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Not always there.
I've dealt with a lot of ignorance in my life, such as receiving it from crushes, or family members, and it kind of hurts the most when I believe I'm being ignored by my friends, the ones I should feel the closest to.

Lately, everyone has been dealing with personal issues, and I kind of have been too, but I've also been interested in keeping up with the whole group to see what's going on. Yet, it's as if they're so invested with their lives and I'm trying to pry through it, uninvited and unwelcomed. I know that I shouldn't be bothering others, and that clinginess is just awfully rude, but I have as much right to know what they're up to as they have rights to ignore me. I could be just me, but I'm just not feeling the brotherly love, I feel like I need to get the bros and hoes back together for a quick retouch. Or a simple reunion.

I know they probably have thought this before, but ignored the thought, yet I think we've put up with the ignorance long enough. Ignorance is a sign of dismissal, and potential abandonment. The friendship we have could turn from a short hiatus to a long-term separation. And... I'm honestly afraid of that.

Then there is the thought that they're not always going to be there, and that maybe right now they need to go take care of things, and will be back. They're kind of in an "off-air" situation, and that all humans have issues that need dealing with. Friendships are hard to maintain, and is usually a privilege more than a needed matter. So.. if my friends need to deal with things right now, our friendship can come back if I believe that they'll have it dealt with. And that ignorance isn't exactly the term that I'm feeling. It's unaware.