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A place for random entries. Hopefully humourous, or interesting. Enjoy.
things i forgot to say
wow. i really left open ended posts.

my oppa khoi re-opened his facebook account. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
i missed him. i dunno why but i love that guy a lot. he's like family i guess. my expat family from my little town in korea. i miss my town. we share some good memories.

anyway. he's alive and well and threw a big birthday bash, as is his custom.

my friends H & B got married back in early september. the wedding was nice. very very very small. our former youth pastor officiated. SO cool.

my great grandmother's funeral was ok. i did babysit some, but it wasn't too bad. i still got to see relatives.

what else? hmm.

okay, so back on july 30 or 31st? amy had a birthday party.
she invited a bunch of friends from school.
and facebook didn't tell me she invited lauren (scary ex roommate) because i have lauren blocked on there.
apparently, facebook will not give you any indication at all if someone you have blocked has been invited to the same event.
the only clue you might get is... say you see "invited - 12 - going 10..." and then you go thru the list of those going and can only count 9 people. that 10th unshown person might just be your mortal enemy.

so. that happened.
i thought she wouldn't dream of going because marlin would be there with his family.
fat chance.
it was awkward as hell.
lauren knows i blocked her. and she somewhat ruined my relationship/friendship with sean - begging to know why.
but in my face, all she can do is calmly ask "how are you? what do you do these days?" and seems like she's holding back a flood of something... not sure if anger or hurt. but ya know. doesn't matter.
she was civil. that's fine.
but she completely forgot to introduce me to her boyfriend who was standing right there.
i only knew his name because i got a friend to facestalk her and show me a picture. (knowledge is power, isn't it? i need to know. it's not a clean divorce for sure.)
but really, she chatted very loudly to amy's highschool friend.. and talked mostly about herself and her job problems and her lack of health insurance.
the sunroom isn't that big. and it echos because it's mostly windows.
we all know about her "female problems" and bad teeth. and ER visits.
and even tho i overheard her telling all this to amy's friend (whom she'd just met for the first time then), she was going to tell me these things too.
she repeated to me how she used to work at kohl's full time - which got her health insurance, but it was like 30 hours (thanks obama) full time, not 40hours... so her paychecks were not a lot. and she was still working part time at this psych hospital place.... but the psych place offered her either more hours or more money, or both. anyway. it was more money per month, but not enough to get her health insurance.... and she was proud of choosing the psych job over her full time retail job. because the psych job was going to give her more on those hours than the retail.
i flatly told her to expect to pay $300 in fines next tax return.
that was all i could say about it.

but i was seething inside.
how can you complain about not having health insurance because you left the job that provided it to you?
i also fail to see how she doesn't qualify for some kind of tax relief subsidy or something. *shrug*
not my circus. not my monkey.

just. was strange to see her after a couple years, and see right through her.
and realize - she is loud. she has no sense of propriety. and doesn't know how to have a conversation.

i see it clear as day now.

i also saw her at college homecoming. *sigh*
i saw her from the distance. and she didn't see me. but then. i wanted to watch LARPing, for nostalgia... i should have known better.
so i'm standing down at the field, with mike. mike was chill. yeah. that was actually nice. no pressuring questions from him. what a relief. (he's lauren's cousin, not that they talk. ever. she doesn't like him. i always thought she treated him poorly, for family.... ah but that's her personality. he's only family when it suits her. otherwise... )
jason was fighting. ah. sweet nostalgia.
and here she comes. with her boyfriend in tow. (i think she met him at a different larp group? he looks the type. no neckbeard, but dragon or wolf shirts, probably wears a fedora.... *sigh* maybe i'm mean spirited, but the stereotype is true. they really do the stereotypical things)
She comes over in the guise of wanting to talk to Mike. Introduces her boyfriend to Mike. "Of course you already met A." She gestures at me... I nod. Sure. I saw his face, but you never told me his name. It doesn't matter.
She chats Mike up a bit. Mentions her sister's wedding (which, when i saw her at amy's... that was 1 week before the wedding... and this is 5-6 weeks since the wedding... she said not 1 word about the wedding as she announced her lifestory in amy's sunroom.) She said it wasn't personal that Mike and his family weren't invited to the wedding. Only immediate family. Likely? *shrug* I dunno.
She finally sets her sights on me and asks how I've been and the "normal" type questions. The questions seemed cool/distant when asked. I gave vague answers, and said it hadn't rained half as much as I'd have liked. That I came back from Korea expecting a good rain. I kind of got a little animated in this answer, but as I spoke I could see a rising edge of eagerness in her. And I just cut my answer to it needing to rain. (i chose rain as a subject because it's commonplace)
She said that rain washout was last summer.
Never one to let you have your wishes. Can't just agree with you.

I fidgeted with my cellphone and said I needed to go find my brother (which i did. but it's not like my cellphone works. lol.). And I got the heck out of there.

Kayla wasn't 100ft away and she was gesturing at me to hurry over, she'd protect me. As I walked away, I was making OMGosh faces toward Kayla. Whew.

My brother said it best. Marlin got custody in the divorce. LOL.

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