i have a bad habit.

i like to answer questions.

if i know the answer, and i don't feel too embarrassed or pressured... or i know no one else will answer.... i have to answer.

just a minute ago, i was reading an opinion piece about the things you start to question in kdramas. (like how do they manage to have the newest, nicest phone even though they're a dirt poor character? or how do they stay so young looking? etc etc)....... It was cute and funny. But I could tell from the writing that the author hasn't spent time in Asia.

As a matter of fact, cell phones used to be the incentive gift for signing a long contract with a service provider. The government, in the last 5 years, made this illegal. So, now people pay for their phones in installments with their phone bill... but even then, it's not that high of a bill. (i suspect you get discounts in other ways)
I mean, I only paid around 70 USD (75,000won or so) every month. For the phone plus the plan, that was reasonable. Heck, it's cheaper than my mother's verizon plan!

See? I couldn't stop myself from answering that.

Maybe I don't have a sense of humor. And I can't leave it up and open like that... that they don't understand the culture. (though, yes, lol, there are some really silly things in dramas, like the dirt poor person owning expensive brand name clothes.. sometimes that happens. lol.)
But the lack of some cultural understanding kind of bothers me too.

I wish everyone could go out and experience other cultures. Not just for 2 weeks. No. That isn't enough. You need several months.

Long enough to know what different cultural ideas and expectations are. How much cost of living is, and things. Just things!

My problem is... I love learning and knowing.
And I really wish other people did too. (insert "sick of living in a small town usa place" i suppose? )

I get called things like "encyclopedia". Meh.
I'm not. I just have good recall and read a LOT. and love learning a lot.