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Dear die-ary, I seem to be dead...
Aya Mori
Name: Aya Mori
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: Half Japanese & British
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Series: Fate/Zero
Crush(es) : (One sided) Ryuunosuke Uryuu
Abilities: None
Aya was born to two proud parents, her father was a member of the British army who was flown over to Fuyuki City to help protect some important people when he met her mother. The two fell in love and within a year Aya was born. Her father remained in Fuyuki City for two years being deployed back home leaving Aya and her mother to be on their own. Seeing her father leave had a profound impact on Aya who at the time was rather attached to her father, he occasionally would call the girl to see how she was fairing with her mother but after 10 years the calls suddenly and abruptly stopped.

From a young age Ayas’ mother knew something was wrong with her daughter, the girl seemed to lack empathy for other children and people in general as well as a short lived pet hamster who the girl squeezed too hard. It also became apparent that Aya suffered from a lot of frustration that would bottle up with time and her mother chalked it up to her fathers' sudden lack of communication. Aya began to disappear after school into the back alleys behind buildings, her mother was horrified to find the child had taken to a group of older children who had given Aya her first taste of power with a wooden board and a stray dog. Dogs were simple targets, there were plenty of strays in the neighborhood and they were easy enough to take down and this in itself was a great release of pent up anger. The fact that dogs practice loyalty to their owners was something consistent infuriated the young girl, such loyalty in her mind was lost when her father vanished. They were supposed to be happy together as family but Aya figured out a way to be happy on her own.

Aya didn’t understand her mothers’ frustrations or why she had to begin therapy, to her the activity that she had chosen was perfectly acceptable despite what her mother said. When she was asked why she did it the girl could only shrug and told them ‘I was bored’ or that ‘It seemed fun’ with complete sincerity. Of course the brunette would never say that she enjoyed it, even she seemed to know admitting that she enjoyed killing would put her under close watch. She truly never understood what exactly was wrong with what she had been doing despite her mother telling her repeatedly. Eventually hearing she was wrong constantly broke Ayas' self confidence. Maybe she was wrong, maybe had screwed up. No! She was happy and there was nothing wrong with that. In a fit of anger the girl slammed the door to their home running out to find another mutt or something she could take her rage out on. Venturing into her favorite alley way the girl was shocked to find the board she had used in prior months gone but a discarded baseball bat had been left in its' place. A few experimental swings later confirmed it to be a much more reliable tool than an easily broken board. Taking to the streets with a new object in hand when Aya finally returned home her mother stared at the girl, asking her where she had gotten the bat. The young girl only smiled and lied, she had found a friend who liked baseball, this was fun. Despite knowing her daughter was lying Ayas' mother took her excuse and kept an eye on the girl regardless. Something had calmed the angry storm in the girl since finding that bat or at least had satisfied her need for something consistent. Her mother wasn't someone she readily liked either, she challenged her, stood in her way of releasing her angers and opposed her insisting that her behavior wasn't normal. Aya didn't want to hear the truth. With the bat there was a sturdy object, something that didn't break under her command, it didn't or couldn't oppose her actions. What symbolized to some a fun summer in the ballpark to her symbolized almost a friend, something that didn't judge her and indulged her interests without questioning them.

In high school Aya bloomed in a more socially acceptable young woman getting good marks in school and being respected amongst her peers. Around this time also, with something to confine her emotions to, a rather morbid hobby Aya had a chance to explore other sides of herself. She discovered quickly by talking to other girls and reading magazines that she liked the concept of lolita fashion and with some help from her mother and a part time job working at a little cafe as a waitress she built up a small but varied wardrobe. The sudden change from plain, basic uniform colors to something bubbly and peppy drew people to her like a moth to a candle and Aya savored the attention she got from new friends. She became known for wearing a strawberry hair clip almost everyday, a piece she had bought after working at the cafe where strawberry bubble tea was served. She had started enjoying the drink with friends and coworkers there when she first started and developed a taste for the actual fruit. It was cute and red, one of her favorite colors so naturally she was drawn to it from the start.

However Ayas’ moment of acceptance only lasted two years when she backed another girl into a wall in the school bathroom beating her until her nose broke and kicking her until bruises formed. The girl simply snapped, she had no time for her one consistent 'friend' and hobby no more and thus no outlet for her stress. It was a fall back into her dangerous game and Aya seized it with the sight of another person bleeding and broken by her hands alone. The sight made her giggle and the bloodied girl immediately panicked with good reason. This was more exciting than killing strays or other animals that crossed her path, people fought back a lot more and while she didn't kill the girl it had opened up a world of possibilities within her mind that Aya was dying to try. However she didn't want to give up her newly found confidence she gained with friends, this breaking into a new area of her hobby could rip that away. Warning the girl not to tell she found herself reported anyway, the school only warranted her with a couple weeks of suspension, Aya knew what to expect the moment she would walk back into those doors. There was no reason to try and deny it, that consistency of a large group of friends who would adore her had vanished into the night. Virtually the only thing she had to rely on now was her baseball bat and her hobby. It wasn't going to leave her, her hobby would bring her comfort. She would just have to stick it out the rest of her school life and career at the cafe which also ended shortly after word spread.

