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The Price of Too Much Free Time.
Can I just say that I love all my friends?
They're so amazing and so... Wow. (:

So I don't know what made me think of this,
But I was wondering what everyone thought of soul mates.

So I asked my friends what they thought
And I got some really interesting responses.

First of all, I asked them to define what they think a soul mate is
And then I asked for their thoughts

A lot of my friends said that they think a soul mate
Is someone who completes a person.
They fit perfectly in their empty spaces and around their edges.

Some of my friends said that they think a soul mate
Is someone who is like an exact copy of themselves

Okay, so I'm not sure I believe in soul mates.

I have met two people who I would say are the exact male versions of me

And I have met people who I would say fill in my empty spaces
And make me feel whole and fully accepted.

I don't believe there can be just one soul mate, understand?

But anyways!

I'm playing this game called the "Avoid Work"

And I'm pretty much winning.

So I'm going to keep playing this game

And show you what my friends responded with (:

When I asked my friends, I asked through a mixture of ways:
Text messages, phone calls, emails, and Facebook messaging

Each person's response gets their own color
And my responses are all in gray,
Just in case you're confused

BTW, after discovering that there are two theories of soul mates in general

I labelled them as a Mirror theory
Which follows Greek mythology and says that a soul mate
Is someone who is your exact copy

And there's a Puzzle Piece theory
Which says that a soul mate isn't an exact copy,
But perfectly complements yourself and fits around your edges

Alright, here we go! (:

s**t man. I'm kind of buzzed. Um. I think you can only have one soulmate. I cant define a soulmate. Its just a certain feeling. I dont think its like. "Oh god put you on earth to be my soulmate." I dont necessarily think you always have to end up with them either

So do you think a soulmate is someone that is kind of like an exact copy of yourself or a person that fits perfectly around your edges?

Someone that fills in your empty spots (:


I believe in soul mates,
Just think god has a plan and s**t happens ha

Omfg hahaha okay. So do you think a soul mate is a person that is like an exact copy of yourself or is like a person that fills your empty spaces and fits perfectly around your edges?

The second one lol like 100%


I think soulmates are real. I don't think most people find theres unfortunately. But a soul mate is just the perfect someone for someone else. Someone you can look at and in one glace know they're the one. And someone you love no matter what, if they get fat or old. Someone you'd die for unquestionably.

Do you think a soulmate is like an exact copy of yourself or just like a person that fills in your spaces perfect and fits around your edges?

I think it depends on you and what you would be happier with

Sooo... like a soulmate is a different person for everyone? Like some people's soulmates are each other's exact copies and some people's soulmates are people that complete them and fill in their empty spaces?

Yeah, exactly


Okay, soulmates. Wow. Alright give me a sec.
Okay, so you know about the origin of a soul mate, right?

I think I remember haha Pretty sure

What! No, you know. I know you know!

Just say it dude! I want to hear you say it!

Okay so the origin of a soul mate goes back to Greek mythology
And basically the gods took a soul and divided it in half
And then put the two halves in a male and female.
So it's basically the same soul in a male and female version

Okay yeah. See, that's what I've always thought
But I've been asking my friends and they think differently
Like a soul mate is someone who is supposed to complete you
And are different, but fit perfectly with you. Like a puzzle piece.

Oh! Okay! I get what you want!
I had my left brain turned on, so now I guess I'll turn my right brain on.
Hmm. Soul mate.
Well. To me, a soul mate is someone who I can stand to be around with for more than 10 minutes and makes me want to settle down and get married, like Erin.
But if I were to believe a soul mate was someone who was the female version of myself, it would be you, you know dude?

Haha thanks bro.
But which one, like theory, do you believe in more?

Probably a little bit of both.


I don't think I believe in the idea of a soulmate?

Okay! Why not?

Like when I think of soulmate I think of this idea that there's this one person out there that is perfect for you who's the only one that can make you truly happy forever and ever
But honestly I think there's probably a lot of people in the world that could fit that description to a degree...not necessarily "perfect" and fulfilling "eternal happiness" because that's just not realistic....but really who you meet (if you ever do) really just depends on circumstance. Place and time and whatnot.

