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aug 01
wow.. i havent been here for a while.. haha
mainly because i was away on vacation.. just got back 2 days ago.. still suffering from a bit of jet lag xD

anyways.. the main reason im writing here is because im so frustrated right now..

before i left for vacation.. my mom was planning a camping trip and she told me
"if you can make it, we'll be happy.. but if you cant, we understand"

and i cant make it
i have an appointment that's in conflict and it's pretty important and i cant reschedule it

and guess what? did she "understand"?
nope! haha...

she yelled at me some about being a bad daughter... then after she cried about how im never spending time with her (even thou i just took a whole month off to spend at home..)

sigh... i cant just stay at home everyday just sitting next to her so she can be happy... i have stuff i need to do too...
im 23 and now that ive graduated and stuff.. i have work and blah to deal with.. i cant just not work, stay at home and do nothing