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you always get people who stick around because they feel an emotional attachment with another. in maybe relationships you get someone who will use breaking up like tool to scared the other into doing what they want. now that will work if both people are afraid of losing the other. however i have had it used on me so often without anyone seeing that it dosnt effect me. i have lost just about anyone i was close to at some point, losing one more wont change it. that feeling of attachment is where u get ex's messaging, calling, adding you on sites from. ive had it happen to me, a lot, but i have only gone out of my way to really remember the attachment of 1 ex. none for any old friends. ive been to schools and had to forget friends from old ones and move on, learned to move on and not cry about it anymore. call it what you will, but it means you cant use removing urself from my life as a threat, and i dont use it as a threat, i just go threw with it cuz thats just how i am. i dont need drama, so i just remove the chance for it from my life ore often then not.

have a nice day all, and a nice Easter.