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Bubble Bath Stories
Sodium Laureth Sulfate's journal
Stevia and The Potted Plant

--------It was a rather sunny afternoon when our story starts. Stevia was simply lazing about in Ms. Fairy's living room: she was sprawled on the floor in front of an open window, enjoying the sunlight and recalling all the fun she had experienced at the ball two nights ago.

--------(She very much enjoyed the gifts she had received, and also the champagne -- but she did regret drinking too much of the latter. She had spent the whole of yesterday with a hangover, and Ms. Fairy was not at all amused. Stevia was now barred from consuming any sort of alcohol for a month at least.)

--------"There you are," said Ms. Fairy as she stomped into the living room. "Honestly, are you still trying to photosynhesize your own food?"

--------"It might stop my hair from falling," Stevia pointed out lazily. She had worried so much when so much of her hair fell off when she washed her hair for the first time ever, but then Ms. Fairy said hair wasn't like leaves; it grew faster. But Stevia was still not placated and had instead started a routine of basking in the sunlight whenever she could.

--------"You might get skin cancer," Ms. Fairy pointed out flatly, flopping down on her couch and switching on the TV. "Get off the floor this instant, Stevia."

--------Stevia sighed and rolled onto her stomach. "But I miss the sunlight...!"

--------"Why don't you take up gardening or something," Ms Fairy muttered, now channel surfing.

--------Stevia sat up quickly, her thoughts running a mile a minute. "You really think I should?"

--------"If it gets you off that bad habit of lying on my floor in th-- oh no." Ms. Fairy had absent-mindedly glanced over the girl and had seen the sparkle in her eyes. By now Ms. Fairy knew how enthusiastic Stevia could get if she really wanted to get into something. Over-enthusiasm was precisely the case during the whole "pink phase" debacle: Stevia had bought five pink dresses, three pairs of pink shoes, two pink scarves and one pink purse online, and had used Ms. Fairy's credit card to do so. "You really wanna try this out, don't you?"

--------"Well," said Stevia, moving from the floor to the couch next to Ms. Fairy, "you said it yourself: I could get skin cancer if I keep trying to photosynthesize in the sunlight. You're right. I should try gardening! I mean, what better way to re-live the days of being a plant than to take care of otherplants, right?"

--------Ms. Fairy didn't look convinced. "...Riiiight."

--------"So can you buy me some gardening tools please?"

--------"Urgh," said Ms. Fairy, already accepting defeat as Stevia bounded over to the laptop to start her internet research for her new hobby.


--------Stevia got her gardening equipments later that afternoon. She had also acquired a potted plant at the store because it reminded her so much of her old self. Needless to say, she was rather fond of the potted plant and had aptly named it Pot.

To Be Continued.



--------Stevia's garden seemed to be doing all right after a week. The Pink Phase had ended for sure this time around, for Stevia had abandoned her dresses and had instead gone for simple T-shirts and pants for her gardening activities. Ms. Fairy no longer found her lying in front of open windows, and this was enough for the fairy to let Stevia continue her new-found hobby.

--------"Hmm," said Stevia one day in her little garden, "I think you've grown approximately 1 centimetres since I last saw you, Pot." Tongue sticking out and eyes squinting in the sunlight, Stevia took out a ruler and carefully measured Pot again. "Yep. 1.2 centimetres!" She scrawled this down in her handy-dandy notebook before stretching.

--------"You sure are growing fast compared to the others, Pot," she said conversationally. "What type of plant did the store owner said you are again?"

--------Pot remained silent and stationary, as was expected of a plant.

--------"That's all right, I suppose. I can ask the guy again the next time I'm there."

--------Pot still did not respond, although if it could, it would probably shrug and said yes, you should do that Stevia.

--------(But it couldn't, so it didn't.)

--------Stevia's one-sided conversation with her plants was interrupted when Ms. Fairy hollered from the house: "STEVIA! You clean this mess up RIGHT NOW or I swear to the Tooth Fairy I--"

--------The rest of the sentence consisted mostly of curses and empty threats, so Stevia quickly got on her feet and dashed into the house. She had forgotten to clean up the mess that she'd made in the kitchen when she transferred Pot into a new pot earlier.

--------"Sorry guys, gotta dash! See ya, Pot!"


--------Stevia was grounded for a week for the mess she made in the kitchen. But she didn't mind, as long as she got to see her plants in her little garden.

To Be Continued.



--------"Okay, what do you mean there's no one here by that description?" Ms. Fairy asked. The shop assistant looked genuinely confused. "We bought the potted plant and the watering can and the garden fork thingy--"

--------"Handheld garden cul-ti-va-tor," Stevia said under her breath.

