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Kitsuhana Hamika
Song: Soul Captors
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

Bottled emotions, they leak out.
You force me to go through the motions,
Unconcerned for what I care about.
You try to drive me like a sailboat,
As you use my vessel without a care.
How can you even be moved by the words that I've wrote?
I just want the lot of you out of my hair.
I want the lot of you to leave me alone.
Stick around, and only my strength will be grown.
Stick around, and you'll reap what you've sewn.
I'm not a slave, and you don't own me.
Treating me this way, isn't your deathright.
I crave, and I crave to be free;
But, you stay, every day, and every night.
You just linger on, when I want you gone.
You attack me when I complain.
You attack me when I simply be true to me.
You attack me when I say I disdain.
You attack me when I say love is the key.
You attack me...
Because I cannot see.
It's an unfair footing that you use,
It's a power that you take advantage of.
All I've known from you is abuse,
Even when it's claimed an act of love.
You try to tear me down into ruin,
And you seek to make me sin.
But, I'm not going to fall.
I'll always rise above.
You're no different from those before.
You only make me committed to the core.
I'll not be beaten by this,
No matter how much you roar, and you hiss.
No matter how much you laugh, and you jeer;
Or, how much you poke, and you prod,
I'll not succumb to fear,
And my soul will not become flawed.
You'll never lower me to your level,
And you'll never destroy me.
You're just a sorry fool,
With eyes shut, who cannot see.
And, what's saddest of all,
Is that I could save you,
I could save you one, and all;
And, you know that it's true.
But, this is what you do instead.
You continuously mess with my head,
And try to break my heart.
You don't want my love.
Respect, you don't desire.
You've chosen your part.
And, the role you've chosen is that of a captor.
Just a Kleptocrat playing Sire,
You use, and abuse this Queen,
Without a trace of actual love.
You hold me down, when I could rise.
You hold me back, when I could lead.
And, every good deed that I do you demonise.
And, my threats, and promises, you don't heed.
You've no respect for other souls.
You're just out to acheive your goals,
Whatever they even be.
Taking advantage of my inability to see,
But someday death will set me free;
And, you'll be in trouble then,
Because you discard your potential to sin.
You lower yourself to that level.
You avoid the path out of fear,
And I'm making it clear.
This is something that you don't want to hear.
But, you can't escape destiny,
Karmic retribution there will be.
Someday, I'll be free, and I'll see.
And, you'll be sorry.
For having lacked sympathy.
For having lacked empathy.
Right your ways, or there'll be no sympathy from me.

Song: Don't Leave Us Here
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

I pray, and I pray to be free of this society, this civilization lost, filled with almost not but cave trolls. I crave for freedom. I yearn for rescue. With my whole heart through... I need a new nation to call my home. Somewhere safe, and free, where I may be true to myself without fear, or hesitation to assess the dangers in simply being myself. I'm unwelcome among cave trolls. I need to escape this place... And, leave not a trace, or they might follow to spread their corruption there.
Somewhere in the world, there must be such a place. Somewhere out there... There's a home with my name on it.
How long before I must race to freedom? How long before... The truth is unfurled? How long before they try to take me to the camps? How long before the full, and proper Holocaust? How long have I got? Crank up the amps, so my screams might be heard! There's a Holocaust coming in the civilization lost! And, my life's in danger. Please, save me. Please, steal me away. Please, don't leave it be. Please, don't let it be this way.
I fear for my life in this NAZI nation. And, I live on hope, and promises from the gods. I live on hope, and prayers. Hear me now, my brothers, and sisters, and I need salvation. Please, answer our prayers. Let our hope not be in vein. Please, just help us out. How long before the world figures it out? Our lives are in danger.
Crank up the amps, so my screams can be heard! I need to get out of this place! I need to fly away like a bird to safety, to greener pastures, and warmer climates. Please, see this face in need. And, please, hear these cried out words! Please, don't leave us hanging, or it'll be a hanging in the noose.
Please, don't allow this abuse.
I pray, and I pray to be free of this place.
If it goes unanswered, it's the gas chambers I face.
It's the gas chambers that I face...
Please, help me get out of this place.
Where's my railroad? What about me? What about today? The time does abode. Signs everywhere say what will be. Please, don't say this is okay. Please, don't look the other way. We're in danger.
Not but our blood will feed their hunger.
Please, don't leave us in this place.
Please, don't leave us in the United States.
Please, don't leave us here, in this world of fear, and in danger.

