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Username: Cray Poop
Story Type: OC
Pairing: ( the new and improved profile c: ) Akemi and Lucas
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Got a Plot?: I loved the Akemi x Nano plot, so surprise me again on this one..! <3
Rating: PG - 13, please. c:

Author's Notes: I've done Akemi before but Lucas was new to me. He's a handful of a character and quite fun to use - hope you enjoy! smilies/icon_heart.gif


He was doing it again.

Akemi didn't mind; not really. He wasn't hurting anyone by it and most of the time she didn't even notice.


Using the dark strands draping the side of her face as cover the schoolgirl peered through them to look over her left shoulder. Sitting two rows behind her and to the left one row, Lucas sat, gaze still on her. He didn't look like he had taken a single note; his book was open but the pen lay untouched at it's side. He caught her looking as usual - despite however discreet Akemi thought she was being those teal-blue eyes didn't miss a thing - and he smirked, lips turning upwards at the corners in a way that usually meant he was planning something.

Flushing, Akemi turned back to face the front of the classroom, trying to pay attention to what the teacher was saying and not think about Lucas. Which of course made it impossible.

When class let out and the lunch bell went off, a hand was at her shoulder before she could even close her book. Akemi would have started in surprise if it has been the first time it happened. "I need to ask you something."

Well that was new. Looking up at the white-haired boy Akemi put her books away without looking. "Alright. Is something the matter?"

Now that he was close Akemi thought he did seem different. The sly smirk from earlier was gone, lips pressed together slightly. He was fidgeting - something Akemi had never seen him do - shifting from foot to foot, the hand falling away from her shoulder to hold behind his back with the other. Akemi saw the exact moment he went into Prince mode; Lucas's back went stiff, feet moving together and his sea colored eyes meeting hers directly in a commanding way. Akemi felt her curiosity perk. Whatever it was Lucas wanted to ask her must be important to him. The fact that he was asking was a grave improvement.

"There's a grand market today." he started, his tone even carrying the 'Princely' vibe. "In a lot in the downtown area. You-" he struggled for a moment before speaking again. "Would you like to go with me."

Akemi couldn't help it. She giggled, a hand rising to cover her mouth at the sharp look from the boy. "Is that all? I was worried it would be something serious." Rising from her seat Lucas didn't step back, leaving little more than a few inches between them as Akemi straightened. " I would love to go." In truth she had wanted to go since the fair had set up a week ago but due to an onset of a sickness that had put her to bed rest some days prior, all of her friends had already gone by the time she was well enough to leave the house. It seemed selfish to ask one of them to go with her and Akemi didn't want to go alone. She hadn't thought that Lucas would find surface events of much interest.

Lucas blinked, releasing his hands from behind him which relaxed his back, shoulders and arms from their statue-stiff positioning. "Really?"

"Of course." Akemi said, stepping back to put some space between them. "After school today?"

Lucas nodded, a single, slow movement. "Yes. Today." He started for the door to the now-empty classroom and Akemi blinked after him, quickly moving to follow. By the time she reached the door, the white haired boy was nearly to the double door leading outside.

"Lucas! Where are you going?"

"I need to prepare." The secret prince called back, going through the doors and disappearing from sight.

Somewhat confused and with curiosity nibbling at her, Akemi made her way to lunch. She wasn't sure what the demon was planning but whatever it was, she'd have to wait and see.

Hey, Akemi? Can I ask you something?"

Turning to smile at the girl to her right the dark-haired student nodded. "Of course. What is it, Felicity?"

The girl in question didn't answer right away, instead twisting the end of a red curl. Her tray of food appeared to be untouched though lunch began almost a half-hour ago, her green eyes and smattering of freckles across her nose giving her the look of a mischievous pixie. The smile she usually wore didn't help with the look but for the moment Felicity's eyes were somber, expression more serious than Akemi had ever seen. It was that more than anything that made Akemi sit up in attention.

"Weeeeeell - don't get mad, kay?" Anyone who knew Akemi better would have laughed at that but Felicity was a year older and only started sitting with her sister, Serenity, in the last few weeks. Serenity, who had classes with Akemi, was all dark curls and caramel skin though she shared her sister's bright green eyes. "Are you and Lucas dating?"

"Eh?" A flush stung her cheeks almost instantly. "W-what makes you ask that?"

"Well, the two of you are always together," the older girl went on, waving a hand as if the answer didn't matter. "Like you're joined at the hip. I've been wanting to ask you for, like, forever."

When Akemi glanced around there were several curious eyes looking their way. Was it something everyone wondered about? Why?

"I- no," Akemi said after a pause. "We're not. We're just friends."

"Really?" Felicity's entire demeanor changed, face lighting up as a smile came to her lips, eyes alight. "That's great! You won't mind if I ask him out, then."


"On a date," Getting her question out of the way was apparently the signal for the red-haired girl to eat, red-painted nails prodding at her roll before picking it up to pull apart into bite-sized pieces. "He's probably shy. Guys like a girl who knows what they want." Popping a bite into her mouth Felicity chewed, perking as she swallowed. "Ooo, then if I get you a boyfriend we can double-date! Wouldn't that be great?"

Akemi didn't know what to say to that so she picked at her tray instead, suddenly not interested in the fruit cup waiting there.

Lucas didn't show up at all during lunch. He didn't attend any more classes, either. Akemi was starting to worry by the time the last bell rang and there was still no sign of Lucas, gathering her things and heading slowly for the double-doors leading outside. Maybe he got sick? Thoughts spiraling downward Akemi made her way outside, bowed head rising. She nearly tumbled down the stairs when she caught sight of what awaited her, saved only by a boy who happened to be crossing her path. "Sorry," the girl called as she straightened, bright red. "I try not to take out others from my clumsiness."

