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Don't Touchy this Diary!
This is a place where I vent, dump sigs and place concepts.
Cards Cards Cards 3
"So, you know how to play this game right? Or do I have to waste time teaching you about it?"

"No, I have been playing this game for quite some time already"

"Good, its because I don't waste my time with nooblets. Especially those who misuse the power of the Locksmith Deck"

The two girls played rock, paper, scissors to see who would go first for the turn.

"It seems that I'm second" Sooyoung grinned as she drew five cards from the deck. Inside, Sooyoung was glad-being second would give her time to read her opponent's strategy.

"Gosh, why do I feel that she's planning something? Maybe I should start setting up before she uses her guns" Seohyun then drew five cards, she then said "Begin turn!"

Seohyun drew another card and summoned Charmer Beast Hani and Mickey Knight on defense mode. She then laid down a trap card beneath her monsters.

"Not bad, you know your cards well-but I won't let you win easily!" Sooyoung then summoned Lockbeast Ginger and equipped Rapidfire Dookong on the monster.

"Go Ginger! Show her the power of Taeny's love!!!" There, Sooyoung's eyes widened as she saw Seohyun activating a trap card.

"Tsk, you should study your field rather than rushing. I activate Frozen Glare!! This card stops you from attacking my monster and sends your equipment to the used zone!"

"Fine, I'll end my turn" Sooyoung glared at the younger girl. She slapped herself on the forehead, how did she not notice the trap card?!

All trap cards are a trap!

It was Seohyun's turn once again, she drew another card.

"I activate the spell card We are Jessica! Here, I discard Mickey Knight and another copy of We are Jessica to summon Ice Princess Jessica! Now with her effect activated, I will freeze Ginger and all your monster zones for a turn!"

"Sh*t" That was the only thing Sooyoung could say. She then laid down a trap card on her field and ended the turn.

Seohyun then sacrificed Hani in order to summon Charmer of the Black Pearl, Yuri. She then used her effect to place Ginger on her side of the field, leaving Sooyoung with no monsters.

Sooyoung's LP: 7/10

"No one treats the queen like that!" Sooyoung growled inaudibly, Seohyun didn't know if it came from one of those dragons laid around the posters or from her cards. But then, Yoona was the only card that could talk-and she's not even a dragon.

"That's it smartypantyass! I'll show you Locksmith power!! Your fiddly-diddly Yulsic won't save you now!! I summon Lockbeast Ginger and Keybeast Prince! Then I activate Locksmith's Advance to summon Taengdragon and Fanydragon!!"

"But you can't even attack on the same turn that you used Locksmith's Advance!!"

"Well duh! That's why I have Key of the Ancients! It allows me to use the dragons immediately!! So brace yourself nameless!!" Sooyoung then attacked Yuri and Jessica using her two dragons. Unsurprisingly, Seohyun was left with an empty field.

Breathing calmly, Seohyun had to find a way to eliminate those two hulking dragons. Soon, she drew another card and sighed.

"Ugh, I swear that the stupid deer manipulated this entire battle from the beginning, just so she can show off her skills"

"I activate the card Royal Rebirth! I send Yuri and Jessica from the used pile and remove them from play. I then summon Deer Goddess Yoona!"

"What the frick, that weak-a** card can't do anything against Taeny!" Sooyoung laughed, while Yoona side-eyed her.

"Don't count your eggs until they hatch! Using Yoona's effect, I send Taengdragon to my side of the field! And I'll equip her with Salty Kimbap! With this effect, Fanydragon's attack is halved!"

"Whaaaaat?! That weak-a** card only won because of a fluke! Yes, its a fluke!!"

"And I end my turn, good job Yoona"

Sooyoung's eyes widened, why the hell would the opponent talk to her card? Is the world falling apart, or is the the effect of losing her ace cards in the field.

"Whatever, Taeng will be back in my field and your stupid deer whatever she is will die as well! Now, I equip Lockvenge on Taeng. Her attack is multiplied by two! Now I attack Yoona!!"

"Oh no you didn't! I activate the Crest of the Royal Family! This only applies when both Yuri and Jessica are removed from play"

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