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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
I never wrote about this?
Can't believe I never stopped to take the time to do it, to type about the new job maybe I was just trying to pretend it didn't exist or wasn't as bad as it was.
It's an office at the school, (something I did want as opposed to dining services because I hate people when it comes to food), that serves the foreign student population or anyone willing to pay even if they don't plan on attending our university & provides them with english training so they may speak it better. The organization is not even considered a part of our school operating somewhat separately & can afford to pay students from their own budget instead of only relying on you to be a work study recipient, you'd think it would be the most awesome job on campus then. Umm nooo far from it.

Sadly it now holds the record for job i've hated the fastest! My boss there once worked at my previous campus office job at the Honors College, she claims this place is better. Wrong! No one ever came up & snatched stuff out of our hands when I worked there because they assumed we had something else to do instead of asking our direct boss. We weren't bitched out for teachers asking us to help them do something when we clearly weren't doing anything else because our direct boss wanted them to ask her permission first. Naturally assumed all over campus that a student worker is there to assist everyone in the office not just that one person especially when they hold most duties for themselves exclusively & gives the student workers more busy work than actual needed work. I also was told to do my homework at my other job whereas this one I'm bitched out for doing it when there is no student traffic or projects to do.

More than anything it's the students we serve themselves & the nonuniform way they are handled by the staff. The honors college students are 1000x's more respectful & responsible than the students our office serves. The largest population in attendance are middle eastern, particularly Saudi, students & if you've never had the pleasure (no not a compliment) of working with them you wouldn't understand why that speaks for itself. Rarely are the asian or hispanic descent students so undesirable to work with. English understanding or not they will lie through their teeth with a straight face that would put to shame any politician yet they have the nerve to constantly come in the office asking the same question, sometimes involving another person who can't change the outcome, as if to accuse those of us manning the front desk of lying to them.

It's like maybe if you came to orientation like you were supposed to or read the organization handbook like you were supposed to at some point while you were here improving your english skills you'd have known this was the rule & we aren't just saying it here at the desk to screw you over. All I ever hear is how spoiled, pompous or rude American students/people are when abroad yet no one's talking about when foreigners come over here. Apparently someone's not giving equal coverage of the situation as I've never heard of our schools students getting in trouble or acting the way these kids do over here. OMG they are MUCH MUCH more spoiled & entitled than American kids hands down!

And yes sometimes they come with ulterior motives having nothing to do with wanting to learn english to attend school here,... they want to drop crotch fruits (aka children, ALF's etc.) while they're here legally under a student visa just so the little ******** can receive citizenship & everything that comes with that including some universities' offers of complete free rides!

My answer to a website I ran across randomly offering discussion about the 14th amendment.... "Amending the constitution is extreme considering the constitution speaks for itself the parents are not subject to jurisdiction in the first place so how can the child be? Automatic citizenship for units being dropped here, parents on a legal visa or not, is a huge PROBLEM! If you've ever been denied welfare help to simply feed yourself or get medical coverage,worked in one of these offices or with an immigration office at a school or received no help to pay for higher education when you clearly could not afford tuition every semester, then you know darn well why they shouldn't receive citizenship nor should the parents be auto-expressed to the front of the line when the child is 21! They should be given 30-90 days after the birth to go to the proper office & apply LEGALLY for RESIDENCY before the child is given the status (NOT student or tourist visas) or be escorted out child & all! This is fair for those who came legally & pay taxes with those of us born here to legal resident parents. You here the sap story about wanting a better life all the time now, BS, a lot of these parents popping kids out over here come from countries that are pretty darn well off with more than $50,000 USD in their home bank accounts, Saudi Arabia is one of them! You are blind & very uninformed if you think every single one is from poor Mexico or war torn Iraq etc. there are businesses set up just so they can come to have a baby here, get it granted all our US rights, go home for 18 years, then send it back for the free benefits of the citizenship including a free ride to some universities not a dime in taxes paid by the parents! This within & of itself is not right. It's extreme foolishness to believe most of those children stay here to contribute as well."

