- Story Driven 18+ or PG13 (with violence/blood and/or gore)
- Male x Male(gay) couples if their is a relationship!
- Some Horror/Violence/Blood and/or Gore
included into the rpg, regardless of the genre.
- Digital Art refs for characters (can be borrowed or self drawn
I self draw my ocs or use original artwork if the ocs are adopted,
for fandom characters I only use the original artwork from the game/show.
- OCs only or Fandom characters, Oc + Fandom is also fine by me.
Notice: most of my characters are male and all of them are 18+
(most being in the mid 20s to 30s)
- I don't respond very often! The maximum I can do most times is 3 times a week but I am often very busy with artwork and offline stuff. If you don't mind waiting or you yourself in general take a long time to respond then we'd fit just fine!
If you expect a response every single day, then it's best not to ask me, sorry!
- Okay with Humanoid, Anthro and Feral characters (feral as side characters only)

- Apocalyptic
- Horror
- Sci-fi
- Steampunk
- Fantasy Mixed
+(add ons) Romance, Drama, Violence and/or Gore, Comedy, Action.
(I am not a fan of Romance / Drama only rpgs, sorry! I like some violence
and action)

- Please tell me if you want to drop the rpg, do not ignore me >:
I will understand if you lost interest in the rpg or it didn’t turn out like you expected etc.
Just tell me is all.
- Discuss it with me before you kill off a character unless it’s one of your own minor characters only used for that specific scene or event.
- Please no ‘typical anime’ pictures yanked off Google images, I can’t really work with those for character references and I am in general, not a fan of anime.
- No real people pictures either unless the show displays real people characters, for example: The live action Avengers movie characters or Criminal minds characters.
- No one line sentence replies, I generally write a lot (6+ paragraphs) but Id like to at least see three paragraphs from you.
- Decent English grammar, no text talk please! Example of what I don't like: "how r u?"

Fandoms I'm into: Link

Fandom Ships: Link

Places I can also rp at besides Gaia PMs or Forums etc.
- Gmail / Google
- Discord (ask for mine) I don't really use Skype anymore...
- DeviantART notes (sure, I've done it in the past)
- RPGLand (but I only write in English! Sorry, my German vocabulary
just isn't good enough for me to feel comfortable writing in German(Deutsch).
- F-List (I don't go on there often though)

Other sites, suggest me some!