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RP Info

I've been doing rps since I can remember pretty much.
Even when I was a little boy I was rping as wolves, cats, dogs, cartoon characters and so on.
I started 'writing' rpgs and fanfics when I was twelve though, before that was just larping
with school friends and family members close to my age, I've always had a large imagination.

[Some small rules]
>I am a guy, I do not judge how you rp male characters.
As long as you are having fun and you write well, I don't care.
>Please tell me if you want to drop the rpg, don't ignore me :,V
I will understand, simply tell me, that is all.
>Please... decent English grammar, no text talk.
Example: "how r u"
>No one line sentence replies. I am not that kind of Rper.
At least a paragraph (7 sentences) or more.
My average word count is from 700 words to 1000 words.
>I'm fine with slurs. (Like using 'a**' instead of 'rear' or 'butt').

I'm really into these genres:
- Apocolyptic
- Sci Fi / Sci Fi Fantasy
- Horror
- Steampunk
- A mix of any above
- Fandom characters
- Ocs / Only Ocs
- Crack pairs B)

Add ons to those:
+ Romance (but not revolving around it)
+ Comedy
+ 18+ (but of course it'd not be on gaia then.)

Character preference:
- Males! (Male x Male)
(I'm 100% fine with Female x Female
or Male x Female too though!)

- Digital Art character pictures / semi-realistic
or a style that doesn't look 'anime' really.
- Muscular / Toned / Lean / Bara

I'm NOT into:
- AU highschool RPGs
- Modern day RPGs (unless it has some fantasy and or horror in it.)
- Cutesy 90% of the time/ Romance RPGs. (No horror or violence at all)
- Most animes
- Host Clubs
- Homestuck / Undertale / MLP / Game of Thrones / Hannibal

Fandoms I'm into (Rp-wise):
- *Marvel
- *Fallout New Vegas / Fallout 4
- *Guild Wars 2
- *Bioshock Infinite
- Infamous 1 & 2, Infamous Second Son
- Prototype
- The Evil Within
- Assassins Creed
- Adventure Time
- Sherlock Holmes (The movies starring Robert Downy Jr and Jude Law)
- BBC Sherlock (I'm more into the one above ^)
- Doctor Who (till 11th Doctor, I'm not into the new seasons.)



⊗ Only sex / No story
⊗ Flowersex / Whimpy nsfw stuff
⊗ Shota/Lolita
⊗ No drama/Boring RPGs
⊗ Real people pairings (example: septiplier)
⊗ Mary su / Gary su
⊗ Typical delicate and feminine male characters (Stereotype 'uke')
⊗ Large age gap
⊗ A LOT of animes
⊗ Anime character pictures
⊗ Random Mpreg
(If it makes sense then fine, like Alien Mpreg for example.)
⊗ Character pictures from Heise and this other artist who draws similar.
⊗ Highschool AU
⊗ Daddy
⊗ "******** Boys"

I hate Undertale and Homestuck :[

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