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A place for random entries. Hopefully humourous, or interesting. Enjoy.
spur of the moment thoughts
i have a lot of small funny thoughts throughout the day. at the time when i think them, i have a laugh, but later i can't remember the things i'd thought of.

so here's one.
watching BTS on a show... Jin's real first name is SeokJin (said 'suck jin' where jin is gin)... so I think to myself "suck gin is not a bad name." smilies/icon_xd.gif
it beats a previous vice principal's name... what was it... bum seok. (yes... bum suck). *cracks up*

scraping the last of my tact
i feel like ranting. dunno why.

here it is. something that drives me nuts...

it drives me crazy when people from the town my parents live in aren't even aware of how things are in that town.

this lady i know just posted on fb, "when did we move to Seattle??? Fog, mist, no sun for days. I don't like it!"

ahem. excuse me. where are you from and how come you don't know that the town IS VOID OF SUNLIGHT?!? a nearby town actually rivaled Seattle for number of rainy days and total rainfall (a couple years ago).

not seeing the trees for the forest.

just like how they all complain spring... they think it should come in March or April. spring doesn't come there til late May. pretty sure that's been the pattern for decades since the farmer's almanac even says the last frost warning day (for planting season) is May 30.
but where i lived before that - spring came in April, we had strawberries in mid May and there was more sunlight.

i've never considered that place my "hometown". and i actually feel uncomfortable saying i even have a hometown. i get edgy too. and sadly Koreans like this word 'hometown' and use it all the time.
it's true. i don't want to associate myself with that town.
i have a handful of friends who still live there and that's it. it's not my home.

i probably feel angst because i'm waiting to hear back if i still have a job. and not having a job means i have to go back there for a little until i've got something else to do.

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