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Almost missed talking to my ex today, started wondering what she was up to. then i remembered she tried to play me against someone that was suppose to be my friend and then lied about me. yea that kinda thing dont fly with this guy. and by ex i mean number 7, IT 2.0, nightmare the second coming, also known as racheal. makes me so mad to think i almolst let it happen and had what happened before happen again.

the last bad ex played me against my friend telling us both she liked/loved us and basically went with whomever tried harder to show attention. after crying and whining i half won without realizing i was just a pawn. she didnt care who she was dating as long as they gave her the attention. that was the 1st bad ex. she realized it would work on me and repeated this trend of cheating to get me to hop up and give her all the attention for a short while. im sorry but once uve been down that path you realize it is not healthy and you dont let it happen again. thats y i backed off and walked away from IT 2.0 when she started that drama garbage. unfortunately i cant warn chris about it because he wouldnt believe me if i tried.

meh, its whatever in the long run. i just know i will never forgive her and i will never forget the pain of being played and lied to every which way. so thank you asheigh for being the worst relationship i have ever had and the most painful person to of scared my existence. if it were not for you i would not know what lies humans are capable of and would never of been able to spot them a mile away.