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Okay. I almost killed myself a year ago and posted my story here online, and everyone thinks I made it up. Welp! I'm gonna post it again, and you can all see that I wasn't kidding. I'm supposed to be in a hospital because I never healed, but i refuse. So..here ya go.

It was so blurry. All I could see were white walls.
And...shapes? No..faces. Faces I didn't want to see.
I screamed, but I couldn't escape. I was being restrained.
"Let me go! I'm not crazy! Let me go!" My helpless cries didn't have the slightest affect.After about an hour of struggle, I gave in...

>"Alex. Sweetie, my name is..."
"Let me out!" I cried out.
"Honey, you're at the local hospital. You had a very close call tonight. We're gonna ask that you cooperate with us."
"No! No! I'm not crazy! I wanna go home! Let me out! Please!"
The doctor continued from where he started. Explaining his name and the situation before hand. Apparantly, I had yet another suicide attempt. And I was more than close.

"Sweetheart, we are going to send you home. However, we will suggest a councilor and if this ever were to happen again..." he trailed off. But i didn't care.
"I understand...I...I'll stop. Just please sir, let me go home. I want to lay in my own bed. Listen to my music. Pretend that everything will always be okay."
He stared down at me for about 5 minutes and then began,
" You don't have to pretend. you don't have to tell your parents about this. But it better not occur again."
I nodded my head in reply and some relief. And then...I breathed.

>"Alex!" It was Cody. One of my only friends that cared I was here. "Are you gonna be alright? What did the doctor say? I was so worried." And then I looked up at his face into those deep green eyes, and saw those tears that betrayed him.
I decided, I would lie.
"I'll be fine. He said that the cut wasn't very deep. That I just hit a nerve or something. But as longas it doesn't happen again. Everything is okay. They won't even have to notify my parents."
And there it was, that fake smile I make in order to not burden others.
"Okay..." and at that, we turned toward those horrid white doors, and went back to what I am forced to call home..