One of my co-workers tonight asked me if I'd ever been in a romantic relationship. Although invasive and uncalled for, I wasn't offended; I had been working with this person for about a year now, and knew her enough to know she didn't mean anything by it (I hope). If anything, she was trying to get to know me better.

I replied with no, and that I had never been in one. She was shocked to know someone who would readily admit that they'd never been in a relationship, which is foreign to me, as I can't see how that'd be embarrassing or even remotely jarring. I'm sure there are plenty of people who've never been in a romantic relationship before their 20's, so I didn't think too much of it either.

But then I began to think too much of it.

I began to wonder when my turn would be, if I would ever find someone in real-life to actually share those feelings and connections with. From a personal standpoint, I have no idea how romantic relationships work. I only know so much through academic reviews and trainings or the sake of spotting certain things, but I'm completely unsure. I have had and have several crushes, and I'd love to date any one of them. . . But perhaps it will only be real when someone falls for me.

We'll see.