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Demons in the head
Rin makes a new friend! 10
(1)From The anime Inuyasha: Sesshomaru leaves Rin in a forest near a village with Jaken and A-Un. Rin starts getting board and wonders off.
(2) Rin ends up just outside the forest next to a dirt road and in a small meadow. She sees a person in the distance on the road but hunched over picking stuff from the meadow, so she skips happily all the way humming over to find out what they are doing.
(3) As Rin gets closer she notices the the person hunched over is a young woman picking what looks to be grass and putting it into a make shift basket. Rin stops skipping and walks right up to the girl stepping in what little light the girl had on this very clouded day.
(4) The young woman stopped picking plants and looked up to see who was blocking her light, thinking it one of the villagers she smiled but, was caught by surprise from a girl she never seen before and the smile turned into a shocked look which made her lose her balance and flop onto her butt.
(5) The young woman blinks away her shocked expression and says, "Oh..Hello." Rin giggles at the lady,"Hi there! Are you ok?" The woman smiles and then replies,"Why yes thank you and how might you be?" Rin replies, "I'm Rin,who are you?" The woman replies back, "Why yes how silly of me to ask you first. I'm sorry how rude of me. I'm Crystal Clearwater, I'm currently the priestess of this village. Are you by chance lost young one? " She says glancing back and forth to see if Rin is with someone maybe.
(6) Rin shake her head no at the same time replying, "Eumm umm", she stops shaking her head saying, "No not really my friends are close by."
"Well that's good", Crystal replies, "For a moment there I thought...wait friends? But what about your parents, child?", she asks getting up now concerned for Rin because friends and no parents usually met something bad happened and if Rin was here now that trouble might be close by. Rin answers Crystal all the while watching her,"My parents died", Rin says soberly but Rin sees the concern on Crystal's face, "But you don't have to worry it happened a long time ago, so it's ok!" Crystal's face lessens into a soft sad smile, "I'm sorry to hear that Rin my parents too died when I was young." The clouds ahead start to roll together and it starts to get darker fast. Both girls look up unexpectedly and start to fill rain drops falling on their heads.
(7) Crystal grabs her basket and then Rin. Rin surprising says, "Hey wait my friends!" Crystal replies, "Don't worry I'm sure they'll fine shelter somewhere, we better hurry before it's to late." Crystal takes Rin to a small shake next to a river, just down the road from where they were, and from the distance the a small village could be seen. They get in the shake just as it starts to pour. "Few that was close! See what'd I tell you!", Crystal says smiling ear to ear."Now I bet your hungry aren't ya?", she asks looking at Rin.
(8.) When Crystal said this food could be smelt from the small wood burning stove next to the door on the right side and Rin's tummy roared loudly, which made her blush. Crystal dipped a ladle into a pot on top of the stove and poured it into two small bowls. She handed Rin one bowl of stew then took her sandals off and stepped up to the other part of the floor where there was a clearing in the middle, a bed on the left wall, a bed on the back middle wall and a bed on the right side, which had a table next to it and a old lady lying down.
(9) Crystal wakes the old woman up, "Here granny it's time to eat", she says as the old woman sits up and takes the bowl and starts to eat and then looks to Rin. "Rin come in and sit down this is Old Lady Su, she's the local priestess around these parts and I was working with her until about a mouth ago when she feel ill." Su stops sipping her bowl as Rin takes her shoes off and walks up, "I didn't fall ill child, I told you before I'm old and I'm dying!", Su says stubbornly. Crystal looks harshly at Su, "And I told you to stop saying that Lady Su!" Rin sits next to Crystal and says with a big smile trying not to laugh at them, "Nice to meet you Lady Su". Su watches Rin sit and says,"Call me granny dear. I don't like any of that lady stuff like this lady",she takes a sideways glance at Crystal, "keeps on calling me, even though we've been together a whole year and a half now!" Crystal gets up and head over to the stove, "Well excuse me for being taught right ,"she says while getting herself a bowl of stew and then comes back to sit down again. Rin giggles at them this time and the others start laughing too. They spend the rest of the night laughing and talking until they fall asleep.
(10) Very late that same night after it had stopped raining Crystal gets up and heads out and goes behind the shake and tries to grab her sword in the cloudy moon light and ends up knocking over it and a bucket, which stirs Su and wakes up Rin. Rin wakes up from the noise and looks around sleepily and sees that Crystal is not in her middle bed, wandering where she is and if it was her that made the noise, she gets up and checks outside and then goes around back. Rin sees know one but a rolled over bucket and a small hand print with some small muddy foot prints that lead away from the hut and down the river, so she decides to follow them down the side of the river towards some huge boulders about 100ft or so from the shake. Rin sees some clothes folded up with a sword on top one of the boulders and she hears light humming coming from the river so she sneaks up quietly to see if it's Crystal or not. When see gets close enough to the river she stops and tries to peak behind the boulder closet to her, but instead slips an slides down into the river bank getting herself dirty and feet soaked from hitting the water. Rin gets up facing the bank breathing heavily and hears Crystal's voice,"Rin! Are you ok?!" Rin turns around still shocked by the experience and looks at Crystal, at least she thinks it's Crystal,this girl here has blue hair and eyes,

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