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William Klein
Hi, my name is William Klein

I'm 11 years old.

My birthday is December 26th (Capricorn)

My dream job is Auror or Headmaster of Hogwarts

This is my First Year year here at Hogwarts.

The house I'm in is (we will announce when sorting is open. When it is not open, leave this alone)

I'm currently with No one

People say that, in a nutshell, I'm Very open minded and can hold a conversation. I love information, being in the company of the knowledgeable, and don't associate myself with those who take their education for granted. Anyone I feel isn't intelligent won't get too many words from me. Though I don't consider myself stuck up or stubborn.

I enjoy Dueling, Reading, Learning, Using magic, and Exploring

I despise Secrets I don't know, Stupidity, limits on my knowledge, bad grades, and physical sports

I'm afraid of Drowning(can't swim) and not being able to protect others

My strengths are Outstanding Memory and Performing Spells

My flaws are Overconfident and Over thinking situations

My wand is a 11 inch,Spruce , with Sphinx Hair

Oh yes, there's something else I need to tell you! I want to be a Legilmens

Future Electives: Curse breaking, Wizard Law, Wand-less Magic, Ghost and Ghoul Studies, Healing Class, Ancient Studies

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