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story's are my favorite things to write about they give me power
Dark Matter
Dark Matter: Rated M

[Indianapolis Indiana]


(My cell phone goes off causing me to sit up quickly in bed)

Quick Note: you will be in first person mode throughout this first part

(I slowly turn to my left were the phone continues its vibrating dance across the small table were the lamp post sits)

Quick Note: you will be able to look around the room while still in first person view

(I reach over, pick up the phone and listen to the caller after pressing the answer button)

(The caller talks with a strange uneased voice)

(Hey! Hey! Are you awake?)

(I remain silent)

(Awe don’t be like that. Open your front door, I’m right outside hurry!

Quick Note: while in first person mode you will not see yourself answer the phone or end the call

(I get up out of bed and walk over into my bathroom to look in the mirror)

Quick Note: you can now create your character. I choose male

Quick note: Also during your creation when choosing a name there will be an audible box full of first and last names to which ever one you choose people will say your name. I choose Mark Anthony

(Ok let’s go see who this weirdo is)

Quick Note: after you create your character you will be able to go into first or third person mode

(As I make my way downstairs, I stop by the closet door next to the front door and take out my baseball bat)

Cut scene: will vary by your choice of equipping the bat or not. I chose to equip bat. Also to equip any weapon, press and hold Circle or B highlight weapons and equip

(As I open the front door and hold up my bat to lay a beat down on whoever this b*****d was, I pause when I notice my college professor with his arms curled over his head for protection)

(Wait! Please don’t hurt me)

Quick Note: there will be dialogue options

(I instantly lower my bat. What the heck are you doing here professor? Better yet, how did you know where I live?)

(The professor lowers his defense and smiles while scratching the back of his balding head. Well if you must know, I went into the dean’s office and found your name in the files. But will talk about that later, right now you need to follow me.)

(I watch as the dean enters my darken living room, then placing the bat back inside the closet I make my way into the room and switch on the light only to find the professor looking out through the blinds of the window at my back yard)

Quick Note: After closing the closet door, you won’t be able to inter act with it or take the bat back out

(Are you ok professor?)

Cut scene:

(The professor jumps at the sound of my voice and quickly lowers the blind then turns around)

(Huh? Of course I’m ok. I was just checking if we were being watched)

(Who would be watching us?)

(The professor shrugs his shoulders. Who knows, maybe the CIA or The FBI or even the government could be involved.)

(I cross my arms. Why would the CIA or FBI be after you?)
(The professor reaches up and yanks what little hair he has left on the head and starts to pace back and forward. Because I’ve got something for the ages that I know they’ll definitely try to get there dirty hands on.)

(I uncross my arms and walk over to the couch and sit. Well are you going to tell me what it is?)

(The professor looks at me, then starts franticly looking around the room)

(Umm did I say something wrong?)

(The professor shakes his head. No-no it’s not you. I just thought there might be cameras or listening devices somewhere)

Quick Note: dialogue options

(Why the heck would any of that be in my house?)

(The professor nods. Yea you might be right on that. Suddenly the professor hurries over into the kitchen)

(Mark over here quickly)

(I rise from the couch and enter the kitchen were the professor was now turning the nob on the sink and letting the water run on high)

(Professor, what are you doing that for?)

(Just in case. I’m not taking any risk)

(Would you please just explain already what’s going on?)

(The professor walks up to me with the water still running and talks in a low voice. Low enough so that I can hear him above the water)

(Remember in class what I talked about last Tuesday mark?)

(I try to remember but my tired brain doesn’t recognize. Sorry I don’t recall)

(The professor reaches out, grabs my shoulders and shakes me a bit. Come on, yes you do. Just think really hard for a moment.)

(I try to think again and this time something crosses my mind. Well as I recall you did mention time and space)

(The professor blurts out an excited yes! then quickly covers his mouth.)

(Ok so what does that have to do with anything?)

