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Notes: This is a continuation from a series of stories with Link/Kafei requested aaaaaaaaaaages ago. It recently started nibbling at my temple so I thought I would at least get it started, if not finish it all in one.


The dim lighting of the chamber filled with smoke and perfumes gave the illusion of being in a dragon's den, full of treasures and danger. The music had long since stopped, those brought into his inner circle either passed-out from too much drink and pleasure herbs or indulging in pleasures of the flesh, still. The deity himself was surrounded by bodies, in various sexes and states of dress, one muscled leg thrown over the arm of his golden throne to dangle as he leaned, an elbow bent and propping up his head with a bored expression painted onto his face.

"Stop," he told one of the figures, a young girl who looked hardly into her adult years if at all, pushing the doe-eyed brunet away with an absent hand. She fell away to tumble over the torso of a scarred, dark-haired warrior who grunted at the sudden weight. The deity paid no heed; he was done.

Making his way through the throng of sprawled-out bodies the able-bodied deity didn't pause as he reached the doors, pushing them open with a flick of fingers and continuing on. The latest kingdom he had come across had proven to be entertaining for a time but it had since lost its value to him. Its people were weak, hardly putting up a fight as he stormed their strongholds and overthrew their leaders. They were complacent, going along with his word without a whiff of rebellion nor a hint of discontent. They had rejoiced in the wealth that he threw about casually, the drugs and sex and sin allowed to run rampant. There was no challenge nor competition and there was only so much of the sweet meats and spiced wine that one could consume before one grew sick of it (as well as so many virgins to deflower before none suitable remained).

With his two prized possessions on his person the deity took up one to bring to his lips, blowing a tune. Minutes later his horse came trotting up, waiting patiently as he swung upon her back and breaking into a trot at his encouragement. The kingdom he was leaving would only be added to the list of those taken by him. Perhaps, once he had taken every kingdom across the countries, he would consider returning. As for the moment he set off northwest, set to ride until he reached another kingdom to take or was forced to turn back due to terrain.


The deity saw no need to rule a people - if they could be considered such - as the Deku. It was easier and far more entertaining to set fire to their forests and watch them try to flee, shrieking, those who could taking to the air. It was quite the game to leap after them with his sword out, slashing at just their propeller-like leaves so that they fell to the burning earth without any mortal wounds. But eventually there weren't any fliers to cut down and the once running folk were only still, burning stumps and the deity moved on. Surely there would be more of something to be had at the next kingdom he encountered.


The Gorons proved to be formidable opponents indeed.

They were surrounded by dangers, from falling boulders to lava-flows and hostile monsters and the hard-bodied people knew how to defend as well as fight. They were a slow people, though, the brute strength of their bodies making them cumbersome and the deity was able to get inside their defenses once he saw that. He did not treat the Gorans to the same fate as Deku; for one, fire did them no obvious damage and even being thrown bodily into lava did little, save annoy. There was a wealth to be found in the mountains, from the mineral-rich hot springs to the overflow of bomb flowers and glittering, sulfur-scented precious stones. An arrangement was made in which he would allow their royal bloodline to continue while he would get a hand in whatever he wished, whenever he wished it. With only the young prince surviving the battle it was not a difficult choice to be made.

The deity did not linger, though. While he had enjoyed the fighting the smell was something to be avoided and he took his leave, in search of yet another kingdom to add to his pouch.


The Zora, surprisingly, turned out to be harder to face than even the Gorons had. They had stayed in the water, fluttering shadows with flashes of silver, shooting spears and darts at him from where he stood on the shore.

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