I used to think yeah anyone coming over here dropping kids should be able to stay blah blah, then I learned these a-holes running in illegally along with those only here on a tourist/student visa dropping units are actually getting benefits like food stamps sometimes denied to natural born for generations or legal immigrant citizens! THAT IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! I'm not even close to racist/anti-immigration it's just that these a-holes need to follow the rules & apply first for residency like others who wait for years to get their citizenship or wait to have their kid before they come for school. You're here as a student thus 'student visa' not as a breeding machine & yes they'll show up at orientation as big as the god damn Goodyear blimp, waddling the entire way, enrolling for the current term, knowing their due date is during the term, they'll miss class & be subjected to absences that can not be excused based on U.S & their own governments rules!
When they get a poor grade in a class because of these absences (the same no excuse rule being used on regular students of the university as well) they'll storm into the office in a rage with attitude, yelling at us front office workers like we made the rule or wrote the grade when it clearly says in their handbooks & was told to them at orientation to email the teacher first & discuss the grade with them, if not satisfied to go to the assistant director & if still not resolved only then they can make an appointment with the director.
No, they (as in most of them but not all) have it in their mind they're going to storm in that day & demand he, the current director, drop all his very important meetings/work to speak with them, & change their grade based on their poor work or attendance because they were stupid.

I can only handle so much of this stupidity nowadays before rage quitting bc not being born in an exclusive english speaking country is no excuse for their (what I can only assume) purposeful poor planning. Almost all of them have family back at home that can care for them in their husbands stead, obviously otherwise what would they do in the case of a husbands untimely death!? They screw themselves over trying to get citizenship for kids they can afford to get citizenship for later & have the nerve to come at me like it's my fault. As I said a lot of the bank account letters required to be furnished upon applying to our school are $50,000+ USD, I infact almost keeled over one that said $150,000 accompanying an employment letter that stated the parent was a simple professor at a college in their home country! These were not politicians' kids!
They have money, they come here to party & have fun with less restrictions than the middle east, they get into trouble, they'll cheat in class & on tests believe it or not, they come to our office making unreasonable requests regular students are not allowed to make, verbally abuse & try to bully the front office staff & sometimes, but not as often the teachers, & then expect me to bend backwards or break federal rules for them.
Note the fact they sometimes wouldn't come to class or would leave in the middle to watch the World Cup last month like DVR's & VHS no longer exist. Absences do count against them as far as Saudi government scholarships & U.S F1 visas are concerned & that was obviously not an emergency to even be considered by the summer teacher for allowing make-up work.

HELL NO, NO MORE OF THIS s**t. I'm out of there at the start of winter break for my maternity leave (not technical legally defined maternity leave student workers aren't allowed to have it) & will not miss it or be returning for an encore. My direct boss, who doesn't make the job any easier or less stressful, proclaims to be retiring December 1st of this year (originally planned for June of next year) because the director is suddenly being changed & she only stayed for him. I was only just hired at the end of April & I don't know enough, due to her not allowing us to answer any questions or be informed of other aspects of her job, to help train a new secretary. A secretary from the organization down the hall was only recently trained to help with her job but she's still a green thumb & doesn't know enough to completely take over.
The head people over the international departments are complaining about us having too many student workers anyways & we only had 6 available for the summer, 1 only working 2 days a week, 1 fired right at the beginning of summer. 2 days a week won't be returning for fall as she's student teaching & 1 new one hired with me will be graduating at the end of fall. So by the spring semester, unless a returning one who went on vacation the entire summer graduates at the end of fall or they hire another worker, this office will only have 3 student workers... total. This is to service 600+ (guesstimate from the estimated 300-500 new students coming for fall next week) students! They need more teachers as well & most of the ones they interviewed turned down the job bc the pay was too low!

This ship is about to crash & burn with the most flaming extravagance I've ever witnessed in my young life. They are royally ******** for fall semester forward. I don't want to hang around to watch the organizations demise & would gladly return to the honors college which is not anywhere near as ******** up despite not having nearly as much monetary resource as this language institute does.

Sayonara & good luck with that!

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