Levi Sama
Community Member
You'll see something that changes you. It'll ask you a simple question
that goes beyond the surfaces for you. You'll have to search for it though.

Lies,Grief,Vanity,Hate. These are the negativity that consumes the "soul"
that drops you down into the drain below. You will find your own will to live and a reason to fight. Even if you feel there's nothing now, and honestly perhaps in the end there still won't be anything for you. But if you find it, it'll be the most incredible journey and a well worthy adventure of life you learned from.
You'll lose,you'll win,you'll grieve,and you'll learn who you are and
who you chose to be in the end.

"I believe in myself,the now,and love is love.I prefer not to fight over things and just enjoy the life, and live the life that is given to me. " -Selina R L
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