Okay, I get what you're saying. The most common defintions I've been getting from everyone is that 1) It's someone who's an exact copy of yourself. Like they have your same personality type, your same natural reactions to things, and its just like meeting someone that is exactly like you in almost every way
And also there are those people say 2) a soulmate is someone who fills all the empty spaces and fits perfectly with your personality. Like a puzzle piece

I wouldn't so much define it as someone who's a perfect copy of you, but rather a perfect complement.

So like mirror vs puzzle piece theory
Okay so you're more with the puzzle piece theory

Yeah more like the second one


I have a somewhat different definition of soul mates than most people. I don't think that soul mates have to be romantically linked. Soul mates are two people that share a connection. No matter how much distance is between them and how often they get to see each other, they will always care about each other. They will always be able to talk to each other and share thinks with each other. I also don't think that a person can only have one soul mate.


Interesting. Well, I actually believe in having a soul mate. I think It's the reason why I've been talking to Aaron for like, 5...almost 6 years haha. Well, you know you keep in touch with your online friends? Yeahh, I do too, but Aarons different. We talk all the time and there are points where don't talk at all, but were just busy. But It's never awkward after not talking. It's like how me you and markers catch up. I don't know if I would call him a soul mate, yet. But for some reason he came to my mind...I think a soul mate is someone who you care deeply about. Someone who understands you and knows how to truly comfortable you. I would say a best friend, but...friends come and go. A soul mate is someone who you can't live without.

Ahhhh <3 Okay, so a lot of people have been giving me different definitions and what I found most is that some people say a soulmate is like an exact copy of themselves and some people say that a soulmate is like a person that fills all the empty spaces in yourself and fits perfectly around the edges of yourself.
Like mirror vs. two puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly theory

Awhh, like the last one! I'm asking Aaron this question..I'll copy and paste if he answers it Hahaha
He said puzzle piece

Okay! Can I see what his exact response was? did he give a reason?

That's all he said Hahaha he sucks
Oh wait
"Hm np. I think a female version of me would be unbearably annoying. XD"


Hmm... well I personally think that soul mates would be leaning more towards the puzzle piece theory. I can understand the mirror theory, but at the same time the puzzle piece theory makes more sense.
Because when you are with someone that's identical to you, you aren't falling in love with another person, you're falling in love with yourself, and that causes you to clash with that other person I think.

Anyways haha, I personally think a soul mate is a person that can love and be with easily without trying. I don't think a soul mate necessarily has to be a significant other, it can be a family member, or a friend. Because when you can love someone and care about someone, and you would drop anything just to do anything for them and that's an easy thing for you, and you don't have to try...that's you loving someone just by being yourself which is the best way to do it!

Sorry it's long, I get really into love topics hahahaha


Haha sure, but what if I don't believe in soul mates?

That's fine!
Some of the people that I asked don't believe in soul mates either

Cool, I'll type something up quick

okay thanks, best friend!

Soul mates are people who were destined for each other from birth. But I definitely don't think soul mates exist. It's some thing people tell kids. I think you can meet people who are very similar to you and you find them attractive and vice versa, but I think there are a few more of those spread around the globe. Without putting work into a relationship with this person, I doubt the relationship would last even if the 2 of them were perfect for each other. Relationships, I believe, are made stronger with a lot of hard work put into it by both parties.

Speak the truth, brother. Amen. A lot of people that I've asked usually have one of two definitions, which would be 1) A soul mate is someone who share the same soul and are pretty much almost identical copies and 2) A soul mate is someone who is pretty much a completion of a person. They fill in their empty spaces, fit together perfectly, yadda yadda.
I call this the mirror vs. puzzle piece theory

I don't believe in souls so the 1st one wouldn't make sense for me. And I kind of feel bad for the people who think they're incomplete without another person. It's a cute sentiment, but I think everyone can be a full being without another person.


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