Lunabel Arrior
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So I finished him....

Since when did I put wings on 'Skynote'?
"You never did."
Makes me remember the Beer Can bit with Pit on my B-Day.
"Pit got drunk?"
Nah, but he gave it 'wings'.

"So I have to stand here like this?"
You haven't seen how Pit models my past ones, huh?
Ja, so you have to stand there & 'Look pretty'.
"Gods I hate this."
"So, Mistress Luna had a few issues with mixing blues so she finally had 'someone' bring in more blue &... what is this, aqua? Yeah, that's it. Now she has 'Skynote' done."
It's turquoise, but you were close...
"Anything Pit can do, I can do better."
Pittoo can do anything BETTER than Pit...

"I hate that name..."
Anyway, sorry it's been a while since I posted SOMETHING, but the birbs & I were pretty busy....
"With another hunt."
You were happy with those hunts though.
"Only cause you shoved one of them in my face saying 'I WIN~!!' Was it Megaman or Sonic you did this to?"
You made it rain with Sonic, I only shoved Megaman in your face.

"Mistress Luna, five bucks, go buy something nice."
"Right, I'm gonna go prep for new arrivals, if there are any."
UGH!! This isn't over...
"I already signed us out.. bye."