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This is where I post more stuff about me, my rants, and where I blog a little. I usually keep most of my blogs private though ^^'
OC - Amelia

SO this is my oc which I've decided to name Amelia Lockheart. I created her some years ago when I first started college in 2010 for a comic book for the art club I never got around to finishing (I got a little too anxious and chickened out lol). Personality-wise, Amelia is your average outgoing Tsundere. She doesn't take anyone's bs and closely guards herself.

I really got my influence for drawing my comic with her from a game called Wild Arms 3 (http://youtu.be/SvoueEiVyWE). I played it yearssss ago back in '02 or '03 on a demo and then again in '06 when a friend let me borrow his. Still to this day I never got around to finishing it because he needed it back, but I realllllllly want to finish playing it so badly lol. I don't know why I liked it so much, but a plus for me was the fact that it had a female lead and she wasn't overly sexualized like you'd see in most anime. I guess I could also relate to her in some way. I'm not a fan of the complete Wild Arms series, it's just this specific version. I love the futuristic/old west thing they all have going on tho. I was also influenced a little by Trigun (http://youtu.be/SSX58TglZRs). Without even realizing until now, I gave my 2nd lead character "Ace" somewhat of the same personality as Vash.

Anywho, I plan on working on my comic more after I graduate this year. It'll just be a hobby for myself but I'll share a bit on here...It's weird but I find it fitting to write about all of this in this journal since my ocs are bits and pieces of myself... no matter how poorly drawn they are lol.

ignore the bacground...i dunno why i put sand dunes there when its suppose to be a canyon...dunno how the horse is eating fresh green grass in a canyon...I also made the mistake of drawing the characters body while zoomed completely in...now she seems to get larger/longer from the hips down lol

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