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boredest thing in the world
aaah, just a random collection of stories that i've written sort of "spur of the moment"
Nothing More Than a Nightmare
He sat on his window ledge watching the sun rise up above the horizon. Sighing, he ran a hand across his face, forgetting that blood was still on his fingertips. He flinched, then removed a small cloth from his coat pocket and wiped away the smears. Folding it back into a tight square, a knock came at his bedroom door. "May I come in?" a small voice asked. "Kaira, you are supposed to be asleep," he called. The door opened with a small click, and a young girl about five years of age peeked inside. "Brother, I had a bad dream," she whimpered. Kaira edged around the door and closed it, leaning backwards against it. She looked around at her brother's large collection of swords and daggers from across the globe, and she began to feel nervous. Her brother smiled warmly, putting the cloth he was holding into his pocket and opened his arms to her. She smiled and ran to him, folding herself into his warm arms. "Xoroi, will you listen to my dream?" He nodded, resting his chin on his little sister's head.

"I was in my bed, brushing my hair, and I looked in the mirror. My hair was turning a dark red and my eyes turned ice blue. I started to cry, and Nurse came in, and she screamed. She fell back when I tried to come near her, and I think she fainted because she didn't make any noise after that."

Kaira's eyes began to well up with tears.

"I came to her, and I couldn't stop myself. I reached for her throat and I t-tore it out, and blood went everywh-where. . . I got it all over my f-face and my hands, and then I leaned down and k-kissed her on the cheek. . . and I bit a chunk of s-skin off of Nurse's face. . . and I j-just stood there, smiling, and Nurse got up again b-but there was this weird hollow look in her eye. . .and then she c-came at me, swinging her arms l-like a great bear. . . and she had me in this horrible grip; I was s-suffocating but I was still smiling. . ."

Kaira was bawling at this point. Xoroi held her and rocked her until her sobs subsided.

"A-and then you came into my room with a sword and you started hacking at Nurse, but she wouldn't let go. . . But then you st-stabbed her in the head and she screamed like a m-monster and then started attacking you and I guess I went back to normal because I just crawled into bed and watched you two f-fight. . . and you and Nurse were just fighting and fighting, but then you cut off her left hand. . . And then she stopped, she just st-stood there in the middle of my room, bleeding all over the floor. . . and then she turned and smiled at me and said 'I love you Kaira' and then you cut off her head and she fell down, wr-writhing on the floor. . . and you started cleaning up the blood and threw the body over the railing. . .but you kept the head and left hand. . . and I just sat there, watching you. . ."

Kaira looked as though she was going to gag.

Xoroi held Kaira's head in his hands. Looking into her eyes, he said, "Kaira, dear, there's nothing to worry about. It was nothing more than a nightmare. A really horrible nightmare, dear. However, I'm very sorry to tell you that Nurse died of pneumonia last night. She won't be coming back anymore."

Kaira began crying again, but a wave of relief washed over her.

"Now," said Xoroi, "I suggest going down to breakfast, unless you want to sleep off that terrible dream."

Kaira nodded and walked back to her room. Crawling into bed though, she could have sworn she smelled a faint whiff of cleaner. . .

Xoroi watched Kaira leave his room, and as soon as she shut the door, he jumped off the railing and ran to a box in the corner of the room. He opened it, peering inside. A head and a left hand bubbled and sweltered, raising a mighty stink. The blood had come together in one corner of the box, and was making itself into the pattern of a Devil's Pentagon. Xoroi swore under his breath, then threw the box into the middle of the room. The contents hissed and sputtered. striking a match, he dropped it onto the box, and it burst into a brilliant purple flame. Xoroi exited the room, the fire burning the head and left hand behind him.

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