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For: Turnilk
Fandom or OC? Fandom, HP
Idea: a unicorn, a spoon, and someone must say the word "poppycock"
Since it's a word request rather than OC I went with what first popped into my head - Harry Potter of course!

"You have to take it." Anyone who knew of Draco's past would be beyond shocked to hear the even, patient tone of his voice. "I know you don't trust humans but this is for your own good. Surely you know that I've healed your kind before?"

The unicorn mare snorted at him, her head bowed in the threat of a charge and front left hoof pawing at the ground. A young girl had brought her in and it wasn't hard for Draco to see why; the mare's coat had gone the color of ash, closer to grey than the pure, near-blinding white that it should be. Her silver hooves were nearly black and the specially trained Healer was surprised that she could even stand, let alone put up such a fight.

"Alright, how's this?" Setting the nearly arm-length syringe aside Draco reached within his robes, slowly as to not startle her. "How about we go a little bit at a time?" Within the folds of his robes he pulled out a table spoon of pure silver, borrowed from the Manor. "I'll put some onto here and if you don't feel a little better after having some, you can gore me through."

The mare seemed to consider the offer, her head tilting as he took up the syringe and squeezed a tablespoon amount of the thick, crystal-clear potion onto it. With slow, wobbling steps the mare moved in and Draco bit down hard on the inside of his cheek to keep himself still. Unicorns were notoriously flighty and breaking her trust now would make trying to treat her hell.

Because he would treat her. There wasn't a magical creature who's treatment he's refused yet and he wasn't about to start just because he got frustrated.

With short, jerky bobs of her head that the white-blond knew meant she was on edge to attack the mare paused before him, quivering. She was in the outside pen on her own and though he would have liked to move her into the shed he knew from personal experience that unicorns did poorly when completely confined.

"Here you are," he murmured, scarcely daring to breathe as she bowed her head over his outstretched arm, giving the liquid a sniff before lapping it up. There was a taunt, straining moment where Draco thought she may just gouge him for the hell of it but then he saw those dull eyes flicker, a ripple seeming to go from her hooves to her horn. It was a small effect; besides the slight brightening of her eyes, there appeared to be no difference. Unicorns were magical creatures, though, more intelligent than many witches and wizards granted them. The mare huffed, snorted and tossed her head, cocking an eye at the syringe set on his lap.

"Made you feel better, than? Ready for the rest?" Keeping his sigh of relief to himself Draco took up the syringe, the open-ended side towards the mare. Obediently she opened her mouth and he was able to administer the rest of her potion. stepping back and the ripples overtook her. form, tarnished coat and hooves growing in radiance, eyes losing their milky coating. "There. It will take time for you to get to full strength but you're free to go whenever you wish."

The mare pranced in place, brilliantly-bright tail flickering. There was a pause and, quick as lightening, a cloud-soft muzzle pressed against Draco's cheek. Then she was trotting off to the edge of the pen, taking advantage of the pure spring water he'd supplied.

With a soft smile on his face the Healer turned to leave the pen, pausing on for a moment when he saw none other than Luna Lovegood at its edge. "I'm sorry not to speak up," she said as he came near, voice still that light, musical thing he could vaguely recall. "But I didn't want to interrupt. It seemed like quite a battle of wills."

"You could say that," Draco agreed, head bowing slightly. Though in the weeks after the trials he had gone to issue a former apology to Lovegood and Ollivander he hadn't seen her in person since then, nearly five years ago. While she looked much the same there was something different about her; she seemed to stand taller. "Can I help you?"

"Oh, yes." Lovegood's tone remained the same, her head dipping in a slight nod. 'It's just that, I have a Wabbler that needs tending to. He's sick, you see."

This time Draco couldn't hold back his sigh, stepping out of the pen and shutting it behind him. "Lovegood, I can appreciate a good laugh as much as anyone but I cannot treat something that doesn't ex-"


Draco blinked, surprised. "Beg your pardon?"

"His name," Lovegood said, tone the same as ever. "It's Poppycock. He's rather fond of them, you see - he ate too many and now he's quite ill."

"I...see." Drawing his wand to cast a Tempus the blond didn't groan aloud at the time though it was a near thing. "Alright, then, let's see this 'Poppycock' of yours."

"Yes, right this way.." Lovegood drifted away as he voice did and Draco shook his head, following her around to the front of the cottage he'd bought and used as his treatment center.

What sort of ailments do you check for in an imaginary creature? Lips curving in amusement as he tucked his wand away Draco caught the drifting trail of Lovegood's hair as she rounded the side of the house, the blond himself only steps behind. How she comes up with these things, I'll never-

As he reached the front Draco's steps slowed, stopped. Sitting on the front step of the cottage sat what had to be the fattest, ugliest thing he'd ever seen in his life. A bird, he figured out a moment later as a small, white-blue wing flailed at him. It only had feathers on its wings, head and in seemingly random sprouts along its sides and back, sitting near to the blond's chest height. Lovegood walked up to it, touching one of the bald patches and causing the creature to give a small, pathetic warble, it's beady eyes downcast.

"What," Draco managed, mouth dry. "Is that?"

Lovegood looked up from The Ugliest Creature to Ever Exist to blink at Draco, pale fingers still lightly touching it. "Poppycock, I told you. A Wabbler." Her hair trailed slowly to the side as she cocked her head, watching Draco with unblinking eyes. "Can you help him?"

"I..." Looking from Lovegood to the balding, fat, pathetic creature on his step the Healer paused, took a breath and put his professional personal on like a cloak. "Right," the blond male said, nodding as he drew his wand and moved forward. "I'll do my best."

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