--------"Yes, that. We bought those things from him. He showed them to us. Are you sure you've never seen him around?"

--------The shop assistant shook her head. "We know everyone who works here because we're kinda close...and we didn't hire any new personnels lately, so..."

--------"But I wanna know what kind of plant Pot is," Stevia insisted, and the three of them shifted their attention to the photo in Stevia's hands once more. It was a picture of Pot when it sprouted its third leaf. The photo was taken about a week after Stevia bought the plant. "It grows so fast! So now I'm curious. The guy didn't say what it was when I bought it."

--------"Have...you tried googling it?" the shop assistant asked.

--------"Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo!Answers, I've tried everything," said Stevia with a sigh. "Nothing came up."

--------"What did you say the guy looked like again?"

--------"Well," said Stevia, "he had these tinted glasses on, so I couldn't see his eyes. They're round, those glasses, like the one John Lennon used to wear, except they're sunglasses. And he's very thin, almost just skin and bones. He's got long black hair and moustache, he wears this dark hoodie and he's sorta shivering all the time. Underneath his hoodie, he's wearing the same shirt you're wearing now. Your uniform."

--------Both Ms. Fairy and the shop assistant stared at Stevia.

--------"That sounds like some drug dealer, Stevia!" Ms. Fairy said.

--------"If he's a drug dealer, he couldn't have had the uniform!" Stevia pointed out heatedly. Ms. Fairy simply groaned.

--------"Well...I'm sorry, but I can't help you there," said the shop assistant. "I really don't think there's anyone by that description working here. Err -- should I...call the police?"

--------Stevia merely shrugged while Ms. Fairy said, "You should probably tell your manager and look over your inventory and your security tapes just to be sure. The guy, whoever he was, could've stolen anything."

--------"I still think he legitimately works here," Stevia said airily.

--------"Well, you used to be a plant," Ms. Fairy said under her breath. Stevia stuck her tongue out at her. "Look, just call us if you get anything on this...person... Okay? Or if anything comes up on the security tape?" Ms. Fairy said to the shop assistant.

--------"Sure thing, ma'am. Have a good day!"


--------"Ms. Fairy, come with me!"

--------"Hhhk?!" said Ms. Fairy as she was unceremoniously dragged away from her couch by one very excited Stevia. They had been home from the store for merely fifteen minutes. Ms. Fairy had gone into the house but Stevia had gone straight to her little garden to see her plants.

--------"What is it now? Have you found out what kind of plant Pot is?"

--------"No -- even better!" Once they were in the garden, Stevia excitedly pointed at Pot. "Look! Pot is blooming!"

--------Ms. Fairy crouched down next to Stevia to take a closer look. Indeed, it was true: Pot was blooming. The flowers were white, with yellow anthers. It looked innocent enough, almost pretty -- were it not for its mysterious background, Ms. Fairy would have just shrugged, said, "Good for you," and head back inside. But...

--------"Well, it's pretty, I'll give you that," she said.

--------"Pretty? It's beautiful!"

--------"Regardless, I think you should continue your research and find out what kind of plant Pot is."

--------But Stevia wasn't listening anymore. She was too busy reaching for the watering can by the tool shed. "I need to water it! And then remind me to note down Pot's progress in my notebook. OH! I should take a picture of this, too! And then maybe I should measure its height just in case, and then I should count its leaves and... How many petals do you have, Pot? ..."


--------Ms. Fairy left Stevia alone with Pot afterwards, retreating back into the house and continuing her daily routine (which consisted of lounging about in front of the TV and drinking lots and lots of fizzy drinks). But at the back of her mind, she was still thinking about Pot and its mysterious origin.

To Be Continued...



--------"Okay, this is getting ridiculous."

--------Stevia had fallen ill. It started with just a sore throat, but then her nose started to get runny, and soon, she had terrible headaches and had to spend most of the day confined to her bed.

--------Being sick sucked, of course, but all Stevia cared about was having Pot by her bed. Against Ms. Fairy's orders, Stevia had left her bed yesterday to move Pot from the garden and into her bedroom. Now, Pot stood, ever loyal, by Stevia's bedside -- a constant companion.

--------Stevia simply took a sip out of her mug of hot tea and ignored Ms. Fairy. She knew that Ms. Fairy never liked it when she was ignored, and most of the time, she'd leave Stevia alone if she was ignored.

--------"Fine, have it your way. If Pot dies, do not blame me."

--------"That's silly," said Stevia, her words coming out in a nasally, raspy voice as a result of her runny nose and sore throat. "I'll water Pot everyday just like I did before. Plus, the window can provide sufficient sunlight, see?"

