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A place for random entries. Hopefully humourous, or interesting. Enjoy.
drive me crazy
maybe i just miss my grandma, but

my mom is reminding me of her more and more lately.

my gram, when she was younger, was constantly cleaning and rearranging her house. every time we'd go over (once a week ish) she'd have the furniture rearranged and was cleaning something.

since going to my sister's house, my mom hasn't stopped doing laundry, getting down into small back corner places to get the year's old dirt and arranging things.

coincidence? i think not.

it's driving me crazy.

i'm home! wahoo

it's nice to have peace. it's nice to not be called every 5 minutes. it's nice to go where i want without a toddler clinging onto my leg.

sure, he's darn cute. but he's heavy. >.<

but i did get him to start calling me imo. this is korean for aunt (mother's sister). he knows eomma and noona too. (mom & older sis)

heh. if i speak to him in korean, he says "no no no don't say that."
but if i teach him a word at a time, he accepts it.
kids are interesting.

but this headache is telling me that i need to sleep and try to work the knots out of my muscles.

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