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The Price of Too Much Free Time.
Bang Bang.
------------ Time Out ------------

Currently Listening to:

"Play it Again" - Luke Bryan

She was like, come here boy, I wanna dance
'Fore I said a word, she was takin' my hand
Spinnin' me around 'til it faded out
And she gave me a kiss
And she said, play it again, play it again, play it again
And I said, play it again, play it again, play it again

Happy almost one month birthiversary, Kaden!

You know, a couple of days before my son was born

I had one simple request for my friends and family.

I just wanted someone, anyone, to bring in cupcakes for my baby's birth day.

It's been almost a month.

No cupcakes.

I need to find new friends and family.

I mean, it's simple logic, right?

Just bring cupcakes/cake for someone's birthday, right?

We got the gifts and cards, but no cupcakes.

What the hell?

I carried a human for 10 months in my belly

I suffered through intense contractions for 12 hours

I pushed a baby out in a place where babies should not come out from

And I haven't slept for more than four hours in a month.

One. Simple. Request.


Or cookies, cake, ice cream, frozen yogurt.... I'm not picky.


But the good news is that I've already lost 20 of the 30 pounds

I gained when I was preggo!

The bad news is that I lost those pounds within 2 weeks, literally

And it's been like 4 weeks.

BUT I've started running again so hopefully those last pounds can come off

Also my baby daddy and I are going to start going to country dancing classes


My baby is so cute though (:

I make the cutest babies <3

Technically, my baby daddy and I make the cutest babies,

But my little guy has most of my features with light brown skin

So my traits make the best babies <3

He's so smart.

We made friends with a Child Development specialist from the hospital

And she went to Harvard

And she's like "Wow. He is seriously one of the smartest babies I've seen lately.

He's so alert and developing so nicely, he's advanced!"

Beauty and brains.


Thanks, I know my baby is super smart.

His mommy is super smart and his daddy is pretty smart

And his mommy knew the formula for making a smart baby

From all her child development classes

So there you go.

I'm going to be one of those parents that brags too much about their kid, tbh

Please don't hate me.

I'm just so happy with the little family God has given me (:


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