--------Ms. Fairy rolled her eyes at this, but Stevia knew that she had made her point. "Okay. Just -- have it your way," she said again before leaving Stevia's room.


--------Stevia had taken care of Pot so well that it's blooming even faster than before. This time around though, something seemed to be off about the plant...

--------But Stevia was too sick to notice. Ms. Fairy did not seem to notice, either, because most of the time she only entered Stevia's room to feed her and remind her to take her medicine.

--------Slowly, quietly, and without Stevia or Ms. Fairy ever noticing, three heads started to bloom at the very bottom of Pot's stem. . .

To Be Continued...




--------Ms. Fairy stood by the open window, watching as Stevia in her little garden. Stevia had recovered from her rather nasty fever, but she hadn't quite returned to her old cheerful self. She was quiet, ate very little, and spent more time in the garden with Pot than she did before she got sick.

--------Stevia did not reply. Ms. Fairy watched as she scrawled something in her notebook before picking up the watering can.

--------"Stevia, I think we need to talk about Pot."

--------The watering can hovered above the alien plant (because what else could it be?) as Stevia paused. She turned her head a little to the side, so now Ms. Fairy could see her profile: she was pale and unsmiling. She had been that way ever since she caught the fever.

--------Ever since Pot grew three heads and whispered high-pitched nonsensical things to her.

--------"Pot is doing just fine," Stevia said, her voice low and steady.

--------"I know," said Ms. Fairy, choosing her words carefully. She had noticed Pot's three heads a little too late -- Stevia had never fallen ill before, and frankly, Ms. Fairy did not know what to do. She was too preoccupied in making sure that Stevia got all the proper treatments, and by the time she came barging into Stevia's room with an axe to destroy that abomination of a plant, Stevia had grown terribly attached to all three of Pot's heads.

--------"You can't do that!" Stevia had screamed, getting out of her bed to stand between Ms. Fairy and Pot. "If you do, then you're a murderer!"

--------Ms. Fairy had tried to reason with Stevia, but everything she said would only be met with terrible screams of, "Murderer! Murderer!" from Stevia. Worried that all the yelling might worsen the fever, Ms. Fairy had decided to back off and wait until Stevia got better. Perhaps she could be reasoned with once she's healthier.

--------But perhaps Ms. Fairy had been wrong.

--------Even though the fever's gone, Stevia hadn't quite returned to her old self. The house was eerily quiet nowadays, and whenever Stevia actually spoke, it was always in the garden with Pot -- and the returning whispers from Pot was even creepier.

--------By the fourth day of Stevia's recovery, one of Pot's three heads had eaten the other two. Now, a single large ugly head was all that's left, and it sat there smugly in its pot while Stevia poured water from the watering can. Ms. Fairy took a deep breath before speaking again.

--------"What do you talk about? With Pot, I mean."

--------Stevia turned away. "Does it matter? I don't think you'd understand. It's plant talk."

--------"Try me."

--------"You won't understand," Stevia insisted.

--------"I beg to differ. Might I remind you that I heard and understood you loud and clear the night I stumbled upon you in your old garden?"

--------"You were drunk."

--------"Precisely. Even then I could understand you," Ms. Fairy pointed out.

--------Stevia paused again. Ms. Fairy could almost hear her thinking in the silence -- which was broken when Pot started to hiss and whisper quietly.

--------"What is it saying?" Ms. Fairy asked -- a little too harshly -- but she really did not like it when Pot intervened. Stevia remained silent. "Stevia. What is it saying?"

--------"It says you're scared," Stevia whispered.

--------"Bullshit," Ms. Fairy deadpanned. She rarely cursed in front of Stevia, but she really didn't care, and Stevia never really noticed anything anymore, anyway, so why bother censoring herself?

--------"It says you are."

--------"And you believe everything it says?"

--------Stevia bowed her head and was quiet once more. Ms. Fairy could see that she was beginning to think, and when Pot started to whisper again, Stevia stood up rather abruptly to put away her watering can.

--------"I...think I need to lie down. See you later, Pot," said Stevia before walking away. Pot's whispers turned into hisses, but Stevia did not turn back. Ms. Fairy watched as Stevia disappeared round the back and heard the backdoor open and close as she entered the house.


--------Once she was sure Stevia had gone upstairs and into her room, Ms. Fairy returned her gaze to Pot.

--------"You're not as smart as you think," she said.

--------Pot hissed back at her.

--------"You haven't got her yet."

--------The ugly head bared its teeth.

--------"Well, screw you too, pal." With that, Ms. Fairy slammed the window shut.

To Be Continued. . .


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