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people don't seem to get I have had issues with physical contact for years. I have trouble hugging, shaking hands, putting my arm around someone to show affection and so on. took a while for me to realize why. its because not only am i terrified of hurting ppl by playing around in a rough manner, but after my ex started to spread rumors that i was abusive because of innocent mistakes, im scared that ppl will think i meant to hurt them when i dont. on top of that she use to hit me, a lot. she would say it was in a playful manor or do it in front of ppl and id have to play it off like it didnt hurt so i wouldnt be laughed at. still was laughed at because they all thought it was a joke. ironically that ex calls me an a*****e and is pregnant with a guy i knows kid. this girl was so abusive to me and treated me so terribly and still tells everyone that i was horrible and abusive. because of the world we are in, they all believe her 2. he believes her. thinks that i lie about what i went threw, everyone seems to think i lie about what i went threw. she cheated on me countless times while we dated, hit me, and tried to tell me i was invading her privacy when i looked in her phone when she was getting a ton of texts and it turned out to be the next guy she was cheating on me with.

now all this said, i should have walked away earlier than i did but she would always try to get me back when i walked away. over and over and i would take her back and try to be good so she wouldnt cheat and she did and then id leave and it would all happen again. she would come to my house, she would cry on the phone apologizing, she would tell me she was cutting herself, she would manipulate me to do anything and i would fall for it. then, when it was all over, you know what she tried to do? she messages me on youtube years later telling me shes different, that she isnt the same person she was and that she was sorry for what she did. i rejected her, tolled her off and to leave me alone. because i was so sick of her doing the same things to me and i could not handle another round with that she went and still tells everyone things that arint true, just because i refused to forgive her. its been 10 years and she wont just let it go.

hey, Ashleigh, if you are reading this, you are horrible, you are a manipulative lying monster. you deserve all the suffering you have ever experienced for what you have done, not only to me but others as well. your inability to see the wrong you do has caused pain and suffering to so many people. no doubt since me you have experienced what REAL abuse is and what its like to be cheated on and what it dose to a person. so help me god if you are manipulating Jamie, you will regret it because he is a sweet and kind man and deserves better than to be forced into a trap by you. If the kid is his, you better grow up for real and treat the kid and Jamie, right. if it isnt his, karma will catch up to you and you will suffer for it all. ether way, if i ever come across you, i will be respectful, kind, and civil, because unlike you, I can be an adult for the sake of my friends. also, grow up, its been 10 years, stop lying about me, or at the very least tell them what YOU did (but you wont because you are a coward and know no one would want anything to do with someone who would do that).

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