i just unfollowed this man. he's my sister's sister-in-law's husband.

stuff he says rankles. makes me upset. he's so far into the "right" and "alt-right" movement... i can't even.

i'm moderate. i'm libertarian. but yeah no. no sir. i can't read what he has to say. he's unreasonable.

and reading people who agree with him. upsetting.

he posted an article with the headline about how too much exercise is bad for white males. and then tried to make it into some kind of racial discussion or slam on white people?
like... no. usually doctors and researchers do studies and aren't subjective.

it's true black people have a higher risk of sickle cell anemia, stroke and heart attack.
we don't question that.

but some researchers say too much exercise might kill a white guy.. and you're flaming up?
maybe there is something to it. like. heart weakness. (too much exercise can and does hurt people, regardless of skin color. maybe whites are a little physically weaker by and large? lol. maybe. that's not a racial slam. that could be a genetic fact. just like it seems a genetic fact that Asians have a higher prevalence of stomach cancer. )

somehow this man turned a headline about research findings into a headline against whites. that's all he seems to get out of it.


i don't need that kind of asshattery in my life.