Lunabel Arrior
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I found something to- err, Someone....

So I found this laying outside my bedroom door....

"It's too small to be a fellow Smasher coming home."
Maybe, but not in your form.
"We are implying it's not Lucina, right?"
It's someone smaller than you but bigger in size... well, you get the idea Pittoo.
"I'm gonna pretend you didn't just call me that."

"Are we gonna open it? The suspense is killing me."
I hope you're joking...
I have an idea, how about you two open the mystery Box?

"Hurry & open it, Pittoo!! I wanna know who came today!!"
"I'm not Luna, who opens boxes with a spoo-"
Since did I open a box with a Spoon, Dark Pit?
"Don't know, but you would."

"Pit, stop gawking & open from where you're being lazy."
"But it's more fun if you do it alone."
Pit, just help him open the box... Faster it's open, the faster you know who's in the box.

"Mistress Luna, I see red, is it Mario?"
"Is it Ike?"
"I see more red than what's on Ike's Cape."
Are we playing a guessing game?
"I guess we are."
"Is it uhh.... Shulk?"
"I know who it is...."

"It's Dedede."
Dark Pit got it~!!
"Were you expecting Captain Falcon?"
I tried to get Falcon, but my order for him, Dedede, another Pit & Ike were cancelled.
"But at least you got one out of the four you ordered from that one place."

"Now I think it's high time for mine."
Ja, you're right. Yours is next... right after I get Reflet & Lucina.
"But you planned on his from the start... NO FAIR~!!"
Nein, I planned on yours & Yoshi's from the start, Dark Pit's wasn't until he was revealed before the game was released.
"Great, we have to wait til' July for mine..."
July's not too far away though....
"It feels too far away, Mistress Luna..."
Welp, while we wait on Lucina to come, I'm gonna decide to paint on a couple of my Yoshi Amiibos....
"Bye now~!!"