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A place for random entries. Hopefully humourous, or interesting. Enjoy.
turns out the bitchy woman is infamous!

almost everyone in school knows her - and that she complains and bitches a lot.
she is well known as the penny pinching miser of the school budget.
and apparently she starts fights with many teachers. not just us.

my co teacher still apologized. yes we were wrong to open the door with the ac on. even if for a minute. we just had bad luck and bad timing.

speaking of bad luck.. on my way to school this morning, i found on the ground, a good 15 minutes from my house -- my boys republic pin!
i didn't even realized i lost it yesterday. but there it was on the ground. it must have fallen off there. i'm not sure how. i don't recall passing anyone or doing anything.

but i am very happy to have it back. good luck. i won't be putting it on my purse anymore. i will have to wear it to idol events.
so today started off surprisingly well.
classes went okay too. they loved playing duck duck goose. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

thank you choi jin hyuk
i was seriously having some grrr.

you know that hard to shake feeling you get when someone yells at you for something very petty?

well, after passive aggressively posting a short thing on fb (and realizing i shouldn't do that... i need to talk about it... but i have nowhere to rant. made the rash decision to say "who peed in her cornflakes?!?!" and well... yeah... hoping my boss is in an understanding mood today...), and then dancing around my house, washing dishes, eating, and planning to eat a chocolate cookie and starbucks frappe (anger eating - it's a thing).... all i really needed was to watch two men get into a competition, jogging, neither would give up... until one got a cramp and fell over. and he laid on the ground pounding his butt.
ah, cramp in butt. i can laugh.
and i feel better. so much better.

oh yeah. so... when a korean feels a pain - they whack the thing that hurts. seriously. leg hurts? whack it a few times. stiff neck? whack away.
headache? sure. softy pound your forehead with your fist.

seeing a man hit himself - because of a thigh/butt cramp... i guess maybe i have a very small sadistic side? i dunno.

thank you, choi jin hyuk - for being an actor and for doing things i can laugh at - so that i can relieve stress. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif your job is done, and was done beautifully.


I went to a live recording of Inkigayo!
I GOT IN! Me and my friends got in! It was so exciting! We cheered for our group, Boys Republic, and got to see Beast, Nu'Est, Infinite, B1A4, Sistar, Bestie, Girls' Day, and others. It was a really good line-up.
Also, my friend is a back dancer for some new singer Heyne.. so I got to see my friend dance! He was on live TV! (i used to go to dance class with this guy! it's so awesome to see him succeed!)

I guess it just follows that after such a great day like yesterday - today would be a bad luck "who peed in that person's cornflakes?" kind of day. (missed the bus. internet didn't work in the first camp class this morning. then later some office lady came and bitched at us for something petty - and would not accept our explanation. anyway. choi jin hyuk is salvaging the rest of today for me.)

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