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This Diary belongs to Maid-Sama.
If found please Comment on any vissable entry that has caught your eye. I would love to hear from you. The pages torn out I wish for you not to seek them out.
GoFusion I'm Questing
Lets see how far I can get with this list XD ugggh It'll take me forever but I guess thats part of the challenge XD

x5 Fairy Milou
x7 No actual trouble
x8 keen idol toshi
x3 kira kira majokko kappukeki
x7 calm fighters
x1 royal kodona
x3 reprehensible love
x7 i am pawsitively smitten
x1 black cat eye glasses
x1 my little garden
x1 v-day 2k15 chocolate bear fur
x1 checkmate dominion
x1 classy confectionery
x1 winter wear
x1 stellar solice
x1 tailored all-star
x1 piercing western ninja spiked cut
x8 saguine virgin lace
x2 o' holy grace
x6 little saddle bronco
x1 God hair
x1 Spectre's Curls

My World Of Text and Other Links:
My Gmail is Maidsamakitchencafe@gmail.com

My way for you to say crap about me anonymously:My World Of Text

Just Say "Hi": Tell Me Something Anonymously XD

Facebook: Morgan For Music

Youtube: My Crazy Lame Youtube

Can you sing, dance, act, or play any instrument?
Hi, I'm a talent scout for Morgan For Music! Do you think your good enough to Sing out songs? Do you want to get your voice in a professional YouTube video or get free advertisement for your page? Do you want to get paid to sing?

Here are the steps to take if you answered YES to all 3 questions:
1. Go to Morgan For Music's Facebook Page at Facebook.com/TheRoadto3Ls and pick out a song you want to audition for
2. Practice the song(s) until you think your ready and then record yourself singing the song.
3. Post it on YouTube and make sure to put out "Cover of (songs name) by Rashelley Morgan" and email the link to Morganformusic@gmail.com
4. Make sure the title states "Audition for (songs name)" and add a little about yourself and why you believe you are worth the investment
5. Wait for the reply and the next step

Do you like acting? Do you live in Oregon? Are you willing to travel anywhere in Oregon? Are you willing to get paid later on?

If you answered YES to all the above questions, follow these next steps:
1. Contact Morganformusic@gmail.com and title your topic "Acting Audition" and paste a YouTube video link of your acting skills
2. Include who you are and why you think you deserve to be invested in
3. Wait for reply and next step

For singers:
1. You can only audition for 2 songs at once, bother songs MUST be in same email
For Actors/Actress'
1. You HAVE to live in Oregon

How This Works:
0. You can live anywhere in the world and we will upload your YouTube video to our YouTube page and add in a link to your page.
1. If you live in Oregon: we will pay for professional recordings and also sell them on iTunes and google music
2. Then we will promote your video by spending $$$ on your advertisements
3. When we get paid you get paid
For Actors/Actress'
1. We will send you locations to go toand pay for professional videos
2. You will meet other inspired actors and actress'as you go on this journey with us
3. We put the vocals and instructions to the video and download it to our YouTube pPage and promote it
4. When we get paid, you get paid.


For more details and information, feel free to PM me or send an email to Morganformusic@gmail.com and title your topic "Audition Info."

More About Sama:
Hi, all this was on my profile but many said it was overwhelming so I put it here. That way, if you did want to know more about me, I didnt have to take hours and hours refiguring out who I am ^^

Updated 08/16/16
Dear gaia friends 3nodding If you can and want to and if I've earned it in your eyes, head, or heart to put in a spot on your profile. . .please put me in your profile. . .if you want. It will mean the world to me <3

Going on another hiatus for a few months. Please keep in touch ^^ Let me know what your gaia user is when you contact me via any option bellow:
Snapchat username: rashmor2
Google+ (Hangouts) Maidsamakitchencafe
Skype ID: Rashmor22 (sorry I had it wrong before, It's not Rashmor2)
Email: maidsamakitchencafe@gmail.com

This Is Me

Yes I know I have lots of stuff on my profile and most of the stuff you may think is crap or bullshit but just hear me out. You'll learn about this girl behind the computer, to see a head of time, if you and this girl (me) will get a long or not. Neither of us have to waste our personal time trying to find out in a longer less-efficient way. Also, I have some nifty links that you may enjoy.



Take Note!
People are gonna be cruel no matter what you look like, if you're thin you're anorexic If you're not thin you're fat, if you're ugly you need to not post pictures if you're pretty you're an attention whore if you post pictures.. People wanna be mean to others because it makes them feel better about themselves and that's their problem not yours.

I try not to be friends with anyone younger than 18 or older than 30. This is because its hard to keep up with them. I'm not good in group convos or convos that talk about multiple things. I like one on one chats.I may became overbearing so let me know if I do. I'm not very smart anymore, due to a recent attack, I am left partially brain dead. I can talk normal and think but I have short term memory loss, cant count money, do math, read or write. I use a special app to type for me as I speak to it and another app that read for me. I am 24. I have a saying that "If people really knew me they wouldn't want to know me." So knowing that, lets be friend if its not to much for you. I can be mean if you get on my bad side or hurt one of my friends. I hate drama. I started wearing makeup when I was 22 and started cursing when I was 21. Had my first bf at 23. Im a social outcast who suffers PTSD, severe depression, Major anxiety, fibromyalgia, spinobifita, scoliosis, ADHD, and many other problems. Im a series of problems. I have a problem with keeping friends, im sorry Im not good enough. But I am fun! :3 I like to be overly funny online and joke around alot cause I'm a major outcast and very shy with no real friends in the real world. I feel like I can open up on gaia and be my self. Oh, it's hard to get to know me and understand me, it's even harder to get close to me and gain my trust. But, it's super easy to loose my trust when you get it. So, I take betrayal heavy. Whatever shape or form it comes in.

Golden rule. Treat me how you want to be treated.

Hi. Call me Sama.

Memo: My occupation is writing stories, lyrics, and manga. I want to start my restaurant up again when I get money. It failed the first time due to unavoidable circumstances. My fav color is any shade blue you can find. Also I like red, black, and white as my secondary favs. Every color after that is my third favs. I love panda's, cats, dogs, dolphins, and monkeys the most, but I love all animals <3

Hobbies: I love to sing, dance weirdly (cause i cant dance,) snowboard, tennis, ice skate, roller blade, ride my bike, read, write, draw

Things I love to read: Manga mostly. But I like some chapter books, romance mostly.

High School: I graduated at 16

Past Professions: Was a Security Professional 5 days a week, Full Time. Gas Attendant, got great tips. Ect. . .

Current Occupation: Craftware Seller, Your Place R Convenience Store Owner, Talent Scout & Investor for Morgan For Music, Song Writer & Singer, Mangaka & Author

Occupational Goal: Own my own house/restaurant

Not: religious, Im fully atheist.


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