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Dear die-ary, I seem to be dead...
Gardenia (FE13 oc)

Name:: Gardenia
Name Meaning/Origin:: Flower / English
Age:: 20
Birthdate:: 6/30
Zodiac Sign:: Cancer
Gender:: Female
Sexuality:: Heterosexual , Biromantic
Height & Weight:: 5'3, 123 lbs
Eye color & Hair color/Style:: Light Brown , Auburn and long with bangs
Skintone:: Pale but lightly tanned

Birthplace:: Ylisse
Alliance:: Neutral Good

Character Class:: (Starting) Cleric & (Final) War Cleric
Weapons:: Restore Staff, Rescue Staff, Silver Axe & Glass Axe
Abilities:: Miracle & Rally Luck

Back Story:: Gardenia is a young woman who was raised with a highly religious family and turned to the church at a young age. Her mother urged the girl into the Clergy and Gardenia trained to be a cleric with Libra and the others. She was originally discouraged from following the others due to a lack of training when word of Emmeryns' execution reached them but followed suit promising she could be of help. When the Grimleal attacked Gardenia was one of the first to be hit and be knocked out for the entirety of the fight.

Mistaken for dead thanks to her Miracle ability when she awoke the Cleric began to continue her trek through Plegia desperately seeking out any of her fellow Clergy members. By the time she found Chroms' army Libra had already joined and was shocked to see the young Cleric ragged and exhausted before him having mistaken her for dead. (She is recruited into Chroms' ranks just before the 12th chapter in Awakening.)

After her recruitment due to being a rather weak war cleric Robin spoke with Chrom who decided the best the course of action would be to pair her with a magic user who could protect her better at a farther range from the heat of battle. Around this time Henry also found himself recruited and Robin saw a great opportunity. While Henry seemed indifferent about Gardenia at first the two worked together well and found themselves growing closer every day.

Their relationship started out simple as Gardenia simply being over attentive to the dark mages' injuries and insistent that he allowed her to care for them which quickly lead to them talking during treatments. While Gardenia like many others realized Henry wore a fake smile she chose not to pursue questioning him about it but instead showed an interest in his odd magic which Henry allowed her observe warning her that some of it was rather scary. Eventually Henry found that Gardenia seemed to love the crows who followed him and was tending to them when he wasn't around, this strengthened their bond tremendously and Henry slowly began to open up about his life prior to Chroms' army.

The more Gardenia learned the more she began to understand Henry and this building trust allowed for better results in battle. Henry seemed to sustain less serious injuries and Gardenia became much stronger. However the two constantly seemed to be only paying attention to each other which resulted in Gardenia taking heavy damage from a strong foe much to his sheer terror. The dark mage fled from the battle immediately carrying Gardenia with him to find a cleric. As soon as the war cleric had been revived and was alright the first sight she was greeted to was a worn out dark mage sleeping quietly against her. Gardenia had been so exhausted after the initial healing she had fallen asleep and Henry was unwilling to part from her side.

The next night Henry seemed far more attentive to the war cleric even though it was a time to rest he seemed to fidget a little around her. Gardenia would soon find out by following him into the fields with the crows that only a single crow was around and it flew down delivering a rather...Sinister looking ring into her hand. Grimacing a little at first Henry laughed and explained that no, it wasn't actually cursed but he had been holding onto the ring for a while since he found it after a battle. Gardenia went to scold him but was cut off by his sudden proposal. Naturally she accepted it but asked for a more suitable ring at their wedding. Henry would not disappoint.

Personality:: Gardenia despite being raised in a heavily religious family and a part of the Clergy isn't as rigid or devout as her fellow Clergy members. While she believes in their teachings she has a tendency to neglect or forget her duties much to the others' dismay. A day dreamer she often has her head in the clouds and is easily frightened being startled when being approached by others. She speaks softly and tries not to raise her voice often to others. Despite being soft spoken she is not afraid to speak up if she feels something is wrong. Gardenia is noted as being extremely obedient to orders given to her and will fulfill them in a timely.

Patient and kind hearted Gardenia tends to be a motherly figure who sympathizes with others well. A romantic at heart she makes an excellent and devoted wife/mother though motherhood makes her a more nervous and fretting person. She is easily to fluster and not afraid to display affection as long as she feels it is mutual to both parties. She adores animals (Especially birds) and hates to see anything die.

Likes:: Animals, Sunsets, Helping others, Magic, Learning new things & Her Clergy members
Dislikes:: Animals Dying, Disobedience & Violence without warrant

S Rank Partner/Crush:: Henry


Left Or Right Handed:: Left Handed
MBTI type:: ISFJ
Scent:: typically warm scents like vanilla or caramel
Favorite Foods/Drinks::Strawberries, Peaches, Pumpkin Dishes & Most Soups / Black Tea with honey, Chamomile Tea & Most Sweet Drinks
Favorite Colors:: Soft Pinks, Cream, Light Brown & Antique Gold
Favorite Scents:: Cinnamon, Burning Wood, Wild Flowers & Vanilla or Caramel
Favorite Season:: Spring
Hobbies:: Cooking, Sewing/Knitting, Gardening, Tending to Animals, Cleaning & Reading
Preferred Clothing Style:: Lacey, feminine, conservative & flowy
Religion:: Worships Naga like the rest of Ylisse

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