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Couple days ago I was just having a very frustrating day. My leg was being difficult for one. There was nothing I could do to stop the pain. I am very glad to have the new one, don't get me wrong, it was just the fact it is not yet set up perfect for me. Hard points and pinching.

The day stared with me going into school but it was rather unpleasant, I missed most buses and just hurt sitting with my leg. I had forgotten my cell and I had intended to text my GF on my way home and meet up for her to spend the weekend like always. So I got to school, and since I now work there in the printing room for some money, I spent the morning there. At 2 my only Friday class started and it was programming logic, in which I had completed the last 2 weeks assignments, or so I thought. The teacher is very particular about the work and since it wasn't exactly the way he wanted I had to redo them 4 times. By the end I was so frustrated with him standing next to me calling out very loudly how I was doing everything wrong, I had to restrain myself from a verbal altercation. When I had finally finished I chucked my notebook across the table.

Now as anyone that knows me would understand, I was very edgy at this point and my GF had not been messaging. Class was to end at 5, I attempted to get out any amount early. So finally I messaged her to let her know I was headed out, but for some reason I can not seem to fathom, she replayed with wanting me to not leave yet because she had just started eating ice-cream. This was at 10 min to 5, which is a completely ridiculous time to start food when she knew we were to meet at the station shortly after. so I tolled her I would just go to the bathroom and she would have that time. Now here is the aggravating part. She tolled me to message her when I was leaving the school. My iPod is the only way I could and it has been borderline IMPOSSIBLE to use since it broke months ago. She knows this and yet seems to expect me to message with it. Every time I do, it comes out gibberish and she gets in a huff about me clarifying and explaining what I mean which leads to more pointless and frustrating messages and so on and so on till one day i will snap it in half.

As I went to the bathroom to stall for time, I was mad. I went to just pee and because my frikking leg is frikking messed up, I endded up splattering all over my shorts. So here I am with frikking pee on my pants, in a rush to leave and no way to cover it except to literally hold my backpack, with all its contents, over it. By God I did it to. Got to and on the buss with 1 arm holding my back pack. I was ready to kill at this point. You would think I'm home free? That the day is all but over? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Now I have issues and bad luck, but this took it and hit a home run. I THINK I saw my ex/an old friend on the buss. This caused an emotional reaction. Frustration and anger. She did get off about 4 or 5 stops later and because of the hood I can't be 100% sure. Doesn't mean I didn't have a very strong emotional response.

So I got to Finch station and there my gf was, clueless to my pants situation and wanting to take my bag and hold my hand in a very very crowded station. I tried to let her know without being loud about it and she just assumed I was mad at her.

Anyway, we got home, watched a bunch of stuff and went to bed. I was just glad the day was over and she listened to me about my frustrations. I am very lucky because most people wouldn't even think about it. Makes me worry she will leave like everyone else and realise she can do better.

The rest of the weekend went ok other than her having a head ache and later on being unable to leave when, for one, I just wanted to do my homework. Next week is break week so shouldn't suck.

have a good day all.