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Portfolio of the Weird
This is a place where I vent, dump sigs and place concepts.
The Nibby Book
Making history, one corned beef can at a time and because Z! is back.

This journal entry is dedicated to the clannies and Z! friends for inspiring me with their craziness, Kitteh Fluff (who also happens to be from the clan) since she needed a beddy-time story and Argentina Corned Beef for being my muse.

Chapter 1: Scaredy Cat

Once upon a time, Ren used scaredy cat on the stone coatl and it ran away from the face of the Zomg world. Ever since then, Zomgaians tried to find the massive creature at the Throne Room but their efforts ended in failure; rumors also spread that the coatl was scared away due to Ren's beauty, while some say it was bees; because of that, Ren has now been dubbed as the queen of the shadow realm and whoever messes with her goes there as well, just like that poor stone coatl.

Chapter 2: Yellow Maze Confessions

Nilla was a broken-hearted girl, all her crushes were taken-until one day, a small dragon joined the nibbies in conquering DMS after 999 rooms and 4 revives, Nilla realized that she was falling for the dragon, but decided to continue battling anyway. After the crew got dazed, they all woke up at the null chamber and Nilla confessed her love for the dragon, even though it happened to be a she. In the end, nothing happened since everyone fell asleep afterwards.


It was a fine day at Clan Chat, all the clannies were talking about Zomg, food, plushies and Tay's social life-when all of a sudden, Wnx arrived and flipped the nibby table. Rex then walked to the clan closet and got another table, the cycle of Wnx flipping and Rex fetching another table continued on for days and days until one day, Rex had enough of Wnx's table flipping shenanigans and told her "I'm tired of buying so many tables!" here, Syit appeared with a solution to the problem-he gave Wnx a mini-table factory so she doesn't have to flip the clan table anymore. Rex sighed in relief as he drank a can of beer at the clan table, and so the clannies got their table once again and Wnx flipped 1m more tables for the lulz.

Chapter 4: THE MOST IMPORTANT CHAPTER: The origin of Ren 2017 edition

Major thanks to Kitteh Fluff for adding the best parts! 8D her fixes are in italics.

How did Ren come to be? Let's find out!
Time for a ren-tastic story! 8o

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ren
she was a regular person, until she found a potion
she drank the potion
then she grew scales and claws and a tail!
and her horns D8
soon the girl became a Ren dragon 8o
One day she met corned beef
They got married, and had bee children!

and she lived happily ever after the end 8D


Hornet's Nest

Most DMS guides warn intrepid adventurers not to use this dreaded ring, lest they get mauled by the supernatural forces who guard the area.

Until one day, a crew of stupid I mean, professional adventurers have decided to explore the yellow maze of the Deadman's Shadow.

"GET READY DMS, THE NIBEE JIGGIN SIC CLAN IS GONNA GET YOU" (note, all dialogue here is author's interpretation only)
Styles shouted in all caps as the crew stepped towards the gaping entrance of the dungeon

"What the hell Styles, will you please stop spamming shout-and keep those puns to yourself" Wnx sighed exasperatedly before entering the maze.

Dream, Bob, Ren and Diva just nodded along and followed Wnx towards the many rooms of DMS.

After a few shadow orbs and rebuffs later, the AMAZING CREW has encountered a BIG DAWG!

*cue Snoop Dogg music in the background*

Our heroes were trying their best to fend off the huge dog, Bob used her Hot Foot ring.

"EAT FIRE SNOOP DAWG!!!!!" Bob laughed maniacally while she was setting the monster's foot on fire.

Diva then used her pink-haired Canadian charms to woo the dog, Ren continued to spam her attacks and Dream was sniping from the sidelines, ensuring that none of his companions would get hurt.

Wnx on the other hand, stood on the opposite side of the room-tanking hits and making sure that no one dies.

But wait kids, where is MOTHERUNCLE Styles, you ask? Well...


Styles then used up all his brooklyn rage to hit the monster with a hive...FULL OF BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

"OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWBOOOOOORKKkkk" The Big Dog cried out in pain as it's delicate skin was being pierced by a thousand little stingers and gnawed on with each mandible, injecting it with deadly bee venom.

Just before the Big Dog was about to meet its maker, a swarm of monsters then came along to help their dying comrade. Soon, the crew was surrounded by vampires and werewolves, draining them of stamina and health.

"DON'T WORRY NIBBEES, SUPERSTYLES will save you!" Styles yelled out as he continued to use bees on all the monsters.

Wnx just facepalmed in frustration "STYLES, I'M NOT DEFIBBING YOU WHEN YOU DIE" Little did the tank know that a vampire was looking at her, lovestruck, she then turned around her head and told him.

"I'm calling my hubby"

The vampire then died as Wnx said the word "hubby" when the monsters noticed that their vampire friend died, they died as well.

"I guess DMS monsters are weak to being friendzoned" Diva heaved a sigh of relief as her health was getting back to normal.

"Wait up, Wnx killed them instead of us? That's great!" Styles said as he pulled the girl into a hug.

"WTF Styles, I'm married and thanks, I wouldn't have killed them if it wasn't for your bees"

And so, the clan continued to raid DMS and died once they reached the green room. In the end, everyone was happy-Styles got to use his bees, Wnx didn't kill anyone in the crew, Dream was able to keep everyone safe, Ren had just witnessed the power of bees, Diva learned a lot about tanking and Bob, she was happy for killing everything with fire.

But then again, the monsters were all sad since they got friendzoned..oh well.


The picture that inspired us all, thank you Dreamscholar for making wonderful art about the clan biggrin

if you guys have wonderful stories to share, kindly pm me so I can feature them right here biggrin

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