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lol i am a person who obviously uses my Diary alot!! haha so go ahead read, post, comment, or if you're one of those ppl who critizises everything go ahead, too! lol xD
No matter WHAT I do
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! *slams fists on computer desk* WTF??! (whoa! calm down there girl! heh smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif) How can I calm down when my freaking Dad keeps pulling the same s**t every-single-time-we-talk?! *grips hair in frustration* I CANT TAKE IT!!!! (what can't you take? smilies/icon_sad.gif ) ugh...! *head down on desk* my dad... lately he's been getting more and more and More irritable with me. It's almost the SAME feeling I got when I was in my last semester of high school and he was making a cow out of me graduating eventhough I DID graduate and that there was nothing to worry about because I never even came CLOSE to NOT graduating. *sharp sigh* but This time he's all pissy about me getting a job. Not, "oh Erika, youre lazy, get up and go look for a job" no no, NOW it's, "Erika, GET A JOB and get a job NOW!!!!" for the past 2 months I've been applying everywhere I can around my living area, which incorporates 3 divisions, and going online and posting my resume. Now sense I haven't gotten any positive replys, except 2 which nothing came of it, I have desided to go out and tackle one part of town to another; not to mentioning I've applied everywhere online 3 times now. Basically I'm going to places physically and verbally Asking for applications or job openings. I've been making a list of where I plan to go and where I have been and what I have applied to and what I will apply to. ALL exhausting and time consuming as ********, but I do it anyway, eventhough I DO have a part-time job across town 24 miles away, which takes me 42-55 minuets to get to in the mornings. I've just got a credit card and started paying for my own gas and soon i'll be paying for my own cell phone.

*takes a breather, inhales* so WHY DOES MY DAD YELL AT ME THAT I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING?????!!!! I-I mean WTF?! ********? I mean he just called me to say that "hey, theres a job fair tomorrow from 10-2pm, go and ask if you could leave an hour early tomorrow" and I said (thinking that now my boss has told me they'll Call me when they need me instead of a set schedual) "idt that's a good idea (wanting to finish my sentence: because I don't have much time to work with as I do so I want to work as much as possible)" when he cuts me off and goes off on me! "YOURE NOT LISTENING TO ME! THEY ARE REPLYING TO ME!! YOURE NOT GOING ON THE INTERNET AND APPLYING!!!" O.O....

*tears* I'm done... I'm done dad. I'm now dreading to walk past you, I Flinch everytime you charge at me, yelling bs. Am I REALLY what youre so Pissed off at? I-idk what to do man I seriously don't... I feel like if I don't get another job soon, I'm going to get restrictions on everything or I'm going to be slapped again. How can I make-him-understand that a person with little than 3 months work experience over a 2 year period it's hard to get a job?? I feel like he thinks that everytime I apply somewhere I should ALWAYS get a positive "oh come on down and lets interview you" message? Just, g-gr-gik-gh-eh-gaaaah! *grits teeth, throws hands up* I'm DONE! *walks away and goes out to look for a job*

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