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A peek into Pandora's Box.
How i'm feeling, why i'm feeling this way, and what is to come.
If any of you complain about how much poetry i am posting today, i will ignore you because i am sick and i do not care at all.

I am a princess, and we do as we please.

This one is called Kisses.

And it's one of my favorites.~

I remember when I was a kid.
I looked up at the sky on the fourth of July in awe.
My eyes filled with wonder and amazement.
I loved the sparkle, the twinkle, and every large Bang.
But the part that I hated was when it would end.
I wanted it to last forever.
I wanted the sky to be lit with those wonderful colors.
And to feel the tingles that I get when I watched them.
The rush of adrenaline with every silence.
As I beg them for one more.
Just one more.

But then I met you.

That look in your eyes reminded me of that spark.
That one spark that started the thing I loved most.
You pulled me close. You kissed me.
The deepness like the bang.
The tingles returned.
Every time our lips parted was like that moment of silence.
The wait for the next one.
The sparkle. The twinkle.
I felt it all over again.
But my favorite part about it is..
It never has to end.

More poetry?

I think yes!!

This is is called Swiftly And Softly.

Very depressing, so watch out.

Do you hear the screams?
The eternal hell.
She smiles a smile of a thousand suns.
Her touch is like electricity.
But speak swiftly and softly, my dear. Your words are like daggers through their fragile hearts.

Yes, no, maybe so. Mind twisting and turning, losing the battle. But it has just begun. Fall down. Wheeling.. Reeling.. Look down at those you left in the dirt. Climb the hill, my dear, then you’ll have won the war.

Look back. Look at them. Taking their last breath with no sunlight. Smile my dear, it’s the least you can do. Your past, its calling, dragging you down and back with its ragged, uneven claws. Look, look how you left them. The hill, its never ending. Speak swiftly and softly, my dear. For you are your own undoing.

In the words of Thor,


Here's some more poetry comin at yah.

Written by yours truly.~

This on is called Child.

Lets dance like no ones watching.
Sing like no ones listening.
Laugh and joke like no ones around.
Do things like no one can judge.

Lets bang the drums.
Toot the horns.
Dance that silly dance.
Wear hats that make us look funny,
And faces to match.
Stay out all day, and giggle all night.
Stay a child.

Hey hey heeyyy.

Been a while since i wrote in here..

*brushes dust away*


How about some poetry to my lovely non-existant readers?

Mhmm. Thought so.~

This one is called Talking To Myself.

By me.


That empty Room
Those giant mirrors.
The gaping windows
That single chair.

Walls are white.
Lights are blinding.
Knees will wobble.
Eyesight failing.
Temperature rising.
Hearing the voices.
“Its all your fault.”

Tears are streaming,
Blood is pumping,
Fists clenching,
Temple pumping.
Heart is breaking.
Sanity dissipating.

Talking to myself.

That was lovely.~

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