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xxxxxName Allister Takame
xxxxxHeight 6'2"
xxxxxWeight 185lbs
xxxxxReiatsu Color Navy Blue

Besides what is seen in the picture below, Allister has a tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo is the japanese kanji for Light, which is: 光. He has this tattoo to pay respect to his Zanpakuto spirit, Raito. Allister is also right-handed so his Zanpakuto will be hanging from his left side. Most of the time when Allister attacks with his Zanpakuto, he holds the sheath in his hand. He doesn't do it for any type of advantage, he just does it because it is a kind of reflex. Allister also has a pair of navy blue and black fingerless gloves with the number 15 on both gloves. He wears the gloves to better grip his Zanpakuto.

xxxxxPersonality Calm, cool, and collected. Allister is always observant. He's a bit anti-social. He trains vigorously and focuses on improving not only his physicality but his mind as well. In combat, Allister is patient and studies the battlefield and his opponent before attacking. With this way of fighting, he decreases the chance of errors and increases his attack precision.
xxxxxBiography As a kid, Allister always was observant of everything and everyone around him. He was taught by his parents to think before he acts when it comes to life. At an early point in his life, Allister needed to learn patience and needed to find ways to increase focus and decrease distractions in his life in order to gain success in life. With this early stress on perfection, he never really had a childhood, and he always had this built up anger from the lack of fun he had as a child. He has Raito as a Zanpakuto spirit because he needed someone who can watch over him, checks him when his anger gets the best of him, and be his true first friend..

Optional Information_______________________________
-Allister loves music because it helps him calm down and focus.
-The number 15
-The color blue
-When it rains
-Night Time
- Summer
- Hollows
xxxxxGoals To become powerful and travel the world in an attempt to gain knowledge and power through any means necessary.
xxxxxOther [Write Here]

xxxxxSquad [Write Here]
xxxxxRank [Write Here]
xxxxxSquad Ability [Write Here]

xxxxxZanpakutou Name Raito
xxxxxZanpakutou Spirit Personality Raito is calm and poised. When called upon, he distills wisdom to Allister and helps calm him if he gets overly angered. Raito is very protective of Allister because he respects Allister's drive and him as a person. He helps focus Allister when it comes to fighting, which makes him the best partner and Zanpakuto spirit that Allister could ask for.
xxxxxZanpakutou Spirit Apperance

Raito looks exactly how he is pictured below. He stands about 6'5" tall and he is initially scary to look at. He has a baby blue color on his clothes and as an aura.

xxxxxSealed Appearance

xxxxxState Stand-Alone
xxxxxRelease Phrase "Strike!"
xxxxxPhysical Change The regular-sized katana sword transforms into a big scythe with an elegantly carved shaft and the scythe is as tall as the wielder.
xxxxxInstant Effect When the Zanpakuto is released, a flash of lightning is released.

xxxxxShikai Power Increased Focus: With this power, the wielder gains increased focus that lasts about 4-5 posts before it needs to cool down for 2 posts. During the same 4-5 post window, the increased focus allows the wielder to strike with inhuman precision.

Kido Attack Reflection: As Raito is being unsealed, it instantly gains the ability to reflect kido attacks for 1 1/2 posts.

xxxxx→ Black blue gloves with the number 15 on them.
xxxxx→ Backpack filled with snacks, water, and change of clothes.
xxxxx→ A blue jacket

xxxxx 20% 1. Shō (Thrust)
xxxxx 35% 2. Beniikazuchi (Crimson Thunder)
xxxxx 50% 3. Kuukuu no Akuryoku (Grip of the Void)
xxxxx 50% 4. Byakurai (White Lightning)
xxxxx 50% 8. Kutsuunomaru (Circle of Pain)
xxxxx 50% 11. Tsuzuri Raiden
xxxxx 50% 12. Fushibi (Ambush Flare)

xxxxx 20% 1. Sai (Restrain)
xxxxx 35% 2. Kabe (Wall)
xxxxx 35% 4. Hainawa (Crawling Rope)
xxxxx 50% 8. Seal of Patience
xxxxx 50% 9. Geki (Strike)
xxxxx 30% 12. Tundras Coat
xxxxx 50% 13. Earthern Maw
xxxxx 50% 16. Ryuusa (Quicksand)
xxxxx 50% 48. Shimmering Mirror

xxxxx 50% 3. Blue Mist

xxxxx Dashing
xxxxx Air Walk

Health Bar:

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