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i know its a strange thought but the other day i was just sitting around and realized i kinda missed being called bunu by my ex, was really the first pet name i can remember ever having, and i sort of missed calling her bunbun. its weird what u miss late at night with nothing to do but think.

as it is now my gf calls me her puppy, which makes since cuz all i ever want is cuddles and love. of cores back or head scratches always are great 2. 2 years with my gf today, kind of amazing when u think about it. wouldnt have met her if my ex hadnt hindered my school work by always wanting attention while i tried to work. i wouldnt have dated my gf if my ex hadnt dumped me for my friend. things sort of lined up. guess thats just how life works.

also been thinking about messaging jessica, kind of miss talking to her, maybe see whats new 4 her, idk. she was a good friend. its a shame i lost sight of that.