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So I found livestreams...

I'm mixed up a bit. I lost my Sym because of a banning issue and I think my replacement is watching people draw. People who are a million times better at it than I am. Does it make me better? Am I learning anything? Nope. nope nope nope.

Do I have a mass of drawings now? Yus. I'll post em below.

Oh but on the bright side I have found a new friends who also fly around on the livestream network. It's funny how almost all of them know each other. Usually I'd be so uncomfortable intruding on a conversation or something like that. On a settled and agreed upon society. But the thrill of the hunt and silent battle of getting your characters drawn has driven a wild voice out of me. A social animated self that I didn't know I had.
Plausibly this may help me in the long run.

Probably not, actually.

Order of these? Generally newest first. Not perfect. XD

Novi's failed attempt at the human form, and worse attempt at hooves. Thought you'd enjoy that. Laugh away XD