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I talk about stuff and rant here.
This is Froggylicker's Journal.
Horrible days.
I should really talk to the administrator(s) of my school about this. But since it's a Friday and it's one of those no-school days, I'll just type an entry to unleash this rage that has been bottled up within me this whole week and probably the hidden rage since grade 9.

The thing is, I've have this s**t teacher since grade 9 and now that I'm in grade 11, I realize how extremely disgusting this teacher is.

On Tuesday this week, after the day I wrote that past entry about her, I stood up for my friends because he never got to do his test but, my other friend got to do hers. I thought it was really unfair. This teacher, being the b***h she is, told me that standing up for someone is wrong and truly stupid. WTF. And she dares bring up the privacy act too. This ******** b***h, I'm not even talking s**t behind this guy's back. I'm just standing up for what I felt that was unfair.

On the next day (Wednesday), she brings this same s**t again in front of one of my classmates. She thinks that I'm still wrong and I have to apologize for it. OMFG. I was only standing uo for a friend becasue you were being unfair to my friend.She called him stupid, just like me, Why is this ******** teacher even blaming me for her own s**t she started?!! I should have ******** talked right back to her. I regret that I didn't do this. I should have said the following:

1. This old b***h pointing out my mistake in front of that classmate that was sitting there. I think you should have spoken for yourself, "violating the privacy act"

2. Utterly disgusting.

3. I have completely lost all my respect that was slowly building up since grade 9. I have lost all my ******** patience with her.

I regret not saying these 3 things and then simply walking away, I don't even care if I go to the office. If I went to that office I could explain myself and tell them how I am always upset and stressed out because of this. Now, I'll have to schedule an appointment with one of the administrators so I'll get some advice or they'll do something to fix this s**t. If they don't I'll ask for help from a union or the minister of education or some person that can help me with these problems. I want this b***h to be obliterated from my life, The sooner the better.

Today is Monday and the day I had my class with her last time was on Friday. I am honestly so ******** done with this horrible s**t accounting class and this sack of s**t teacher. I am getting continuously upset because this class that you are teaching is really ******** horrible. I am very unhappy how this teacher is teaching and it disgusts me how much she can lie. She is 73 and I have no idea how she isn’t retired. On Friday she clearly said to the whole class that if we didn’t finish the test, we would continue it on Monday (which is today) INSTEAD OF THIS s**t TEST SHE DIDN’T LET ANYONE DO IT. Why the ******** would you do this. You’d only let the people failing do the test but not the rest of the people. That isn’t fair at all. You as a teacher are not giving people fair chances and you are also making my fellow classmate stressed and pissed off because you aren’t keeping your promise. This old saggy tittied b***h is a ******** hypocrite and a ******** sellout. When she teaches, it’s just some notes and some examples that are already done. She basically gives you 20 page booklet and expects it to be done in 5 days. HOW THE ******** DOES SHE THINK I WOULD FINISH THIS IN JUST 5 ******** DAYS WITHOUT ANY PROPER LESSONS AND THIS WAS SINCE ******** SEPTEMBER. You really ******** disgust me.

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