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All things seen and unseen
Age: Timeless, a few hundred years.
Race: Djinn, but often takes the form of a human.
Occupation: Soldier, Magi, Mercenary.

Some, more enlightened minds, speak of a time when spirits roamed, willing to aid all other races. Some spirits were tricksters, who, while helped peoples, dealt them a terrible embarrassment. Others were paragons of kindness, happily giving all they had to aid another, even if it troubled themselves. A few, however, sold themselves as warriors, killers of unparalleled ability. Al-Mumit was such a djinn, serving armies as they stormed throughout Mespotamia. Money was pleasant, and Al-Mumit lived a life of luxury, his services were fought over by lords and kings alike. However, his years of warring and combat left him blood-sick. He moved on, leaving much of his wealth to be fought over.

His travels to him to Arabia, amidst a war of religion. A man, a prophet, Al-Mumit was told, was trying to retake a city that his god so demanded. With vast wealth being offered to him, Al-Mumit joined the religious army. Much to their dismay, however, they looked upon a beast built of destruction. Al-Mumit was soon dismissed, with the prophet giving the djinn his name 'Al-Mumit,' or 'The Destroyer." Finding the name apt, the djinn moved on, lending his learned knowledge to the infirm, and his blade to those that needed a war won.

Kunder of the Lich
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