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what to do?
dou sureba iin da?

yesterday was a rough day.

my aunt has had kidney stone problems all last year. and had 2 surgeries for stone removals. the first was rough and, quite frankly, we feel it was botched. but my aunt didn't change her surgeon. i dunno why.
after the 2nd surgery, she was told she had to have a special surgery with a robotic component to remove scar tissue or something like that.

but last night we received word that the doctor removed her entire left kidney.





there are just no words.

i don't know anything.
but i have a ton of unanswered questions.
the top of which is ---- did this guy botch this surgery and have to take extreme measures?
or were her previous surgeries the cause of her kidney being like this?

my second line of questions is... what was so wrong with her kidney?
is this genetic?
(it's quietly known within the family (now) that my mom's mom genes, and probably her mom's as well, have bad kidneys.
My brother has a wonky kidney. The one is actually 2, it's like 2 lobes instead of one as it ought to be. His kidney functions, but not as well as a regular kidney. So while he technically has 3 kidneys, it's more like 1.5 kidneys.
My mom probably had kidney trouble in her younger days. She now has who knows how many health issues... oh yeah that's a story for later...
My aunt with her kidney problems.
My uncle used to always get kidney stones.
My grandmother never complained (morbid fear of hospitals and doctors) so who knows what all in her body wasn't right.
My grandmother's sister's daughter Amy - has one kidney because of kidney problems.
My grandmother was 1 of 10 daughters.... I dunno about the other sisters' health since we haven't talked to most of that family in ages.)

So there's that shocker.

Bt my cousin, my mom's niece, called to tell her that she has cervical cancer and is receiving radiation treatment.
I just don't know what to think.

And my mom.....
Just now tells me that she has been having bouts of strong hideous pain (one of which i saw on my birthday as i was making dinner) and the description of it makes me quite worried. she thinks the pain is also related to her sciatic/back/leg pain.
she was on steroids for a week to offset that pain, and was doing ok on the meds except steroids make her crazy.
She saw the doctor for her leg, but did not mention this other pain.
The other pain really worries me.
Because it could be a complication of her crohn's disease.
And even if it is her sciatic nerve, being pinched like that, she could lose her ability to walk or to have control of her bowels.

Here I am trying to plan to leave. And I feel guilty.

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