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This Always Makes Me Laugh
So today I need to write about something that makes me laugh. I used to laugh on the inside, however, now I let out a nice audible laugh whenever I hear people tell me it. It pertains to my views on females, and how they are only good for Oxytocin and nothing more. Whenever someone hears that they respond with "You just have not met the right girl". It is a huge laugh for me, I mean people seem to have some kind of delusion that I actually meet people at all. I mean really it is funny, it took me 2 years at my last job to learn everyone's name and that was just because I got put into more of a lead role. If I had not received that kind of promotion I would not have given a crap. I mean really outside of work I have not met people for.... geez 7 years now?

I mean I have not met anyone, as in no one, well I guess I have to define meet as someone who I have casual social interaction with. Yes I have phyically left my apartment and learned names of people. However, the only time I give those people the time of day is when they force me to talk to them at the crossfit gym. Gah I hate that about crossfit.. everyone wants to be social buddy buddy and it drives me insane with all that crap. However, I am lucky, i only ever see those idiots at the gym. I do not seem them outside the gym ever and I have never attempted to try and see them outside the gym. If I had my choice, the situation would be like my very first gym. Where I attended the gym for 3 years and never spoke to a person. I mean people saw me several times, and many commented on my progress. However, I did not know their name and no one learned my name. To be honest 80% of the people who commented I had never seen before in my life. Well remember seeing anyway.

So that is why I get a huge laugh whenever I hear "You just have not met the right girl". I mean really, that is freaking hilarious because I do not meet people. I hate leaving my apartment in general. I mean why would I leave my apartment unless I had too? I mean I plan my schedule so that I can just be a recluse all weekend long and not even leave the apartment. How the ******** am I supposed to meet people? It is just so funny to always hear how people just seem to think that I interact with people. I mean in order for their phrase to even work I actually have to speak to people.

The part that is even more fun is whenever I am talking to a family member and I explain to them my current schedule and plans and stuff. It is just so very funny. It looks like their brains just shut down for a few seconds. Literally, there is nothing going on in there. Like they literally cannot compute what I am saying. Literally, I so very much so love it. No one seems to believe me. I guess that is just how people are. Oh well, we all see what we want to see and we all hear what we want to hear.

So yeah, I always get a huge laugh whenever someone has to mutter the phrase "You just have not met the right girl" or something along that phrase. I mean it is kind of baffling how they seem to think I meet anyone. Meeting people requires voluntary socializing. The closest thing to socializing that I do is online. Where I waste space and time writing up this stuff to document my existence. Well whatever, I do not really care to be honest. I get a good laugh and people are confused. The only thing that is funnier is when they cling to hope thinking that some day I will change. Well that or they hope that suddenly my life will go all romantic comedy on me. I could go on and on about that. However, I will not waste my time. Suffice it to say that males do not have the luxury of being pursued by females like they are in fiction. There is a reason why it is called fiction after all. Well whatever, I guess I just need to keep this up and eventually I will kill everyone's hope and they will not even bother talking to me.