Geez, that was a heck of a hectic group project. I mean, we managed to get it all done in time and everything, but wooooooo~ am I tired. But hey! I made it through the week through sheer willpower, guts and bubble tea!
Seriously though, I had 7 bubble teas last week. Four of them were on a single day after I went to a bubble tea cafe to hang out with a friend, only to be cancelled on and so I drowned my sorrows with pearls and grass jelly. This really can't be too healthy for me, but at least it tastes good. u.u
But overall, this group project has been good~
I mean, none of the members were overly difficult to deal with, we all got our own parts in and actually gave constructive criticism and suggestions that we each took fairly well. Thanks groupies~
And on top of that, I got to hang out with my bestie a lot in the week. Let loose everything that's been going on with me the past year, like absolutely eeeeeverything. Woooo~ it feels good to get things off your chest! I mean, it's still far from over, but just knowing that someone's there to listen and be there helps a ton already. Love ya, bestie~

And so the night endeth....See you sometime this coming week, I hope!