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The Marvelous Journal
This journal will be used for sharing my events in real life or other things that I have no idea I might add here.
Summer 2014
Summer is at its end and school is tomorrow, this year I'll be in my Junior year. I made a promise to myself that I'll become more productive this year and getting into the habit over summer. Unfortunately just like every summer I ended up watching anime and playing video games. Time does fly when you're having fun. I have alot of thoughts over this summer but I was too lazy to write them down. I still need to find a real website to write these entries instead of Gaia Online. As usual I'll be rarely on since I lost interest to this site and the economy of the marketplace has gone down the drain... Again with many thoughts in mind I don't know where to start.

I remember mentioning on a different online journal entry on Penzu that it didn't hit me that school was over at the beginning of Summer, now that school is starting back up it finally dawn on me that I enjoyed this summer just like the rest. I really don't like school. I'm really lazy and don't like to work. But it does give me a bit of motivation to start drawing. I realize that if I don't have my laptop and got nothing to do on my phone I would draw and release this hidden artistic spirit within me.
Over the summer I was planing to improve my artwork and create many amazing pieces. didn't quite achieve that as well. I only made 2 digital artwork this whole time and I could've made more. Oh well

There were times where I look back over the years where I go through many completed anime series in nostalgia. Most of the time that nostalgia slows me down and made me completely blank and sit there for a good few minutes. This hobby of Japanese anime really made me who I am. I should really keep a log of these seasonal animes so I can always go back and remember what year and season each series was release just in case for whatever reason. Either for the nostalgia or finding a quick source for conversation with friends, who knows?

Another goal that I fail to achieve was writing into Penzu nearly eveyday to keep track of what I've done over the summer, even if I didn't do much such as only playing games and watching anime. Maybe during this School Year I will be able to get into this habit. I have read online on Lifehacker that having a journal has benefits. Thats true for few reasons that I can think of as of now.

Once I find a website to use as my main journal I'll be archiving my other entries into that site. Copying them and pasting them over.

I do hope that I'll become the ideal person that I dream to become. Many things inspired me back then but now I'm starting to loose that motivation. Im in Junior year now, it's time to shape up and stop being a procrastinator.

I also never touched my Canon T3i Camera for 3 months now. I think it's time to bring that baby out and put it to work. My flickr needs some new photos and I just happen to get some new goods over the summer. After being bored from Monster Monpiece from its repetitive gameplay in the story mode. I finally purchase the game that I've been waiting for this entire year. Akiba's Trip 2 A.K.A Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. My little sister also got Bravely Default. I wasn't looking for games for nintendo systems since middle school but judging from a few people I've heard the game is fantastic.

I've also did some clothing shopping, got some anime T-shirts here and there. got some jet black pants and khaki looking ones. I also got black vans finally and also some boots that I'm still not sure if I'm satisfied with it or not. I'm looking for boots that you see from Japanese media that guys wear. Boots like what Noctis wears.

I also made some YouTube videos of some highlights of my playthrough in various games. So far this summer I've made videos from Payday 2, Borderlands 2, and Unturned. I made this videos because I was inspired by a pathetic man yet who I still find him really humorous DEMOLITION D+. Looking at my old channel I remember having fun making videos. So why not try again? I remember last summer I made a reaction video of Clannad with Brandon. that was a good video.

I remember being disappointed mid way through summer in July that I wasn't able to attend Anime Expo 2014. I got over it later and continue to laze around all summer. That was the week where summer anime series begin to air. This is the year where Sword Art Online 2 begins. I remember it being announce back at December when watching Sword Art Online Special Edition. Too bad majority of it was a recap and the last portion was actually new stuff happening with the party.

Im pretty sure I left out some thoughts I had as I try to finish this entry. But I'm sure I'll write them down as they return to my mind. For now, I'll leave this entry to an end.

l -Marvs- l
Community Member
l -Marvs- l
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