Song: The Princess Waits
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

All my life, I've been in waiting, for my Prince Charming. The man who'll be a man for me, instead of bowing to the rest. To protect, and provide, and to save me. How much simpler could it be? But, all I see is cowards, who've yet to grow up. I'm a woman. And, I need a man. Not a little boy, but a man. To protect, and provide, and to save me. Like a man aught to, like a man would. A man who'd do everything that he could, to fulfill his role in marriage. All of my life, I'll wait to be his wife, if need to be. None other will have me. But, the one with whom there will be mutual love, my gift from above, who fulfills his role. A man does not leave a woman hanging. He doesn't leave her out to the wolves. The way this world is changing, it's going to the wolves. And, every good woman deserves a good man, who'll keep the wolves at bay. I hold out, hoping to meet him some day. I hold on to all my worth as a woman, saving myself for him. Despite all of the wolves out to take a bite. I'll not be devoured. Because I'm not a coward. Unlike these boys we pretend are men. It goes on, and on like this. When will it be my time, to know Heavenly bliss, in his arms? Prince Charming, please, come, even though it be late. I know that you're worth the wait. Please, come, and be my hero, friend, and lover. Please, come, and be my husband. I wait, and I wait, please, come, even though you're late. On, and on... May my prayers be answered. May they be heard. May they be answered. I'm waiting for you. Please, come, despite that you're late. Please, come, and be my hero, friend, and lover. Please, just come, though I be in the tower, surrounded by wolves. Please, come, and save me. The Princess in the tower, in the land of wolves... Waits for the deserving Prince who doesn't cower. Come, and save me, so together we can be.

Song: Do We Have A Deal?
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

Love me, and I will love you. Respect me, and I will respect you. Do we have a deal? Let it in, and my love may you feel, if you're deserving! So, are you concurring, with this deal? Let it in, and love will you feel.

Do you love me? Do you respect me? Do you wish me well? If I tell you that I do for you? Will this ever be? Ring the bell, if it's true. Is it so, or is it no? Will I ever know your love?

I seek it with all of my heart. And I know many think it desperate of me, but I cannot quell this yearning. I wish to make your emotions start. I wish a mutual understanding could be. I wish we could be friends. Aren't I deserving? I know I am. The question is will you love me? Will you respect me? Giving this to you, I already am. Please, return my love.

Let's be friends, you, and I. But, if you can't handle this, then let's say goodbye. Because it will only hurt me if you don't care. And, I deserve better than to suffer alone. I deserve what's fair. So, please tell me, has it grown? Is my love mutual, or a waste of my heart? Are you going to play the part? Do we have a deal?

Do we have a deal?

Do we... Have a deal?

Is this the end, or have I made a friend?

Please, let it stir. Please, concur.
Please, don't be heartless.
Don't let this opportunity be a miss.

I love you, I respect you. I want to be your friend.
But, there's nothing I can do, if it's not in you, too. And, it'll be the end.
Please, just say you'll be my friend.
But, don't say it if it isn't true.
Please, whatever you do...
Let us be in peace.
If it's the end, peace be with you.
I'll carry on my own way.
And, tomorrow will be a better day.
Tomorrow, will be a better day.
With, or without you.

Song: Know Joy
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

We will win, because to side against us, is to suffer.
While all souls desire love, and happiness.
Show them the light, and give forgiveness,
To the souls who come to concur.
Invite them to peace, and love,
Which doesn't come from above.
Seek love, and joy, and it is yours.
Disgard massochism, and return to the course.
Follow the path, and you'll always be strong.
The path of rightfullness, the path of the light.
So, from this dawn, to the next night,
Know joy that you've done no wrong.

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