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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Song Collection: Be Strong, I love You
Fight For It
"Fight for me, fight for me,
When my honor is questioned"

The Light Shines
"When all seems lost, eventually it picks up
Hold on, and the darkness dissipates"

The Crux Of Leadership
"Believe in me, keep me strong
When everything's going wrong, have faith in my leadership"

Don\'t Hold Back
"If I have difficulty speaking, don't think little of me
If you tower above me, please don't step on me"

Dearest Pieszka
"My little Pieszka, may you dream sweetly
May you envision things sightly,"

King Of Dreams
"I know you're out there somewhere,
And surely you're longing for me, too"

Come Hither
"There's a red chord inbetween
Upon it we pull and we tug"

"You think you're crying into an abyss,
But there's those of us who hear you"

Right To Choose
"Here we were enjoying our time together,
And they turn up eager to take you away"

Above This
"I'm not what you say
I'm so smart you can't understand it"

"I long for you, I long for your touch
Waiting all of eternity it seems"

Fading Goodnight
"Starry skies above, masked by a veil,
Becoming sweet diamonds in the rough..."

Storm Gods
"Rain, rain, come and play,
Come and play all day-ay."

All That You Do
"May the gods watch over you,
May they love you in all that you do."

Living Passion
"When you suffer in strife,
Remember the beauty of life."

We Are Us
"Because I love you,
I wish that you loved yourself, too."

To Follow The Stream
"All that you taught me was wrong.
And, now I know, I don't belong."

Be, Or Envy
"Reaching for the stars, longing for the Heavens,
Always raising the bars, climbing over all of the sins."

"You have so much potential,
Young friend, my little brother."

"We wander all over the world,
Since the tragedies that unfurled."

We Rise
"I know how hard you tried to tear us down,
But from this generation on, we rise again."

"I was wrong to be arrogant.
I didn't realize what it meant."

Be A Freak
"It's not that we change, it's that we mature.
And, sometimes being strange is precisely the cure."

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