Alrighty, 3nodding well let's see so many things changed in the course of a few years. I had a job and then another one, having issues with getting unemployment from that job at the moment because...well life sucks and people suck. Good thing though, I realized while at my last job that I'm into women, who knew? eek sweatdrop eek sweatdrop I had a girlfriend as well heart heart , but things didn't really work out, if your thinking relationships are different between lesbians, gays and heterosexuals rolleyes rolleyes ...well you'd be thinking wrong, it's pretty much the same just it's 2 women or 2 men instead of a woman and a man. I reopened my shop, can I get a round of applause for that one? talk2hand talk2hand No? Alright cool, I'm getting ready to redo the whole shop though, took down a lot of products and preparing to really get into it, I've been learning a lot these past few years. I'm also thinking of going back to college, YAY!!!! Let's hope I actually get to go at some point as well. WELL this is all I can think of for now so...PEACE