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A few Books.
A little writing since I plan on being a writer.
Current Event #3
By Jake Rocha
The Controversy Surrounding #GamerGate and Events Leading up to its Creation

You may, or may not, have heard about a recent scandal in Games Media, a section of media and journalism devoted and completely (or mostly) dedicated to gamers and gamers. Recently, gamers and gaming has begun to come under attack. This is because of a woman named Zoey Quinn who had an affair with multiple partners in an effort to get her Indie Game (Individually developed) onto steam. Not only that, but she had also had an affair with a gaming journalist so that he would give her game a positive review. It was only much later after the fact that this turned out to be, in fact, false, however, a wild fire had already been lit with this information calling into question the legitimacy of gaming journalists and their inability to successfully differentiate personal life and work life to write unbiased reviews. However, after the initial blog written by her boyfriend, Zoey Quinn was immediately put under attack by many on the internet, going as far as to Dox her (find her personal information), send her and her family death threats, attempt to hack her personal accounts, and many others. However, as soon as all of this information came to light, feminists began their own campaign intended to attack gamers and defend Zoey Quinn. While this may seem to be the right thing to do, it caused more harm than good, as they began to classify all gamers as ‘Cis-white-males’. Subsequently, #GamerGate was created in an effort to prove that not all gamers were bad people. They were also attacked by feminists once again claiming all gamers were misogynistic white males. This lead to the creation of #NotYourShield, comprised of many people from different races, sexes, and religions, binding together in an effort to prove that not all gamers fell under their category of ‘cis-white-males’. Unfortunately, extreme feminists claimed that they weren’t real people. The argument continues today on many sites including twitter, 4chan, and its brother site, 8chan.


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