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dirty secrets
a place to spew my day to day rambling
notes on haircare
hair type, wavy/limp.
long hair would work great but smooths out the curls
shorter hair = fuller, layers = body
too short = frizzy unmanageable
Shoulder length hair is universally flattering among face shapes and body types
and one long cut
The 'v-cut' is long in the back and shorter along the sides. This cut works because the length is in the back and not around the face. Lip and chin-grazing layers on the side add to the sexy allure.
have it trimmed every 3 weeks to clean up split ends and keep it looking fresh

non-sulphate shampoo- cream type, not clarifying
shower cap
leave-in conditioner
deep conditioner, contains keratin, labeled for dry frizzy damaged hair
styling product containing silicone -dimethicone (cuticle stays smooth and protects from humidity)
-smoothing cream
-alcohol free gel

Shampoo twice a week and deep condition immediately after or A new craze in shampooing curly hair is the "No Poo" movement. This means not shampooing hair but instead conditioning it daily.

Brushing hair for 2 minutes a night helps distribute natural oils from scalp to hair making it smoother, more manageable, less frizzy, softer and shinier.. your hair will likely pouf up into a mass of curls after brushing, Simply wait until just before bed to brush and rinse hair in the morning. The benefits are worth it. Whether you are plagued by frizz, dryness, split ends or even hair thinning, nightly brushing with a natural-bristle brush will help to alleviate if not completely cure the condition.

relaxers are the harshest on hair, followed by bleach, permanent color, demi-permanent dye and then rinses or glazes.
If you have damaged hair, opt for highlights instead of all-over color and ask your stylist to use a glaze instead of dye if you are going darker.

to get rid of dandruff
1. wash hair regularly but not obsessively,(wash your hair every day with a dandruff shampoo until the flakes subside, and then continuie to wash your hair with the anti-dandruff shampoo 2-3 per week.
Excessive shampooing, especially with harsher chemicals, such as lauryl sulfate, can irritate the scalp and dry it out, causing more dandruff.)
2. Give your dandruff shampoo time to work. If you choose to wash your hair with dandruff shampoo, leave the shampoo in for at least 5 minutes before you wash it off
3. To help prevent dandruff, brush your hair after you shower and shampoo. Brushing your hair will help distribute the oil that is naturally occurring in your scalp and hair over the entire surface of your head

to get rid of perpetually oily hair
1. Stop washing your hair every day. When you wash your hair, especially if you use a shampoo designed to cut grease, you strip away your hair's natural oils. This causes your oil glands to go into overdrive and produce more oil than you need for a healthy scalp. To get things back on track, wash your hair no more than three times a week.
( During the first week, your hair will look greasy in between washings, since your head is still used to producing too much oil. Plan on wearing updos and hats when you leave the house while you wait for things to get back in balance.)
2. Examine your hair after a week of less frequent washing. Does it stay grease free longer now? If you're still having trouble with too much oil production, decrease washing to two times a week.
(Some people are genetically prone to producing more oil than others. If your grease problem doesn't go away with less frequent washing, step up the washing to every other day. Other people are able to wash their hair only once or twice a week without it looking greasy. Find the frequency that works best for your biology.)
3. Don't use too much shampoo. Using too much shampoo, like washing your hair too frequently, causes your oil glands to produce too much oil.
( A quarter-sized amount of shampoo should be sufficient. Increase it a little if you have extra long or thick hair, and decrease it to a dime-sized amount if you have thin or short hair.
Don't scrub your scalp with shampoo. You scalp does not need to be scrubbed clean; besides irritating it, scrubbing your scalp with shampoo will certainly make your oil glands overactive.)
4. Ditch the conditioner. If you're only washing your hair a few times a week, your body's natural oils are sufficient conditioner for your hair. Adding more conditioner will only make your hair get greasy faster, prompting more frequent hair washing and perpetuating the cycle of oil overproduction.

-Don't use shampoo with sulfates. Sodium laurel sulfate and other related chemicals are great cleaning agents, but they're too strong for hair. They remove grease and buildup so efficiently that they cause your oil glands to overcompensate. Choose a shampoo that's labeled "sulfate-free"
-Apple cider vinegar makes your hair soft and shiny. Mix a few tablespoons into a cup of water and pour it over your head in the shower. The smell will go away as soon as your hair is dry.

thoughts: Ive been getting away with washing my hair every other day, the third day, it starts to appear oily. Ive been having a small problem with dandruff, i fail to really give a darn about minute aesthetic things like this but i also cringe when i see signs of uncleanliness in other people and this is one of them.
i like my Dove Moisturizing shampoo because it doesn't make my skin dry out and itch, I've had real problems with Head and Shoulders making the sensitive arias on my face burn.. I'll try their Sensitive Skin formula.
I would like to try the No Poo method, and will eventually... but i like clean light airy hair after a good shampooing
I fell in love with Pantene Pro-V's Curly conditioner, it's thick and creamy and leaves my hair silken. I'm looking for the offbrand knockoffs for this.
I generally cut my own hair and am very satisfied with the shape and condition of it but I'm very inexpert at coloring, ... and I need to have what I did to it corrected. I wanted it a few shades darker, so i added a deep reddish brown... It doesnt look pretty., not hideous, but not pretty. I think ill have an ACTUAL stylist make it a few shades darker than my natural dirty blonde color, then add soft highlights a few shades lighter than my natural tone so that when it starts to grow out, i can just add more highlights later and get a pretty multitoned natural look. I hate when girls look like some cross between a zebra and a mangy dog.
I also need to learn better methods for styling and more style ideas... the pigtails and ponies are supposed to be on off-days, not every-days

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