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This is where I post more stuff about me, my rants, and where I blog a little. I usually keep most of my blogs private though ^^'
Partial Summer Update / Gamer Nerd Blabber
Just meaningless blabber / partial update.
Im currently on my 2 week break from my summer job working as a youth ceramics teacher. I knew I was going to be bored just sitting at home for 2 weeks, so I decided to wip out my old PS2. Unfortunatly, I just found out that both of the controllers were acting funny...I guess theyve been wrapped up too long. I called all of the Gamestops in my area and they no longer sell them separately from the system...and I didnt feel like ordering them online and waiting a couple of days for delivery. I was told by one of the employees that there was a retro gaming store in Prattville that would sell them separately. So I drive all the way over there (a 40min drive) and found out they were selling them for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! You could easily get one online for around $7. I just decided to go ahead and buy it since I drove so far... Im so stupid... I also asked if they had Wild Arms 3 and felt pressured into buying it simply because I asked. It was TWENTY FREAKIN' DOLLARS. I already knew you could get it for $7 online but my anxiety completely obliterates all resoning within myself. I spent a total of $50 like an idiot due to my anxiety, laziness and impatience. It was a bittersweet moment. I could have saved $35 by ordering it online but at least I finally get to play the game that I've had a longing to finish since 2002-2005ish?

I first fell in love with Wild Arms 3 when I played the demo around Christmas (around '02 - '05? I dont know why Im being so detailed about this... I had to be 12-13 years old at the time...). I'd always wanted the actual game after I finished the demo but I knew my parents wouldnt get it unless it was my birthday or Christmas. Around 2 years later I found out that my best friend just happened to have the game sitting at home (this is the guy I noted in a previous entry that I had a huge crush on since 5th grade lmbo). We often borrowed each others games, and we were the biggest gamer nerds at school. This mother effer only let me borrow the game for 2 weeks. Im assuming he wanted me to hurry and give it back since he wanted to trade it in for something else. He saw that I was so disappointed when I had to return it, that he decided to let me keep it for longer, but being the stubborn person that I am, I declined because I knew he really wanted to trade it in lmbo.

Now here it is 2017 and I finally have my own copy. I still had the old save file and everything, although I decided to start a new game. I really like this game because this is the first game I've played with a strong female lead, that is not sexualized in any way. Growing up I got highly annoyed how woman were portrayed in video games, movies and tv shows, most were weak, half dressed and were only used to boost the image of the male lead... The only cons I would give this game is the multitude of text and the lack of ROMANCE gosh darnit. You get a bit of "romantic" fan service here and there but its not really implied whatsoever. It's more like a friendship. And as "refreshingly shocking" it is to have a female lead that isn't romantically tied to anyone in her party, I still wish there was a little hint of it here and there. I am a sucker for fictional feels even though I run away from it in real life. I need to find a good fan made comic, artwork or fanfiction of Jet and Virginia to make up for the lack of romance in this game gursh-durnit! I cant even find any because the game is too old and isnt that popular... someone help me. XP

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