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Fullname: Darriyah Rae Rares
Nicknames: Dars, Darri
Alias: Crowen (Crow-en)

Age: 31
DOB: May 26th
Birthplace: Arad, Romania

Race:1/2 Carpathian hunter and 1/2 human
Gender: Female
Nationality: Romanian

Personality: Quiet, loyal, flirtatious, protective, motherly, stubborn, fiery tempered

Height: 5'4"
weight: 130
skin tone: light peach
Body shape: athletic
facial shape: angelic
hips: curvy
legs: medium, toned
hair color: raven black with thick blood red streaks
length: shoulder
style: braided to the side or down with a feather at the side
eye color: onyx
extras:Entire body covered in rune tattoos, except for her right side of her face, scars all over body

Visual aid:

Wolf form:

Weapons: arm blades, Kunais, and body
Occupation: Former Carpathian hunter, now manager for Crimson mist

Abilities: spell casting, shifting into a black wolf, wolven abilities without being in its form, empathy, and premonitions

Bio: Darriyah is the daughter of a carpathian hunter and a human witch. She was born with rune tattoos all over her body which is used to help her shift painlessly and heal others. She was called a prophecy when she was young because she was the only one who had those in her clan and was taken from her mother young. Her father had nothing to do with her because of her being different. She was taught at a young age how to fight, use her runes, and how to shift and hunt in her wolf form.