Now mostly abandoned by the friends she had before out of fear a younger student tried to befriend the girl having heard exactly what she did. Aya regarded him at first as odd, a bit distant but at the least interesting. After all he came to her knowing what she had done, whether or not he was doing this out of genuine interest in her Aya wasn't certain of. The male seemed to understand Aya, finding the killing of the stray amusing, a chuckle escaping him as he began to preach about how God was pleased her demonstration and how he enjoyed the violent side of life. When Aya then asked if God would approve of her killing people the male became suddenly very excited telling her that he would adore her villainous displays for him! After all even God has a cruel side. Eyes lit up at his words, this fellow student actually believed that her hobby wasn't bad, he actually didn't mind at all and the pair progressed into actually visiting each other after school, he wanted to know more and more about what she was capable of. Ayas' mother never knew what they talked about, just that Aya seemed to have a boyfriend despite her denying the claim. He only liked her hobby, that was it. They were friends, he wouldn't go for a girl like her especially when in her mind he was attractive. Perhaps he already liked someone else anyways. The thought actually was quite distressing to Aya and whenever they would communicate in the halls at school or out somewhere the girl would become suspicious of other girls and ask him if he could kill anyone in the school who he would. The male smiled and said just about any girl. When she asked if she was included the boy laughed and only remarked saying she was too interesting to kill. Besides they'd probably end up killing each other if one turned on the other. Somehow Aya took this as an implied crush and was satisfied however she would still worry about the other girls since she was too unsure to actually ask the boy if he really liked her. The two stayed close friends until she graduated and didn’t hear from the boy again much to her despair, he had became something of a bright light in her otherwise misunderstood warped world view. He was a real friend, perhaps meaning more to her than the bat in her room. He accepted what she did and had an interest in it himself. That alone made him valuable to her. In her usual fashion she started killing again, this time women and more brutally. It was the transition finally from animal to human, the start of a new era for her.

A few years later as luck would have it when Aya was returning home to her mother an orange haired, slight bloodied male appeared in her sight, the two blinking in sheer shock. It took her a minute to recognize her friend but Ryuunosuke seemed confused, perhaps he had forgotten about her? After Aya realized what he did she didn’t freak out but instead began to talk to her old friend excitedly, not seeing him as murderer but as a role model. Nothing had changed about him in her eyes especially her adoration of the male. Seeing an opportunity in this the serial killer was willing to play along and let her idolize him, he never truly considered himself to be attracted to the girl but rather used her as a tool to lure in children and other women easily because of her initial sweet charm and bubbly personality. Reunited the pair spent a year together even going so far as to help Aya move out of her mothers' home to a cheap apartment. One day Ryuunosuke said he found something interesting in his parents' home, a book of sorts. Excitedly Aya insisted on helping him with his work but the male pushed her aside, saying it would be safer for them to work alone. Aya trusted his judgement, the male had never steered her wrong before and let him do as he pleased though she kept an eye on him via the news station. When word of his death reached her Aya lost it, she lost her friend. The one human who she knew so well. Determined to make tribute she went on a horrible, long murder streak being sloppy in her actions. Eventually during one murder her impatience got the better of her, she began to yell, saying that Ryuunosuke would want her to make this murder the best of them all. A man had been waiting at the top of the stairs and the moment her back was turned he fired a clean shot to head. Her death was instant, sudden. Ultimately Aya died because of her carelessness, her last thoughts a rush of panic and grief over the man she adored.

Aya is in general a pretty bubbly, friendly young woman who tends to be extremely naive believing a lot of what people tell her. She tends to idolize people she believes are interesting and aims to please them however she can. She reacts very spur of the moment, being very emotional when something big happens and as a result can come off a bit sloppy. Slow to jokes she often feels stupid despite being very street wise and fairly intelligent. Lacking empathy and any real morals she doesn’t understand when she’s hurting someone, even screams of pain and sobs to her make no sense. In her killing career she becomes increasingly more destructive towards to her victims over time apparently taking sheer delight in causing them pain and fear. The better a reaction she an get out of them while enjoying her sick kick the more excited she becomes.

She could be effectively summed up as someone who is prone to violence without a love interest. Despite having a crush (Or an intense idolization of him) on Ryuunosuke her violence isn’t necessarily directed at others who would find him attractive. She does appear to have an inferiority complex around other females despite being fairly attractive herself which might explain why many of her victims have been females she befriends then later turns on.

It is also clear that she suffers from abandonment issues. When her father left her the initial time to return to Britain Aya clearly was distressed but the calls gave her assurance and made her feel like he was still a part of her life despite not seeing him in real life. When he vanished this produced a void and to Aya it was extremely stressful not to have him there. She enjoys consistency in the things she does liking the predictable pattern as it covers over many of her shortcomings such as feeling stupid a lot and as result being seen as such. It increases her self confidence which Aya seems to suffer from a lack of. Unsure and uncertain about herself Aya seems to internalize a lot of her struggles until she bubbles over using murder as a release. To her it is a form of dominance and a hobby, something she does because she enjoys the outcome.

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