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Dear die-ary, I seem to be dead...
Clover (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
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** image by Vergil Meritz-Bright **

Name: Clover *last name undecided*
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height / Weight: 5'3 , 110 lbs
Hair Color / Eye Color: Dark Brown , Hazel
Sexuality: Demisexual & Demiromantic

Home Town: Ula' ula Island (Exact Location Unknown)
Occupation: Grass Breeder

Personality: Clover has always been driven as a Pokemon Breeder in Alola preferring for things to go her way or no way at all. A bit awkward around others she tends to get flustered easily and thus tries to distance herself from other people.

While she is not a cruel natured person she can be a bit intimidating to strangers due to her yell first, be gentle later personality. However around those who she is close with Clover becomes very protective and motherly. She genuinely hates seeing people or Pokemon suffer.

Bio: Life on Ula' ula Island was never exactly an easy one. Clover was born in the Kanto region before her parents moved to the Alola region to start a life as breeders. Most of her childhood was spent either at the Pokemon School studying or at home learning the ways of a breeder. It wasn't until the age of thirteen that her parents gave Clover her very first egg.

What hatched from it was a Fomantis, her very first Pokemon and hers alone to raise. The two quickly became bonded Clover made the decision to specialize in grass types.

The next five years were trying for Clover when it came to breeding. The girl worked hard to become a skilled breeder and when she finally began getting recognition she was approached by a strange woman asking for her help in conserving Pokemon and if she could contribute to the cause.

Eager to assist Clover offered up as much information she could about specific species, their diets, habitats and anything else that was requested. Over the course of a year and a half she had gained much knowledge and spotlight for her work with this organization before her connections were cut.

With nothing else to do Clover went back to breeding grass types.

Lurantis (Main Pokemon),Bounsweet , Morelull, & Vileplume

Full Outfit: Click!

** If you really adore me you'd draw her with Guzma and not question my tastes**

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