(The professor flops his hands up and down and a fast pace. It means everything! Time is of the essences space is where we must go were time never ends)

(Ok you lost me after time is of the essences)

(The professor holds his hand in my face and forms a L. don’t you see my boy! I’ve figured out how to control time itself)

(I cross my arms once again. What!?)

(The professor grabs his short hair and looks up at the ceiling. Ugh I knew you wouldn’t believe me!)

(I turn to the sink and turn off the water. Well it’s not that I don’t believe you professor, but u got to admit it doesn’t sound a bid farfetched)

(The professor sighs deeply. Yes unfortunately it does sound a bit sketchy at first, but I tell you the truth I swear to lady luck)

(Well, when did you realize you had this ability?)

(The professor smiles and holds up one finger. All in good time my student. Now then, we must be off!)

(Off? Of were?)

(The professor raises one eyebrow. Why Mark Anthony have you already forgotten what we just talked about? We’re heading to the university to see the time machine)

(The time machine? What the heck! What time machine?)

(The professor chuckles as he walks over to the closet near the front door and leans against it with his arms crossed. Just hurry up and get dressed and all questions will be answered soon.)

Quick Note: to move character use joystick. To sprint press and hold R2. Also you have the option to turn off the living room light

Quick Note: you have the option of roaming in the living room for a while and interact with things and even enter the kitchen. However once you approach the professor next to the front door, a cut scene will show and the story will continue. I choose to approach the professor

(I walk up to the professor scratching the back of my head. So umm am I the only student who’s going to see the time machine?)

(Of course not silly, I’ve already called up the rest of the class and they’ll meet us there)

(Wait everyone already knows?)

(Well not quite. I only told them to meet me at the university but since you’re my favorite student I wanted you to be the first to hear about it straight from the horse’s mouth)

(Straight from the what?)

(From the horse’s – oh never mind just hurry up and get dress)

(I shrug my shoulders and start up the stairs then pause and turn back around. Wait what about Jennifer did you tell her?)

(The professor places his index finger and thumb to his chin. Hum who was she again?)

(She’s your student my class mate and my girlfriend)

(Oh! Jennifer miles. Uh no I don’t think I called her)

(Umm ok well I’ll call her then)

Quick Note: you can choose to wear your pajamas or walk over to the closet in your room and pick from a small amount of clothing choices. Also if you wear pajamas rather than cloths your cut scene will differ than if you choose to wear clothing. I choose to wear pajamas

(I reenter into my bed room and pick up my cellphone. After dialing I can hear a low groaning voice on the other end)

(Hey babe did you need something?)

(Look I’m sorry to wake u up babe but I got some news for you)

(I’m listening)

(The professor wants us to go to the university right now)

(The groaning ceases as the voice becomes clearer. What? Why in the world does he want us to--?)

(I know this sounds crazy babe but trust me; he said it’s for extra credit.)

(Yawn. Well alright then I’ll get dress)

(Ok, I’ll come pick you up)

(K I’ll be outside)

(Alright then I love you)

(Love you more….. bye)


(I hang up the phone and head back down stairs. So do you want me to drive and meet you there?)

(Heavens no, we don’t have time for that. You ride with me. The professor opens the door and follows me over to his jeep)

(Say why you don’t drive. I’m a bit too anxious and my hands are still shaking really bad. The professor hands me the keys)

Quick Note: you will not be able to drive the jeep because as soon as you head back down stairs you will be back into a cut scene till you reach the University of Indiana

(I get into the jeep with the professor, turn on the ignition and take off down the road. Wow your jeep has great acceleration)

(The professor laughs then looks at my pajamas. Say ah are you going to be ok with wearing that?)

(Its ok I don’t mind)

(The professor shrugs whatever you want)
(I look over at the professor. By the way, I’m going to stop over and pick up Jennifer if that’s ok?)

(The professor slowly nods. Well it might slow us down a bit, but ah what the heck. Next stop Jennifer’s place!)

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