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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
Weekend- in a nutshell
About 23 hours straight working on the newest bain to student existence, the online AI program called ALEKS. It's a complete POS and I thoroughly hate it for all intensive purposes. I unfortunately have not just 1, but 2 classes utilizing this crappy program in the course work I told the teacher for the class i'm not technically enrolled in just sitting in for his previous class that I probably wouldn't have time to do work in the program for that class bc of the time constraint of the other classes weekly ALEKS requirement which is trashing my time to do work for other classes.
I'm only registered in 4 classes which by any means is NOT a lot of work when 3 are basic work & only 1 is very difficult & time consuming, I recognize that much honestly & fully! With this program & the way it works it literally blocks out time for those classes, do it you don't have time for them, do them first you might not complete the objectives depending on how many answers you can get perfectly right the first time around. A slightly wrong answer constitutes being asked another 3-4 of the same question even if you get it right all the other times.

Granted it's perfect subject practice for (freshmen especially) students.... with no life...no responsibilities outside of school. Those of us who work, have children, take care of someone else like sickly parents etc. do not have an extra 10+ hours in the day to sit in front of a computer per class that uses this s**t-tastic AI bullshit program, to do these problems over and over again!

I know I don't the ONLY reason I had time this weekend to veg out 23 hours over math class was bc my tough class didn't have anything due since we just had an exam last tuesday & the professor doubled up on a lecture the next class date to make up for it. History class didn't have anything to do, but read & the english class has a paper due tomorrow that can be turned in as late as next sunday. Sacrificed the paper being on true time for this s**t bc I was very behind on the objectives & getting a poor grade in the class since it counts for so much of the grade unlike previous years. I wasn't necessarily behind in the english class even though I hate it since I hate writing papers. I ******** hate papers with a passion. I like writing stories or commentary, even poetry. I'm thinking of just withdrawing from the class & going with the original plan to have japanese comp. count for the requirement instead of a true english class with stupid papers.

Now to semi-catch up with the sit in class, chemistry, which I need to pass with a C or better since I already took it before. All the time I need to do this really requires the other classes to be thrown aside sadly enough. Pregnancy is wreaking havoc on the school work side. I'm admittedly spending a lot of time asleep still even in the 2nd trimester. I still have not received that magical energy boost you should get around this time & on top of this have seem to acquired breathing problems. Scary, feeling like I'm not getting air & about to faint, breathing problems that has sent me to the ER once already. I take deeper breaths & try to take my time walking around campus even when I need to quickly get from 1 place to the other....it only helps a little. That is another consideration for dropping some classes, less falling behind if I have to go to the ER or experience the shortness of breath with light headedness again & miss class. All in all it's less quick paced walking too & fro to get there on time as well.

This new journey's turning out to be a very rough one. Can't wait to have my body to myself again at least.

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