section

1 - What name was Rose originally given, but she rejected it?
*Flighty Broad

2 - Who is John's patron troll?

3 - Who is Rose's patron troll?

4 - Who is Dave's patron troll?

5 - Who is Jade's patron troll?
Karkat believe it or not

6 - Which troll trolls backwards?

7 - Who created SBaHJ?

8 - What does FLARP stand for?
Fatal Live Action Role Playing

9 - What does Rose drink in Act 4 that alludes to her later addiction?
A martini

10 - What happens after you "quit" Homestuck? Specifically, whose service do you seek?
Doc Scratch

11 - Who is the second Alpha kid we meet?
Jake English

12 - *THIS ONE IS HARD* What is Gamzee doing after Caliborn shoots him and after Gamzee crawls after him? Specifically, as Caliborn is having a temper tantrum and right before he beats up Hussie's computer?
Giving a thumbs up

Star Trek Section

1 - Captain Kirk lost many members of his crew. What do almost all of these guys have in common?
They wore red shirts (or were a minority or both).

2 - What is a tribble? Why did the crew abhor them after a while?
A cute, little, fuzzy ball of an alien that squeaks. They reproduce like rabbits only 100 times faster and they start draining the ship of energy.

3 - What color is Spock's blood, and why?
Blue-green or a yucky teal color. It's cuz he has copper in his blood.

4 - What is a common catch-phrase for the character Leonard "Bones" McCoy?
There are several:
"He's dead, Jim!"
"Dammit Jim!"
"I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker!"

5 - What are Spock's dietary preferences?
He's a vegetarian

6 - What is Kirk's middle name? Hint: James T. Kirk

Teen Titans Quiz (Yay!)

1 - Why did Starfire kiss Robin the moment she saw him?
Because that is her alien way of learning languages. So she kissed him to understand him.

2 - In "Nevermore," what color was happiness?

3 - What was beast Boy's original crime fighting team?
the Doom Patrol

4 - What is the comic version of the Teen Titans episodes called?
Teen Titans GO!

5 - Who is the only person Raven ever blushed over?

6 - How did Beat Boy get his powers?
A rare disease from Africa.

7 - How long did the Teen Titans series last? (From what year to what year?) Hint: It lasted 3 years.

8 - What is Beast Boy called by a schoolgirl when they are in Tokyo?
an Otaku xD

9 - Whose voice actor took a break for a while and then came back? (Fans were startled one day to hear a different voice coming out of a main character! I know I was! xD)

10 - In the episode The End: Part 2, what is the last thing said and by whom?
"That's nice" -Cyborg xD

Poet Anderson
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Poet Anderson
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