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Robin's Humble Abode
I don't even know
Well I'm back.

My grandpa's in the hospital
In the beginning of the month my grandpa had a heart attack and we were all so scared.
He pulled through though, he was sent home and causing such a ruckus because all he wanted to do was go on his daily walks and do everything for himself.
He can be such a stubborn man.

They gave him a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat and he just needed to rest but the pain was too much for him,
He went back the next day and was so displeased and my grandma yelled at him to listen to the doctors so he could get better.
But he's so stubborn.

A few days later, he had a cerebral stroke.
That means that there was bleeding in his brain due to the high blood pressure and we waited outside so that they could help him.
He was in such a deep sleep and all we could do was wait for him to wake up.
They took us in a room to discuss our options.
In two days we had to decide if we wanted to resuscitate or let him go IF that situation were to occur.
We were devastated.
My grandma hid her tears and said no. He wouldn't want to live that way.
And left the room.
Luckily my grandpa was stubborn.

He woke up the following days and would open his eyes and breathed on his own.
I was so proud of him.
I had seen so much sadness within those days.
My family crying.
My aunt begging him to wake up repeatedly as he wouldn't open his eyes.
My mother staying by his bedside since he was hospitalized.
My grandma begging God to not take the man she loves.

And this hurt the most.
My grandparents never tell each other they love one another. They're both stubborn. But they know they love each other and that's enough for them. And to hear her sound so broken, so sad...it broke my heart.

My grandfather started talking the next week, he recognized faces....he tried making jokes and aiming for a laugh. My grandpa is stubborn but there are these times that he'll try to lighten situations. And this broke me.

Then a few days ago they drained the excess fluid in his brain and we waited. We sat, we talked, and then my grandma stood up and i heard a sob.
She was crying.
My mom went to comfort her and we stood in that waiting room with the sobs of my grandma echoing.
She sat down, wiped her tears and feigned nonchalance.
And I knew she was breaking.

The doctor came in and said it was successful, he would require a breathing tube but if everything went well it would be removed the next day.
We congratulated my grandma "See. Your man is okay. He'll get better."
He's stubborn after all.

That was almost two days ago, the tube is still in and we're waiting.
But just now, my mother tells me that things aren't looking good.
So I chose to write this as therapy for myself.

I don't know what's going to happen.
But I know that throughout the time that my grandpa has been in the hospital that he has overcome so much.
The doctors kept telling us not to get our hopes up.
But how can we not when he's fighting this hard.
He's come back so many times withing this one month.
He's amazed us with his strength!
I'm so proud of him!
I know he can make it past this.

There's so much he has to see.
I told him I'd become a physical therapist.
That I would come back and help them for free.
I would have kids and they would get to see their great grandparents.
He would tell all his crazy stories and make us all laugh.
He would gel his hair in strange fashions for the hell of it.
He would walk me down the aisle.
He would tell my boyfriend to be a man and take care of me.
He would yell at me if he saw I was misbehaving.
He would give my grandma sass but be beside her at night.
We would sit in the yard like we used to and just talk about life.
He would give me these hugs and tell me to take care of myself and bless me.
We would see each other in town every now and then and I would crazily wave at him and say hello.

My grandfather is a stubborn man.
And he wouldn't let anything keep him away from his family.
And when he gets better, he'll be back at home and tell us the story of how he beat the odds.
Because that's what he does.
That much, I do know.

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