xPurity Fragrancex
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{Left to right: Normal Appearance - Battle Form - Overdrive Form}
An entry of my OC: Hikari Hanatsu
"If you trust me, what is the reason why i will not trust you? I value Friendship high, My friends, are my treasures, that's why if will protect them."

Hikari is a 18 year-old girl, who lives at the Central Kingdom. Her Parents are Famous Florists, they often got requests for wedding and event flowers for the kingdom's events, Hikari lives in a rich family. When she was born, she stayed at the Rose Forest, it is located near the Central Kingdom, exactly, near the south forest. When she was 10, she moved to the Central Kingdom, because her parents become the king's honorary staffs.

One day, when she still having a school at "Falvenburst High School", she's one class with Raigo Kaitachi, he is a famous person at the school, known for his smart brain, and of course, his handsome face. Raigo had been become Hikari's best friend when they were child, and now, Hikari, she seems to fell in love with Raigo, so, that's why they are even closer, and, the girls from the High School been jealous to Hikari for her close relationship.

Hikari have power to summon "Roses", her main weapon is "Rosa Espada", a Rose Sword that has a Beautiful Scarlet-colored Rose on the bottom. She can throw many Roses, and also can manipulate Rose Roots to hurt her enemy. Her strongest technique is named "Rosa Fantasma", First, she stabs her enemy from back, making them unconscious, then, Hikari slashes the enemy violently with the power of Scarlet Poisonous Rose, endlessly until her enemy dies.

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