The laughter and comment from the boy hardly registered. Akemi would say later that it was because her senses were too occupied taking in the display before her.

Lucas stood by the curb, dressed in a suit so white it hurt to look at. The shadow-black shirt under his jacket bore white buttons and a matching bow-tie, making the contrast even more shocking. He had styled his hair, or had it styled, so that the layered ends feathered lightly down, the black stripe standing out against the sea of white strands like dark lightening on a snowy landscape. There was a limousine behind him, white like much of his theme and Lucas stood stiffly before it, looking ever the part of a dashing prince.

Akemi made her way carefully down the rest of the steps, weaving her way through the throng of students. Lucas caught sight of her partway there and stood a bit more stiffly, hands clasped behind his back. "Lucas, what is all this?"

The sea-colored eyes blinked, the prince keeping his stiff posture. "Our ride to the fair." He turned to open the back door to the limo, holding his free hand out palm-side up. "M'lady."

Though feeling under dressed in her blue and black pleated dress, a little thrill of pleasure went through the schoolgirl as she took Lucas's hand, glancing over her shoulder. There were quite a few students watching the two of them, gazes curious. A group of girls who were huddled nearby were pointing, hiding their giggling behind curled palms. "Lucas - I have something I should tell you," Akemi said as she resisted his tugging hand, eyes turning back to the demon prince. "Felicity was talking during lunch and-"

"The annoying red-haired girl?" Waving his free hand Lucas shook his head. "She came already, spewing dribble about dating. How could she ever think to come anywhere near to the standards of the Prince of Spades?"

"Lucas!" Though her tone was scandalized Akemi went with the next tug that came. No, the prince wasn't always the most polite but he always treated her like a princess.

Am - am I up to his standard?

The thought fluttered in the back of her mind for the entire ride.


The carnival was everything Akemi had hoped it would be, and more.

Though he denied it fervently, Lucas didn't seem to care for the rattling wooden roller-coaster, one of the three that were erected. After that Akemi stood on line for rides a bit lower to the ground - Spinning cups, a wavy caterpillar ride, a see-sawing boat, and eerie haunted house and twirling swings. With a need for some of the cheese-covered fries, chili-bathed hot dogs, buttery popcorn (all for Lucas) and fluffy cotton candy (for Akemi) they switched to games, Akemi delighting in every toy Lucas won for her.

By the time full dark had settled and the couple were ready to head in both were laden with stuffed toys, stuffed with junk food and more than content. After a few tries they managed to get all of their winnings and themselves into the back of the limo and Akemi sat, feeling nervousness creeping slowly into her. The night had been lovely - amazing, really. The perfect outing.



Toying with the hem of her skirt Akemi looked down at her knees for a while before looking over at the prince, looking ridiculously dashing settled among an explosion of stuffed toys. "Was this a date?"

Lucas went rather still at the question, teal eyes studying. Then he looked away, shrugging. "What, this? Please. If I took a girl out it wouldn't be to some simple human entertainment field. It would be somewhere special."

"Oh..." Warring feelings sparred for dominance within the schoolgirl, her teeth worrying at her lower lip. Part of her was relieved while another deflated with disappointment.

"I'll help you with your things," Lucas said, startling Akemi. She hadn't realized that they were outside of her home.

"Oh, alright..."

It took a few trips but eventually they managed to squeeze all the toys inside, Akemi walking the prince to the door of her house, hovering at the entrance way. "I had fun today," she said shyly, fingers toying with the hem of her skirt. "Thank you."

Lucas shrugged. "Don't mention it. I knew you wanted to go, so."

There was an awkward silence in which Akemi tried not to blush and Lucas stared, making her goal rather impossible. "Well," she said, opening the door and moving aside so that the other could leave. "Good night."

Lucas nodded. "Good night."

As he left Akemi's gaze fell to the dark lace edging the skirt of her dress, giving a quiet sigh. I don't know what I was expecting. He is a prince, after-

A slapping sound and sudden shadow coming into view startled the teen from her thoughts, looking up to see Lucas with his palm flat against the door she had started to close. "If," he said, expression as serious as she's ever seen it, tongue darting out to lick his lips. "If this were a date, how would it end?"

Akemi blinked, then blinked again. Heart fluttering in a curious manor the dark-haired girl raised a hand to press lightly to the front of Lucas's dark shirt before rising up on her tip-toes. The kiss she pressed to the corner of his mouth was soft, chaste and had her cheeks burning by the time she settled back onto her feet. "I had a lovely time," she said, voice as soft and shy as before. "I hope we can do it again. Good night."

Before nerves got the better of her she pushed the door close, no resistance coming from the hand still pressed flat against the wood.


Lucas stood in front of the closed door for some moments, hand slowly sliding from the painted wood. Then he straightened, adjusted his tie and turned to head back to the waiting vehicle, a Hell Coach and driver borrowed from home. "To the palace," he told the driver, who at the moment had the form of an older, baled man with a white curving mustache, the coach pulling away from the curb shortly thereafter.

Raising a hand slowly to his face Lucas touched the spot where Akemi's lips had lingered, skin tingling. A smug grin pulled at his lips a moment later and he lowered his hand, stretching his legs out before him and folding his hands behind his head. Wooing her will take no time at all. And if I got a kiss to the cheek this time, what will come of the next? With thoughts of future disguised dates drifting through his head the Prince of Spades plotted, rocked gently by the coach, the entire way home.

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